[before_listing images=http://www.www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/98247ddc51a58ed0dce9851ee284068d.jpg youtube=null] Hi, my name’s Aaron, I’m 22 and I’m a guy.
I’ve lived in Maryland my entire life and I need to leave. I need to live somewhere where I can do things that actually matter. Like grow/harvest food, maintain a place to live, supply my own water, and connect with people who just want to live life for what it is. I can’t put up with this backwards “economy” and doing/buying things that just don’t matter or aid to help me progress as a human. I know there’s so much more to living than to make money, owe money, and give all that money to corporations. I want to connect with people on a real level. I’d like to one day get out of America.
SO what I’d like to is to join a community, or even start a community with a bunch of people, but a community that’s “modern.” But I’m willing to think about any offer that someone shows me. And I’ll move anywhere that’s possible for me to reach. I just really want to leave this mundane lifestyle.[landbuddy_listing images=http://www.www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/98247ddc51a58ed0dce9851ee284068d.jpg youtube=null]

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24 Responses to “I Need To Leave”

  1. Kevin Williams

    I think the reason hesitation is that most people here seem quite young and post things such as “I need to move immediately.” While I totally agree with the sense of urgency a great deal of planning, education and communication is needed with anyone you plan to start a community with. If you do decide to purchase land, aside from housing and immediate food supply you should spend a year on the land before you do anything with it, comparing skills of everyone in the group is also a must to make sure the community has all the needs filled. When done right the result is something like Quail Springs – http://www.quailsprings.org/

    All that said, I am preparing to take a permaculture course this summer and will be making starting a homestead or joining one a reality within 1-3 years. Email me if you would like to ‘plan’ to ‘succeed’ on a similar goal: kevino.williams@gmail.com

  2. Olliep

    The good news: I have 21 acres in the mountains in New Mexico, Well drained, almost a mile above sea level, 30% wooded, relatively flat, beautiful, mild climate. Great growing season.
    The Bad News: I have 3.5 more years on my Marine contract in which I will not be able to begin construction on my land.

    I am looking for someone to work with on my parcel. Hopefully get some things like planting/clearing trees started before I get there. I do not have on site water but there is a guy with a well half a mile down the road that sells it pretty cheaply and rain is 15″ a year so with the right setup, you can get all youll need.

    I have a full design and layout ready for me when I get out. It has been 2 years in the making. That said, It only requires me to have about 8 Acres. another 7 Acres will be wooded (I cant stand not having woods nearby.) This leaves about 6 acres unaccounted for. Now If done efficiently, we could share the same agricultural/ livestock space and keep the 6 acres wild. I dont mind this.

    What I would need: I need someone on site to start basically practicing good husbandry and landkeeping. With proper animal care, crop growing, and maintenance, I think that the land could see yields well beyond my needs. Therefore, Im not opposed to sharing. I can discuss all plans with you at length and you can set up your own establishment, as well as start cultivating land. When I get there, I can build my own shelter (will probably need a hand) and then we work together on the land. The time before I get there, the land would be free use to you as long as you are continuing to work on it towards the common plans we’ve discussed. In approx 3.5 years when I arrive, I will be there to exchange help, knowledge, and resources. At this point I will charge rent based on the land you are using as your own. (depending on size $100-1000 a month) This rate is negotiable and can be decided before or after I arrive.

    If you are interested, I will give you some pictures of what I am working on as well as a rough outline of whats going on and we can discuss it further.
    Things to note, I plan on having kids, pigs, a dairy cow, chickens. I am libertarian, christian, and not a hippy. Just cheap. I am an Eagle Scout, Marine, and used to teach wilderness survival. I know quite a bit about a lot of things. I am an old fashioned guy just looking to raise a family to read books, play outside on nice days and play board games together on rainy days. I hate desk jobs and being indoors.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  3. klens99

    My name is Mike and I am a 21 year old male who agrees -completely- with your point of view. In fact my profile expresses the exact same mindset. I am slo looking to go off grid (hopefully with a group of about 3 people) to a pre-established community. If you want to talk philosophy on the topic and consider ideas e-mail me at mgs295@hotmail.com.
    Thanks and good luck!

  4. tina_bear

    Hi all! I have a vision. In late september/early october I plan on going to dharma farms in hawaii to learn how to grow organic fruit. I plan on being there for 6-12 months or until I feel ready. Then I plan on getting some land on my own or hopefully contacting people who already have some land in hawaii to start living off the grid. I hope to build my own home. I have been looking into building a self sustainable home and I am willing to give it a try. I have some savings not a lot but I think it can be done.

    I live in California right now. I am 22 and ready to make every aspect of my life be a reflection of who I am:)

  5. Fred Wright

    Hey Aaron, I can honestly say that “I feel you” brother. I’m already off grid in Kentucky, so it wouldnt be that far for you. I have a tennessee cell# 865 227 7687 or you can reach me by email fright100@outlook.com

  6. Janice

    I believe a lot of people post here that would like to go off grid, but for one reason or another are not ready to make the move, when it presents itself. Just my opinion.

  7. Stephen

    Hey All,

    I just wanted to let you know that I am creating a resource to help guide people to their optimum off grid life style. Living Off Grid Guide.com. I just launched on August 1st. Feel free to contact me and let me know if I can help you.

  8. Kristina

    @Janice so what’s “going on here” ??

  9. Kristina

    I want to leaeat it all behind as well. I think what’s keeps me is lack of knowledge of self sustainable living and my life long city life brain washing of you will.

  10. Bethany

    Now is the time, Sheppie email me, Im 28 from Mn

  11. Joe Werle

    I am in Indianapolis INdiana. and have a two acre plot with house barn and carriage house. seeking partners, cooperative folks who want to go off grid.http://indianapolis.craigslist.org/act/4569731274.html

  12. Queen Bassett

    Peace and Wellness All,
    Does anyone know of Free Your Mind.com’s project to create free or low cost housing with an edible garden all accomplished by volunteers?

    I am interested in building a dome home with greenhouse, wellness center and birthing center totally off the grid. Does anyone know where any off the grid communities are in Illinois?
    I am also ready to live totally off the grid.

  13. Janice

    Why not leave an email Reggie…..then I can send you an email and let you know what’s going on here. I had my hopes up with someone here but unfortunately he has things he has to deal with before he’s able to do anything. So I am continuing to look for someone to come out here to southern Ca., totally off grid but well established.

  14. Reggie

    Hello I see these posts are recent and I have been thinking and feeling the same way as you guys. I recently got a promotion great paying job but I feel that it isn’t enough that I should be doing something else. Anyone need a helping hand let me know I have worked all my life and can withstand labor work. I am ready to do this and just live off nature.

  15. Janice

    Free Spirit ….why not send me an email.. ausgeglichen@aol.com

  16. FreeMySpirit

    aaron, im in york, 22 male, I feel the same way, to the point I have bags packed ready to walk out the door with no idea where I’m going. I have the skills and knowledge to do so with confidence. maybe we can team up.

  17. Janice

    Arron, Are you getting any of the email I’ve sent? Just curious

  18. Bethany

    Hi I live in California and I want to go off the grid. I know there is more to life than what everyone else seems to think. I don’t want to work my whole life away just to give the money I make back to people who are already well off. I want to live off the land like we were originally supposed to and get more in touch with my spirituality. Away from the trap of modern day life. I have no idea how to go about doing this however and I have a daughter. I don’t know what to do, but if anyone has any suggestion of where to start email me at tamtator@gmail.com

  19. Amanda

    Hey I live in Maryland too. Right now I’m living in a attic apartment but very little but still i’m not happy. I’m also looking to get off the grid but need someone to go with in this journey. I’m very caring and not selfish and I’m okay being equal with everyone. MY email is amandalewis16@hotmail.com.

  20. Gregf

    Going to the Wilderness and live off the Land ~ wanna go? 1outdoorsguy@mail.com =)

  21. BobbyKorona

    Hello Aaron…saw your post….. water , food , shelter

    Water is not a problem have a one acre pond fresh water….drinking water…rain collection , have over 50 , 120 gallon fiberglass holding tanks … have lots of glass to set up a simple solar still 10 gallons a day …good well water at 35 feet , set a 2″ pipe and a picture pump and your set….

    Food …raising fish in my pound yield over 1,000 fish to the acre …very successful with my organic garden last 2 years…

    Shelter throw up something in under one week…have pallets , wood , nails , saw , and generator ….48ft x 14 ft billboard vinyl tarps

    Power , solar panels , banks of batterys , ten inverters 12v dc to 120v ac of different sizes , gas generators

    Land over ten acres , cleared and pine timber land

    have had a post on Land buddy’s over a month with zero serious interest 10 miles north of Daytona Beach …… need labor setting up my hatchery , building raft-gardens , wiring up the solar panels , and other projects…..spend a week , a month , stay or move on its up to YOU

  22. Janice

    Hi Aaron, Well it is good to see that at least “you” do respond! If you feel like it, send me an email at ausgeglichen@aol.com. At least we could correspond. I am trying to find someone that would like to come out to southern Ca.

  23. Aaron

    Yeah same here. But I figured I’d give it a shot. The website seems to be dying.

  24. Janice

    I do not know about anyone else here…..but i can speak for myself……..I have got zero response from people claiming they want to do something…….