Hello,i am looking for a specific person that it is interested in my services.I am a hard working man with many skills.I will make a list with what i can do so you know if that is a skill you are looking for.So next are the things i can do such as :
Framing – back framing, stairs, door and window prep and installation,and all most all structures
Concrete Forming – basements,stairs,walls,etc,
Plumbing – all house or residential plumbing and garden programed irrigation system,and more
Siding – the entire house,or any building(small or large)
Roofing – complete structure plus isolation
Painting – any surface you can think of,from normal home paint,staining,to electrostatic painting and even epoxy paint with fine and detailed finishes and straight lines.
Electric – renovation experience in both commercial and residential.(includes any installation from a plug to ac )
Electronic – ability to fix electronic devices ,appliances create systems and circuits
Security – ability to design and install all types of unique security systems from normal cctv to very elaborated .
Flooring – installing wood or epoxy flooring with baseboards and finished paint
Landscaping – ability to design and build home or residential landscaping with unique designs and features such as led lighting,water fountains,draining,ponds with fishes,gardens,hydroponic gardens,aquaponic gardens and all this from the design to finish with no external help what so ever.(except what one man can´t lift or carry)
Worksites – ability of working in confined spaces,all weather(including extreme) ,working at heights not a problem,day or night .
Heavy Machinery – worked with skid steers,tractors and many other machines.Ability to learn very fast whatever machine it needs to be operated.
Farming – Love to take care off animals,perform all farming duties with no problems of early hours or late ones.Ability to build from start to finish all kinds of gardens such as hydroponic ,aquaponic,soil garden,zero maintenance gardens,urban gardens,and even display gardens.Design gardens with very high quality.Germinate seeds and build whatever you can think of as a garden.No problem in getting my hands dirty.
Driver License – driver license B at the moment and forklift certificated ,willing to take whatever test is needed to get a new license that the job type requires.
Plans – ability to read plans and blueprints and build in accordance with all organizational, provincial and federal health and safety standards and legislation, ensuring highest standard of safety is upheld
Languages – i can speak english,spanish,italian,france(all written and spoken,france a bit rusty)
Hobbies – well i do have many hobbies such as experimenting with free energy,gardening,building stuff where i live and many more.The main idea is that i can never sit and do nothing(except when i go fishing)
People – have a PR and do very well with people,ability to resolve any situation under pressure with no problem.I am able to come up with unusual solutions that might surprise many people,where others see a problem i see an opportunity to find a solution.

Special Skills : I know that the next section of my resume its only for a few people but i feel the need to put this skills in here as well because it is possible that for some people this is a very important asset.So i have the ability to design and build from scratch panic rooms,bunkers,solar systems,off grid homes,self sustained homes,teach food preservation,and plenty of “prepper” knowledge(the right people know what i am talking about).The dream is to start an off grid comunity that is self sustained.If this section doesn´t make any sense to you please skip it and take in consideration all the skills above.

Pro and cons – All the list above are proven skills that i can demonstrate 100% with no problem when requested and is not just a list that i dream about or how many people put in a resume just to get a job.All that i cansider the Pro´s.The Cons are that right now i am in Chile ,so i will need to get a start help from the person that want to hire me for whatever project he has on his mind.I am a light smoker,i don´t do and never did drugs,i only enjoy a glass of wine with a meal so i consider that i don´t drink,and i am a clean and organized person.
So i guess that is enough information for now,but if you have any question or doubts please contact me and ask whatever you need to know.I will get back to you as soon as possible and will try to answer your questions the best i can.I hope that there is a person out there that can use my skills and help me with my project on the way.Thank you for your time to read this and i hope you have an amazing day.

I can be contacted at   mail.     operation.reboot.chile@gmail.com
                                 skype.            dsm.energy
                                 tel.     +56 935 534 971
         Bussines site    www.viviproteam.com

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  1. Robert Frank Dryer

    What happened to my add and why am I blocked from logging in

  2. Gen Agustsson

    do i need a resume in order to work for you or do i have to volunteer?