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I am a female writer, and relocation specialist, a native English speaker, fluent in Spanish.  I have already traveled the world and decided I wish to live in the mountainous regions of Central America.  The people are so nice and friendly with good values and it’s beautiful and springlike never going above 75 nor below 65, a temperate climate excellent for growing veggies.

I am seeking someone with funds who wants to go off grid with the tools to do it.  Someone practical and mechanically oriented who knows about gardening, plumbing, solar power, and maintenance issues as I don’t, I was born in NYC!:D

I have explored all the mountainous temperate regions of Central America and South America and am flexible on the country.

I am NOT looking for conspiracy theorists or mountain survivalists.  I am seeking laid back people with a consciousness for the planet.  People who love connecting with not dominating nature.My philosophy is much like the Cherokee Native American Nature spirituality.  I like pacifists not anarchists and I do not view nature mechanistically.

I can provide Spanish lessons, negotiate land prices and anything else you need as I have lived here five years and am a child of expats having lived abroad as a child.  I can help with relocation and citizenship or at least full time residency, teach you Spanish, make sure you don’t get over charged and make your transition to Paradise effortless.

I am not ageist so any age may apply.


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16 Responses to “I’ll help you move to Paradise; will you help me go off grid?”

  1. freerange

    We have a start up community, south Arkansas, over 60 acres.

    We would love your help.

    We have perfect growing weather, almost year-round season.

  2. ratnomore

    Tatiana, if you’re still around, could you give me a holler at go2monica @ hotmail .com?

  3. MountainMan12g

    I am a technology professional living off-grid at my camp in northern NH, USA. I would be interested in speaking with you more about your goals and ideas.

  4. Alexander

    Hi my name is Alex
    I’m am a 21 year old college student in North Dakota an I want to get off the grid like you.
    I am a very laid back person, can get along with anybody, and I like to think of myself as a funny guy. I enjoy snowboarding and getting down with the green, and just having a good time. If your intristed and wand to find out more let me know.

  5. ZedKay

    I wish you good luck Tatiana

    I dream of doing much the same.
    I lived off grid for a year in Portugal and have been missing it ever since.
    I would so LOVE to get back out there and live with nature and grow my own organic foods etc. I met many lovely people doing just that – all couples/families, but I am alone.
    I am looking for a partner or best friend to do this with but I am not your age group.
    I hope you find the right person & a happy lifestyle :)

  6. Bobby

    Hello I just read your ad and I would be interested in talking to you more. I have a plan coming along to pack up and move to Costa Rica or Belize in a sustainable community. I will go over everything in more detail later but you should contact me and maybe we can work something out. I am a 27 year old white male from Baltimore, Maryland.

  7. Lilian Prince

    Wanted, Traveler with license (or willing to acquire)

    Cheap Room and board option.

    Great opportunity for a traveling hippie needing a place to stay.

    A great option if you are a traveler interested in the option of traveling with me anywhere via custom converted bus in July, 2016. (Possibly Sooner)

    I am hoping to find someone, possibly a “Hippie” who would like to have the fun of coming with me to buy a bus, perhaps customize it and have some overall fun traveling/driving where ever you would like.

    Since this is a seemingly long time from now, I can offer a comfortable living space to reside in for the right match. I would hope to find someone I would feel comfortable spending extended amounts of time with for road trips.

    I’m a Female, British Citizen in my late 20’s. Feel free to ask any questions you would like.

    Message me and let me know a little about yourself and your situation and I will get right back to you. Thank you!
    do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

  8. GPetrut

    I wish I could go there to help you out, but I can’t. I have responsibilities over here. I think we are “like minded people” just a bit too far away from each other. you need someone like me, I need someone like you. Your choice of location is way better than mine, so keep looking, I’m sure you’ll find the right person! :)

  9. Shawn

    Hi Tatiana, I have a place in Central America; “Finca Caribe” and there is room for others. I like the idea of regenerating & sustaining life. Contact if you are interested windwaterandfire@yahoo.com

  10. Gary Smith


    I enjoy your open and honest writing and descriptions of where and how you long to live. I can relate to your asking for funding too, as we started an Indiegogo campaign for a ‘Writer’s Wisdom Dome.’

    JDM wrote, “you want anyone/everyone to not just fund your dream, but build it as well.” but I interpret you differently. You are reaching out to make connection.

    Just be mindful of who you connect with. As you know, most people do not give just because that is who they are. They want something. That is the way of the world. It is time for a new world, one that gives choices to people like you to live more consciously in a supportive environment.

    Best to you.

    Emanate Presence

  11. bpinmn

    I believe you will find people to help you out.
    Also, I hope your Go Fund Me sight gets recognition.
    I did read the article in International Living and appreciate the fact that you could help in negotiations.
    My recommendations would be to offer a work/stay. People could come and help getting it all set up.
    I know I wouldn’t be able to be almost off grid without my partner, You will want to find like you stated
    Like Minded Folks. Don’t give up on your dreams!!!

  12. leif

    haters gonna hate?

    sorry i can’t really help with this, but i *do* want to say how thrilled i was to see your proper use of the semicolon: a rarity these days. i bet you also use subjunctive. i like you already.

  13. JDM

    Perhaps thumbs down because you want anyone/everyone to not just fund your dream, but build it as well. What else can you offer? It needs to be more than a rocking chair to sit back and watch somebody else put their everything in to, while you negotiate the price THEY pay for yor dream. Best of luck though.

  14. tatiana

    Sorry did I offend someone=why the thumbs down? I’m just looking for like-minded people. Sorry if I said something offensive. I met a survivalist who took all the spirituality out of Nature which is why I said I am not looking for mechanistically minded people. Peace.;)

    • WrethaOffGrid

      Ignore the thumbs down thing, I write here regularly and have someone (several?) giving me thumbs down, often within minutes of posting, it’s just someone’s idea of a terrible joke, something to make them feel better, powerful, some folk only feel better when they are stepping on other people… don’t give them the satisfaction of responding to it. :)


    • Gregor

      Hi Tatiana im here in 2019 and have my wife and three children looking for people to help me get off grid and live off RAW LIVING fruit and veg. gregbraniff1987@outlook.com email me if your still looking for peaceful family looking for paradise away from the system. REGENERATIVE DETOXIFICATION is my passion and i hope to help everyone i can reach optimal health mainly on fruits,fasting and herbs. I hope you share my passion and help me out. hope to hear from you soon.