[before_listing images= youtube=null] I’ve always wanted to live like this, finally just did it 11 years ago, have been here ever since, now retired on SS on my own off-grid homestead. I’m open to sharing the place with one or more folks who are compatible, which would most likely be near retirement age, interested in a more simple, low profile version of homesteading, ie gardening, foraging, not animal-intensive, except maybe a few chickens, etc.

Work is scarce around here but there are opportunities for part-time now & then if you’re energetic, right place/right time sort of personality. I have 160 acres fenced, surrounded by BLM grazing allotment, 14 miles to town. It’s two 80 acre parcels, with potential for owning one of them if everything works out. This would be an opportunity to check it out for a period, see how it all feels, before committing, for all parties.

Elevation 4,500 ft in a valley, cold winters, not deep snow, warm-to-hot summers, but short growing season. Water situation depends on the year, ranging from very little from a hand-dug well, to a full 5 acre reservoir after a good winter.

There’s a small octagon near the main cabin with a woodstove, electricity, internet, for checking out the situation. You’d want to build your own cabin for permanent arrangements. The county has building code enforcement, etc but with low profile they seem to be able to look the other way as long as we maintain a good reputation in the community.

My sense is that being aware of all the possible changes coming down soon, ie economy, global warming, whatever, this valley seems as viable as anywhere looking forward, with a stable, sustainable, competent population.

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