[before_listing id=407 images= youtube=null] Hi, I am interested in moving off the grid in the western part of the US in one year. I am interested in a community of nice,diverse, family focused individuals like myself. [landbuddy_listing id=407 youtube=null]

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16 Responses to “I want to move off the grid in one year”

  1. Off-Grid Wanna B

    My name is Kimberly. I am currently looking for woman to share the dream of teaching others to live off grid. This would entail research and living all over the US (starting in Florida) and teaching others the tools in which to live off grid successfully. If you have an interest and have the freedom to live anywhere please contact me at touch-for-life@hotmail.com

  2. rachelmc

    seeking to go off grid in an area where there is water, shade, room for garden. town somewhere close by for a little work. hopefully on land where others are already. open to areas within 1k of jacksonville fl. please email me at rachelmc62@yahoo.com
    any others like minded who know of something please write me too.

  3. rachelmc

    dear irishman, yep I am thinking of going off grid. why? because I lost my job in 2011, lost my condo in 2012 and still have no steady job. been couch surfing too long. and no, I am not a hippy, but living with others off grid is better then trying to camp alone. and more so when you’ve never done it. remote texas is a bad place. I was stranded by pecos for 3 days in a broke down car. now, if you have any work, I might not have to consider this? but otherwise, people do what they have to do, or want to do.

  4. Elise

    Hello. My boyfriend and I are buying 10 acres in Pecos, Texas and are planning on going off grid in the next two or three years. Glad to know there are other people doing the same thing in the area. Hope I can meet some of you when we get down there and get some pointers and suggestions on how to do things!

  5. The Irishman

    I am in Jacksonville Florida and planning on buying property in Texas. The areas I have been looking at are extremely desolate (which is good for my main purpose – hunting) so some off grid ways of life will be required for building a small camp/farm. I see a lot of people on here reaching out for “landbuddies” and with the thoughts, dreams and ideas of going “off grid”. Most of you are dreamers who will never make or even attempt it. No shortage of those types online, regardless of the topic. The concept seems awesome, as does starting an entire community. However, lets be realistic. For my current situation (I am a single father to a 12 year old boy) I am only interested in building a camp to house me when we vacation there, for hunting or anything else. I own my own business here in Jacksonville and I’m in my 30’s so retirement is not in my immediate future, however when that day comes it WOULD be nice to have somewhere to stay which required very little income to maintain. So in addition to aquiring hunting land for my son and I (instead of paying to hunt on someone elses property), I would like to plan for the distant future of my retirement. The issue I see with most of these posts I read online is the people seem to be hippy types (nothing against hippys, I’ve followed Jerry during my mispent youthful years lol)with very little to NO hunting, farming or survival training or experience. I guess this is why people reach out to others for help, which is understandable. I would do the same if in need. Fortunately I have been around livestock, hunting, construction (and plenty other stuff) almost my entire life, so I would see this as an adventure yes, but easy, no. Am I looking to start a “compound” or “community” or “commune” as others have desired to do? Hell no, simply put. Would I like to meet up with some other people who are likeminded and exchange ideas, tell stories, make friends, etc? Hell yeah. I am in Jacksonville so anyone close by who sees this and wants to talk get ahold of me and who knows what the future brings. I would love to meet someone as passionate about this as I am and see where it leads….who knows? We might just end up being neighbors someday……

  6. Zameil

    Sorry…..forgot to leave email info

    z a m e i l a t g m a i l

  7. Zameil

    Greetings Tender,

    I live in Jax currently; however, I am looking for open minded and motivated people interested in becoming a part of a self sustaining living community in NW Nevada (Humboldt Co.) on 80 acres of land bordering BLM land on two sides. The land is flat and open prairie at about 4000 ft elevation. This project may even be filmed for a documentary.
    Currently, I am putting the pieces together to gather the right group of people. I have also contacted Professor Guy McPherson of The University of Arizona. He offers to for the cost of expenses and having a place for him to stay with us and of course food…to teach us what we would need to know to build this community. I would like to have a few central buildings for more common things like a kitchen/dining building to minimize the need in individual dwellings. Possible also an entertainment building to promote art, music, books, movies, games, etc. With the right group of people, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished.

    Anyone who feels like they have something to offer to this community is welcome to contact me (not meaning just monetary investment). This community will be our new home, so I am wanting those who are willing to put forth the effort every day to see this through. Also the intention to continue to evolve, grow and better the community with new and better ways of doing things that are in cooperation with each other and the Earth. Imagine…the more we can do for ourselves, the less we need anything.

    I hope to be ready to start this by late spring or early summer of this year. Anyone who has any information that may help is also encouraged to contact me. I welcome all knowledge, experience, and information.

  8. GypsyGoddess

    @yeoldehipster…I too live in Jacksonville, at least for the next few months until I up and move again for employment if need be ~ I go where I can find work! Been toying with living off grid for a year or so and want to connect with like minded others…mainly to escape our police state:( Check out this off grid community near Gainesville: ttp://www.freewebs.com/gaiagrove/whoweare.htm. Feel free to email me with your ideas! Peace!

  9. yeoldehipster


    My folks are in Jacksonville and I’m coming back to visit for Thanksgiving. I have a similar goal to you- maybe we can meet up and swap ideas, so shoot me an email.

  10. Tender

    Thanks for the great feedback. I am looking to downsize and live and grow off the land. I really would like to be apart of a community effort.

  11. joshua

    hey there ive got 20 acres in sw texas n was looking to start a small community there of off the grid people. its about 30 miles east of el paso. so far enough out of the way but yet close enough in case of emergency or supplies.

  12. ColoradoCashmere

    40 Acres Remote NW Colorado, $100,000:
    This parcel is located in a very remote and very beautiful part of the state- high desert country, lots of open space with great views.
    Bordered by public lands (BLM) on two sides.
    Great for “off grid” living, weekend cabin, summer getaway or winter hideaway.
    Great area for hiking, mountain biking, fishing, wildlife viewing, rafting, horseback riding, some cross-country skiing, and more.
    No utilities on property. Access via 1 mile of un-improved BLM road off of a well maintained county road. (Solar power works great out here!)
    Located 50 miles west/northwest of Craig, Colorado and 20 minutes from Maybell, Colorado.

  13. Roger

    I don’t know how much you are willing or able to pay for your dream home, but we are expecting our first great-grandchild soon and are considering giving ours up to return to Texas to be close to family. If you can afford the good life, you can enjoy luxury living without guilt. Live a life of privacy and seclusion, communing with nature, off the grid, in a large, modern home, without sacrificing any of the high-tech amenities you have grown accustomed to, including satellite TV on big-screen home theater, full-size refrigerator freezer and two chest freezers in the garage. Relax on your remote Rocky Mountain high country haven consisting of a 35 acre mix of pasture and alpine woodland, located next to high altitude national forest, yet, in the comfort of a large, fully equipped, modern custom home, less than an hour from big city shopping. Venture out to the city only if or when you choose, being secure in the knowledge that you have a 10′ x 15′, rodent-proof, cold storage room stocked with an indefinite supply of groceries. Bask in the ambiance of heat from high-efficiency, color-coordinated Vermont Casting wood burning stoves, fueled from your naturally recurring supply of deadwood, or simply avail yourself to evenly distributed warmth from solar in-floor radiant heat system. A fully-functional decorative classic wood-burning cook stove is included in the over-sized kitchen, in addition to a modern gas range with microwave hood. Enjoy panoramic views from the second-level deck that wraps three sides of the house. Property includes a four-stall metal barn with small workshop and rodent-proof tack & feed room. Oak Creek traverses the SE corner of the property. It’s 15 miles to county seat, which is a very small town, with quaint historic atmosphere. Local inhabitants range from simple country folk to multi-millionaires. Most are unassuming and approachable. Colorado Springs is 70 miles. E-mail me for more details if you are interested.

  14. bamboofam

    We are finding land in the northwest in the next few months. The land will be 20-50 acres and will have sun, water, trees and we are starting a bamboo farm/village. We have one other family already to join in as well. You are welcome to email me for more info. Thanks

  15. chowan

    well we have been talking on forum so you kind of know what I have going here if the oportunity arises and you want to visit and check out the area let me know.

  16. WestTxDesertRat

    For $100k here around Pecos, Texas you can get 20
    acres, a new water well, septic system, 4000 watts of solar panels and 1000 amp hours of battery storage, AND a buried and bermed around 4200 square foot steel quonset building home…proof against tornadoes, EMP, wildfire, floods, earthquakes, and small arms fire. Put your extended family in the home with you…live like the Waltons of the TV series. No mortgage….pass it down in your family. Raise sweet potatoes, vegetables of all kinds, small animals for meat. Can and dehydrate your own produce to build your own stockpile of food for long term survival should everything go to hell in this country around you,
    Totally off grid living. No population to speak of out here. The Mennonites mind their own business and neighbors are miles away.

    Contact me by email: lawrencerayburn@yahoo.com