[before_listing id=221 images= youtube=null] I’m a working nature artist, living off residuals, semi-retired. I’ve been living mobile for the past 5 years. I’d like to continue living off the grid. I have 12K in cash saved. I prefer coastal & where I can survive year around in alternative housing —a place with no zoning commission dictating approved little boxes. Should not be year around rain, desert too cold or hot & accessible to some kind of town within an hour’s drive… in California or near its State line. I could also pay long, low payments & just buy a motor home or bus to live in or some kind of prefab to set down on it. I could build, but non-traditional. I prefer wooded, private with some drivable access road. Electric could be solar or generated & a stream would be nice.[landbuddy_listing id=221 youtube=null]

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