I am a 24 year old female, looking to go off grid and be self reliant. I am hoping to find somebody who is just as interested. We can plan together. I would like to eventually have a family so somebody with a small family already started is fine too. I am so unhappy with society today. People are so raped up in their ipods cell phones and reality tv, I can’t take it anymore. The feeling is over whelming and my boyfriend doesn’t understand. See his family has a farm so he completely hates the idea of living on a farm. Please somebody write back so I will know that I am not alone on this.

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32 Responses to “I NEED to be be self-reliant”

  1. freerange

    We have a start up community, south Arkansas, over 60 acres.

    Would love your help.

  2. StJack

    For political reasons, I am going off grid. I am a 36yo male. I was raised in WV, so: I can hunt, fish and trap, as well as clean, dress the animals; work on cars; I know how to can for the winter, even meat!; I can recognize useful plants, including ramps, ginseng, dwarf ginseng etc.(Grows in Appalachian.) My grandfather had a small 10-acre farm as well, so I am familiar with chickens, pigs, horses, ducks, and turkeys(domestic).
    I have a degree in botany, specializing in plants that mankind have used for years. (I had planned a masters in ethnobotany, but stopped after 2 bach degrees.)
    I worked for 3 years as a custom finish wood carpenter at Lake Tahoe on million dollar homes, so I can build some nice things. I can also do a bit of framing, roofing, electrical, plumbing, and some concrete work. (I worked as a cinder block layer in WV as a teen.)
    Problem is, income. I have a guaranteed trust of $400/month, but that isn’t a whole lot, ya know?

    Still, that money is better than nothing, and I may be able to squeak by. If I have to I will build a log cabin with a chainsaw, but I am also open to Native American yurt-style where you can pack up and leave no trace. I am willing to do a lot of work to make this happen, including farm animals, crops, solar and wind power, and appropriated materials like car batteries, generators, and bicycle parts.

    I am leaving San Francisco in March 2014, aiming either for NC or Dolly Sods, WV. Unless someone already has land?

  3. Angela

    I am very interested in learning how to live off the grid and be self reliant. I would like to be close enough to jobs and schools to continue working and sending my children to school. I don’t have enough money to start this on my own so I would love to find others to go in it with me. I would like to be in the NC or VA area I think.

  4. Stephanie

    @SCMom – I too live in SC. We are looking at buying some land and becoming self reliant soon also. I would love to talk to you some more about what is going on here. I’m thinking about trying to get some other people to help us and maybe buy some land close, but we are still in the planning stages and having had roommates before I get nervous about that. I’d love to talk to you though.
    And to the original poster, you are not alone. Look at how many people responded to your post! It may take awhile, but I believe that we can change the world one person at a time.

  5. cornfed

    Hey everybody, seems we all agree about these wide spead issues. Its time to take the bull by the horns and strength is in number! Its a buyers market out there and now is the time to strike. A pot of cash will get the land needed to start, and enough pitching in to it the easier it gets. I’ve got a few grand to toss in, and already have a camper and tons of gear to get started with… Come on lets do this thing, lifes to short to sit around talking about it:) Anyone serious, do email me, I’ve been ready to make a go for a while now and Id be happy to organize what needs to be done. Whos game? No guts no glory


  6. Diann

    I have been searching for off grid communties in the area that I may visit and find out about joining. I live in eastern nc. I am 33 and dead tired of busting my hump, working from one part time job to another only to not have enough to pay my power and it be shut off, or loose my house cause I am tryin to keep up ALL the bills and get behind. I want to go back to nature but according to the law I can’t just go hide in the woods and do my own thing because I don’t own the land. EVEN if NO ONE is on it. So any help would be helpful.

  7. Michael

    Missus and I are thinking of relocating in about 4 years to NC and building a Dome Home …interested in living off the Grid, using Solar and wind power..any ideas about good areas to settle in?

  8. kirkananz

    I’m not sure where you’re located but it appears that you’re in my area, Fayetteville, NC. It’s been a while since you did this post but I’d love to know how your plan is going.

  9. Pyat

    It is now 7 months since the original posting on this discussion. I have a question for everyone: where are you now? How close are you to living OTG? Did this networking benefit you? If so, how? Did those who need help connect with those who need land? I’m really, really interested in knowing the rest of the story from everyone: what has worked for you and what has not worked. How well are we coming together in a common goal to get off the grid? Thanks!

  10. Taylor Morrison

    If your seeking land to lease to own.. I have land in NV.. and may need help on my land there as well..

  11. Taylor Morrison

    I have 930 acres in Nevada.. looking for people who would like to lease option to buy an acre but also consider helping me build my ranch/farm for food and fuel. If you have experience in farming this would be great or in construction ..
    but if you would rather have an acre of land or two instead and have an off the grid home.. Im willing to lease with option to buy to you.
    Contact me if your interested. I live on the East Coast.. my property is on the West Coast.. I want to relocate as soon as I put a home on the land.
    It will be solar everything..

  12. Ron

    I am in sandhills N.C. native american and i want to get back to living off the land i have couple acres on a lake ! Just got a couple pigs for breeding i have geese and duck year round
    Would like to find a couple key person to band togather from work and ideals i have a construction and emt background . looking for persons with ele. mech farm . maybe dentis

  13. Elizabeth

    I stumbled onto this website. Wish I found it sooner! Would love to communicate with anyone about this. Im in the country and planning what I can, just not sure if Im doing it right!

  14. Robbie

    man is it great to see so many people that understand america is not right. i wish society would be more like us. HANG in there cause one day the power will stop and water will cease from your pipes and you better be ready. Me and a friend are going off the grid in the mojave desert and I hope you people full fill your dreams.

  15. David

    I Live in the piedmont region of NC and interested in OTG living in this area of NC. I have a young family and hope to make some lifestyle changes in the next couple of years. Would be interested in tackling the OTG and simple lifestyle with other people. Please let me know if anyone is interested – Looking at Guilford or Alamance counties.

  16. NC_Wario

    Hi All, I am new to the site but not these type ideas? Can some one tell me how to communicate with others? In central NC and am looking to transition this year to an OTG homestead.

  17. arron

    i am very interested in going off grid im tired of the everyday drama of this world i want to be with people who think like me and want the same thing im very interested in your planns. contact me if your still thinking of going off grid.

  18. Ken

    I like the original poster , just can not take it anymore? If you are still on and wish to chat? I have found 10 acres w/ water on it. I am hoping to sell my upscale home soon and make the move. I have some technical questions for those already off…particularly solar inversion and why computer UPS can’t ( maybe they can) be used?
    A female wanting to take on adventure would be great. Non-GMO knowledge is welcomed also.
    Thanks ~K

  19. daniel

    I live in Montgomery County, NC. I’ve been looking into cabins that are coded as storage building, w/ porch and all. All I need is some land, a well and septic tank and w/ a little work on the inside I can mostly do myself and I’ll be living rent / mortgage free. That’s my plan. Small scale farming is the answer, not quiting one’s job, in my opinion. How from from Troy, NC?

  20. larry and sandie

    Hi, we are off grid now but still building. drop us an email and we’ll talk..have 28 acres of mountain and woods…

  21. Marguerite Hamilton


    My daughter and son-in-law live in North Carolina and are very interested in going off the grid for the same reasons you are. If you would email me at mhamiltonassoc@sbcglobal.net, I will refer your information to them in Wilmington.


  22. mejay

    you are not alone!!i am a very young thinking 40yr. old male from central alberta canada,looking for a woman that thinks just the way we both do.i feel alone,my girlfriend is too responsible and is fearful of failure.i would like to leave and squat in western alberta,somewhere on the rocks.if anyone can help with aquisition of land here (free or real cheap)please contact me.thanks for the temporary relief from the rat race.

  23. M.E.Thompson

    I want to live in a community that is off the grid in North Carolina or West Virginia.

  24. rayM543

    I have two sites absolutely suitable for solar energy self-reliant system. I’ve contacted Applachian St. and NC State universities about their alternative energy plans. You can help me and I can definitely help you.
    I believe that stand alone energy in rural areas would definitely change the American way of life for all the best.

  25. SCMom

    I am from South Carolina and recently started thinking how me and my family could become self-sufficient. It frightens me to think that everything we eat, drink, and wear is dependant on outside sources. If something catastrophic happened and the nation’s power grids were disabled billions of people would starve to death, die of exposure and risk being murdered by other deperate people. I do not want my family to have to endure any such hardships. Living off the grid in a remote area sounds like the best thing anyone can do for yourself and your loved ones.

  26. Jessica

    i am 18 years old and have wanted to ‘escape’ for some time now i dont now how or where to start so please if anyone is intrested do get in contact as i am driving myself to insanity as i want to live off the land in a natural less consuming way

  27. john Kreidler

    We are putting our land into the Solace Farm Trust and looking for people to join us in creating some kind of a Disorganization that will grow and build things naturally. All the profit, donations, and fund raising will go to finding cheap land ( self replication of the farms!) which will house and feed the volunteers (us). We still need to work out minimum expenses and such but if you want a beer you should grow some hops mentality is what we are looking for. Bankers,Lawyers and profiteers need not apply:) john

  28. Liz

    YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Follow your heart and your intuition, the right way for you will unfold. Don’t let go of your dream. Love and Light xx

  29. boc

    You definitely are not alone. I am in my 20’s as well and wherever I look, I wonder about humanity. Have they lost their minds completely?

    Personally, I have learned that at the end of it, we are on our own and we shouldn’t depend too much on others. You have the issue with your boyfriend while I have the issue with my parents that just don’t get it. Instead, I am taking control of my situation and looking for my own off grid living.

  30. Fred

    Thirty years ago, starting with plans on the back of an envelope and working with a very innovative architect I built a home that was essentially off grid. The home was in a “planned community” so had to look “normal” from the front. However, I started 10 years earlier acumulating every article, book, and free info seminars in a file that was several inches thick. Fortunately, you can find a lot of info on-line and in the published literature now on self-sufficient homes.

    In fact, I would recommend before you do anything else reviewing the web site: livingoffgrid.org and read the 6 articles posted on selection of land, water, etc. for self-sufficient homes. (I wrote them.)
    I also would strongly recommend reading and re-reading the following two books: “The Renewable Energy Handbook” by Kemp and “Earth-Sheltered Houses” by Roy. They are both great books.

    With regard to you significant other: remember the three keys to selling anything: fear, guilt and bribery, i.e. coupons, discounts, sales, etc.

    P.S. North Caroline is a perfect place to find a spot for a self-sufficient home.

    Good luck

  31. Patrick

    Don’t force it. Some changes in our life take time, we have to be patient. The last thing to do is to ‘knock your staff of wisdom’ on his head and try to change his ideas on the spot. People can be very stubborn, even the though the truth is naked in front of our eyes. But people might change their ways of thinking if they actually experience (better) alternatives. Have you heard of the Farm in Tennessee? Perhaps you can take him there for a weekend or so? Check it out: https://www.thefarmcommunity.com

  32. eric

    You are not alone, far from it. Though I understand your boyfriend, farming is tough, likely the toughest job one could have. Living a simple life, off the land, sucks. Back breaking, frustrating and full of uncertainty.

    The magic formula is to have some passive income that can support you while you live an off grid, dropped out of the rat race lifestyle.

    It can be done, and at 24, planning smart, now, will get you there sooner than many would believe possible. Just get your priorities straight, set the right goals and one day you will able to realize your dream.

    If a fool like me can manage it, I am sure you can.

    Good luck,