[before_listing images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/9fd8da358c1569ba25ca579a735f155e.jpg youtube=null] I am 51. Christian. Single and want to stay that way. Want to live off grid with like minded people who we can forge everlasting friendships with and help each other. I am not afraid of hard work. I wish to live simply and in peace away from this dysfunctional world. I have been completely distroyed by people and the world. I have little money, but have always spent my life helping others. To be free of what is left of our gov’t and grounded in the natural world has been a dream of mine for as long as i remember. I keep getting this nagging feeling that this is what i am suppossed to do, but have no idea where to go(no preference except in the us) or how to meet people willing to trust and help and give it aan honest shot. Please help me.My children may eventually want to join me, but for now this is for me. This is what I need and want to do.Help me to help you. Peace and Light!
Cathryn[landbuddy_listing images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/9fd8da358c1569ba25ca579a735f155e.jpg youtube=null]

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13 Responses to “I am serious about this and need help and like minded people”

  1. faith chaney

    I’m interested in joining your community or buying a piece of land. Not afraid of hard work

  2. Elizabeth

    hello all & Cathryn! I have taken the plunge. Purchased my land , have a fresh water well & 2 septic tanks on it. Now I’m ready to build. I’m not looking to build a community to eliminate confusion. but I would like to share my land either lease or purchase. 1 or 2 families. Providing a 1/2 acre of land to each. Dont need much but work ethics some cash to keep things afloat. Located in a very desirable area for this Pennsylvania (Trout Run Pa 17771. So if you or somone you know ready to start your dream getting settled before it gets to cold. Now is a good as time as any to start contact me for questions or concern thanks . Also Im a Firm believer of God (lord Jesus Christ ) you dont have to agree your choice on that but please be respectful to fact A must. Thank you have a blessed day

  3. karen knapp

    have been wanting to do this for a long time. email me lets talk. skaren4@hotmail.com

  4. Nancy

    Holy crap! Where do you live?

  5. Sue

    I’m in central jersey. I want to go off the grid but am somewhat fearful of ridicule. I have used many country skills to live simply but really would love to help others learn and do more alone. I can make candles, sew, grow herbs and food, cook on open fire, create fire from little to nothing, and so on. Living in NJ costs a lot in taxes so I’m still working as much as possible to pay a mortgage, oil bills, and electric. No phone or TV in this house. But Internet, YES. I’m in to help. Email me if you like. I get email once per week only.

  6. Jay

    I have a house in southern Indiana, work equal rent, off grid, but I have enough solar, a fairly clean river 100 yards away, “not in flood zone”, converting grass to garden, and chicken coup, in need of several people, open to suggestions and applicants!

  7. Raji Nevin

    We have been without electricity for 7 weeks now because we took the utility companies radiating Smart Meter off our home and replaced it with a safe, analog meter. Two days later they came and with no notice, cut our power lines at the pole – right in front of me. Look up Smart Meters on Google and in YouTube – you will see – this is HUGE! They want one of those smart meters on every home and business by the end of 2013. It’s coming to everyone and soon. IT’S TIME TO GET OFF THE GRID. Do you want to know more? We have massive amounts of documentation and links to send to you if you want them. We will also be interviewed if we deem it to be a trustworthy newsline.

  8. Cornfed

    PS: Serious minds waste no time.

  9. Tami Ellithorpe

    Hello Kathryn, I am starting up a community on my 10 acre farm in Virginia. Email me at treotr@yahoo.com for more details if you are interested.

  10. Cornfed

    oops correction: its tg2lynch@yahoo.com

    Cheers, Tom

  11. Cornfed

    Hello Kathryn, looks like share much in common, and even located pretty close to each other. Would be great to share thoughts sometime. Feel free to email me… tg2lynch@ahoo.com Peace, Tom