i am situated here

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17 Responses to “i need buddies here”

  1. Aantazy

    Are you still active?

  2. Mark


    I’m an ARMY Veteran, who had some pretty bad luck the past couple of years. I want to find myself again through helping others building their community in the hopes of finding my own. I have substantial amount of experience in desert, mountain, and jungle survival, also am familiar in construction and minor carpentry. I am also very proficient in computers, and a damn good cook as well. I’m young, 25 yrs and a smoker as well, looking to work hard for my room and board. Ready to leave whenever you guys are ready. Mark 830-776-6275

  3. Eric T Daniels

    We are a family traveling and visiting other communities while helping where we can. We want to learn more about solar and other alternative energies. We aren’t currently looking for a permanent place to live and do want to continue traveling and working on projects around the world. We are currently in Ga and will be pulling out headed to Texas but plan to head north in the spring.

  4. shawn

    My wife and I have 2 kids and we have been looking into this and thought about moving off the grid for a while. We were looking to see if anyone in the Oklahoma or Montana area were looking for others to join them. We are open to other areas as well.

  5. Angel

    Hi currently live in the south central area of Oklahoma.Looking to meet up with like minded individuals in Oklahoma to live off grid.My land or yours. email me

  6. alexa folkerts

    interested in becoming a member i do have a few questions about school and education, as i do have a 10yr old who is in adv placement and gifted and talented now with public school and a 1yr old as well but my boyfriend and i are very very intersted in off the grid living and changing the way we live and this is the closest thing i have been able to find. i guess in short, lol, my questions are about education for my children and how to start! thank you i look forward to hearing from you, Alexa and her 3guys :)

  7. Voldane

    oining Us

    We are currently accepting inquiries and applications for new members. There are two types of members currently being accepted. Please read about each type of member we are accepting applications for. Select which type of member you might be interested in becoming and place it in the email you send with our inquiry.

    Working members are members that work full time at the community. They work with us on the land and off the land. Types of work that are common include: fencing, mowing, feeding animals, cleaning animal housing, gardening, cleaning of common areas, building shelters, repairing buildings, and more. Imagine a self sufficient community and all the types of work that would be needed for it and then imagine a few more lol.

    These members pay nothing to live here. They receive room and board along with a small monthly stipend for personal expenses. This is not a job, it is set up as a labor for room and board.The average monthly stipened is around $100.00 per working person. It can go up if the person wants to work more hours away from the land. We mow, clean and take care of other properties to make the land payments, buy food, etc. The more work away from the land the higher the stipened. There is no guarantee on the amount of teh stipend. It can change month to month with expenses and amount or work away from the land. The average working member spends 2 days away from the land working.

    Paying members are members with outside income. Retired or disabled members usually fit in this category. These members can only help out around teh land on a limited basis. In exchange for room and board these members pay monthly contributions ranging from $350.00 a month up to $500.00 per month. This is a sliding scale set up based on individiual needs and desire fo the community and potential member. The paying member could help with any task they wanted to gardening, cooking, pitching in how and when they wanted. They would not be required to help out, but it is encouraged. Even just helping with dishes once in awhile is a huge help or picking some produce from the garden for meals.

    We have rooms in the main house, we have a spots for campers rv’s, we also have rooms in out buildings that are being converted to studio cabins. All new members begin as trial members. If they are happy and everything is going well in 6 to 12 months they are given the chance to apply for full membership. If the other community members and leaders approve the application they have the option of building a house/ cabin on the land.

    Any building site and materials must be approved by members and leaders. Simple rules concerning the land use and building practices will be in place to protect the land and all members.

    Please keep in mind that there is no hunting on community land. You may hunt on land otehr than community land at your descretion. Animals that live on the land are to be treated with respect and kindness. If you do not like animals this is not a good community for you.

    We are not a community for everyone. We do not raise any animals to be killed. We do buy locally rasied meat for memebrs that eat meat. Some members do not eat meat and thi sis ok. We do not care about personal religous beliefs as long as there is no preaching or recruiting of other members. If a member asks you about your religion then tell them and answer the questions if you want. We do celebrate holidays, birthdays, seasons and well any reason to have music and food with dancing is reason enough lol.

    We eat meals together and will also be planing camping trips, trips to the drive in, movie nights, and more. We are rebuilding from teh ground up adn seeking members that would like to become leaders in teh future. We are hoping to find long term members but will consider short term mebers as well. 620 899 1971

  8. Alli


    I’m interested. Although, it’s me alone for now. I do have someone who’d be interested to join me. I have medical skills as a combat medic and current EMT, and my friend, he is a nurse and has grown his own food. Please email me.

  9. Andalin

    My Partner and I are trying to move from the Dallas area and either come north to OKC area or west towards NM. We are having trouble connecting with anyone from this site about the possibility of joining in the quest of natural living. We are very much interested if anyone has any room for a couple whom can bring many amazing talents and resources to the table. imurfallenstar@gmail.com contact me 24/7

  10. Sage

    We recently bought 7.5 ac., with a house that needs some work, right in the middle of OKC, OK. Would like to establish a permaculture environment on it, make our income from the land locally, and teach others to live local. Looking for about 5 couples to become a part of our dream. Let me know if you have skills to bring to the table.

  11. usmc man

    Im looking to live off grid too what do you have in mind and what do you have ? how much land and what do you need>
    how can i help?

  12. terry

    O.k, it’s been a year, can you update me on the progress?

  13. David

    I am willing to go off-grid or join a group. I have a associates of arts degree, and have many skills, such as horticulture, carpentry, traping, and irrigation. I can contribute to small live stock and maintain and produce good breeders of egg laying hens/chickens. I love to fish and love living a adventure. contact me at davidwilliamss@aol.com
    thank you

  14. chris@btvps.com

    hey buddy i live in oklahoma city and im looking to go off grid. drop me a line when you get a second and let me know what kind of set up you have and what if anything you are in need of. I def have a lot i can bring to the table.

  15. Tess and john

    my boyfriend and i live in washington.. we are looking for a commune to join. i have farming and creative skills. my b/f can help build.

  16. turtle

    have bus will travel! heya, i just read your post and would like to possibly talk about meeting up. My husband and I live in kansas just south of wichita. I am adept at gardening, wild food crafting and herbal healing… My husband Mark is also a carpenter and can work with plumbing, irrigation, and can hunt and fish. We also have supplies and tools. We would like to talk more about living off grid with you. We look forward to hearing from you.

  17. Slacker

    If there’s much more of this sort of nonsense I’m taking this site off my RSS reader.

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