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I am a female writer, and relocation specialist, a native English speaker, fluent in Spanish.  I have already traveled the world and decided I wish to live in the mountainous regions of Central America.  The people are so nice and friendly with good values and it’s beautiful and springlike never going above 75 nor below 65, a temperate climate excellent for growing veggies.

I am seeking someone with funds who wants to go off grid with the tools to do it.  Someone practical and mechanically oriented who knows about gardening, plumbing, solar power, and maintenance issues as I don’t, I was born in NYC!:D

I have explored all the mountainous temperate regions of Central America and South America and am flexible on the country.

I am NOT looking for conspiracy theorists or mountain survivalists.  I am seeking laid back people with a consciousness for the planet.  People who love connecting with not dominating nature.My philosophy is much like the Cherokee Native American Nature spirituality.  I like pacifists not anarchists and I do not view nature mechanistically.

I can provide Spanish lessons, negotiate land prices and anything else you need as I have lived here five years and am a child of expats having lived abroad as a child.  I can help with relocation and citizenship or at least full time residency, teach you Spanish, make sure you don’t get over charged and make your transition to Paradise effortless.

I am not ageist so any age may apply.


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