Hello, I’m looking for someone to escape this country called France.

Here’s the essentials points : 

First It’s been too long that I’m living with europeans and it drives me mad. 

You just have to read books to understand that nothing have change here. Humans are ready to do whatever it takes (and definitely weird things) for at the end something that I still don’t understand.

I have a lot of study to do in music and on a lot of other subject so I’ll have plenty time to fill for years. 

The problem is that I have no skills required but I am highly motivated. I have nothing to loose, so if you have no skills too but are really motivated we can maybe start near a small town in Alaska and then move to another place. Or we could go with someone who could help us and teach us for a week. I’m open to all solution I just need to leave this country and be free.

other detail about me : I’m 22 years old ex punk but now trying to be wise. Solitary but don’t worry i won’t keep my mouth shut for a year.

Hoping to find someone who have the same attitude for this very important step.

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2 Responses to “I want to go to Alaska or anywhere else than my country”

  1. xXLoBaLLXx

    Hi, Quentin. I sent you an e-mail.

  2. Qwent91

    Hey there.

    My name is Quentin. I’m looking to escape too… I’m currently in the US. Florida… Planning on leaving next week to go to Washington. I’ve been having a difficult time too… Living with people who aren’t very compatible with me… Not understanding a lot of things that are going on right now.

    I’ve read some books here and there too along wanting to get into music and some other things.

    My skill set is pretty limited too… Trying to learn as much as I can. Done lots of traveling to a bunch of different intentional communities here and there. Haven’t been going to the right places and people… I honestly have nothing left to lose either… I’m just trying to be free too…

    I’m 28 right now and will like to find like minded people also.

    My email is qwent3354@gmail.com and my phone number is 541-654-7108 if you want to continue talking and all that. If you want…

    Either way, hope you’re doing well and will like to hear back from you. Thanks for reading the message.