[before_listing id=452 images= youtube=null] Hi I’m chris 31 I’m married and have two kids 9 and 5. I’m looking to get off the grid and also want to be in contact with people that are looking to have a community in place or location to go to when the unstopable things happen. Just want to get veiw points tips and ideas from other people that are wanting to be prepared for the worst. [landbuddy_listing id=452 youtube=null]

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7 Responses to “I want to be ready! In a community!!”

  1. Marta

    I am interested in sustainablity. Single parent of 23 y.o son willing to relocate to rural land in UT or AZ. Interested in sustainable living immediately. Please email me if you have/or setting up.

  2. Melissa

    Hi! I’m Melissa. I live in Nevada (just outside Ames) and I too am looking for other like-minded folks potentially interested in forming a community. I have started looking for some land in this area and am meeting with an eco-builder next week to start getting some cost ideas. My overall plan is to be off-grid in the next 2 years. If anyone is interested in chatting more just email me. I would also like to know if there are any already established communities in Iowa that I could visit. Thanks!

  3. eric

    hey chris id like to know the same thing im down here in newton iowa that is also married with 3 kids

  4. William

    Hi my name is william i am 20 years old and i am an electrican certified by the state and i am looking fir a community to move to to leave socitey… I want to move to community with people that care for one another and need a helping hand..i am looking for a place where we can rebulit a new community… If you want to contact me just ask.. Thank you!

  5. Seige

    My partner and i are going off the grid and have a excellant place in case of
    the worst like 2012. Its like a fortress and plenty
    of deep caves around.

  6. Mainah


    Lots of already established communities. Worth a look.

  7. Bobbie J

    Hey if you find any help locating communities please pass it on. We are looking for somewhere in SC.