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[before_listing images= youtube=null] I want to move off the grid.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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9 Responses to “I want to move off the grid”

  1. Mrpinkeye

    Did you have any luck? Email

  2. ridley101

    im full time employed at the moment saving money like crazy, but i see this as the true way to live, i feel like a slave here, id rather work more have less long as all the work im doing is for me and the folk that are with me, not just filling some other guy i dont knows pockets.

  3. Steve

    I’m also looking to go off the grid, as i’m sick to death of the constant daily grind and adhering to a crooked system. I’m not afraid of graft, but don’t see why I should be lining the pockets of others by doing it.
    We have all this land in Northumberland and Scotland, there must be enough of us to make it viable.
    Let’s get together as a community.

  4. ClaireScotland

    hi! i’ve made an email list for people seeking offgrid community in the UK — please join! my personal dream is for a spiritual eco-farm in the scottish highlands :) though anything to step out of this exhausting society would be nice. light and love, claire

  5. dre

    just like anything in life that is worth having you have to earn it and i think individuals as well as groups can live of the grid and be successful if they are willing to plan, work hard and save {doenst just mean money} food, water, grain and etc. Because like everything else in life you will have your good days and bad. It aint easy but if you want it, you can have and live it…

  6. Todd

    i’ve been doing research on this,i honestly think off grid is the only true way to live!that is if you wanna be free and live life debt on the east cost and would like to go down south to nc or sc but i need open minded honest trust worthy people with money and willing to work hard because they truly want that life style and so do you guys!

  7. bridgettecrowe

    I live in louisiana any chance of living off the grid here

  8. symo1979

    im not to sure as im from england and our goverment are strict

  9. Morphia

    Um.. yeah, me too.. any ideas, how, where??? :D