[before_listing id=240 images= youtube=null] Husband and wife team would like to find others who are interested in going off grid and creating a sustainable community. We would like to keep the community small perhaps 15 to 20 people. With differing skills. Non Religious, although spiritual is ok. Our combined experience is well rounded, and am able to harvest wild plants for food and medicine. We are well stocked and have equipment such as generators, hunting and fishing,radio’s, tools, cooking, and storage plus much more. would like to speak with interested parties before getting together, and would like to go off grid as soon as possible. Will be willing to share equipment and supplies with others of like mindedness. We want a group who can work together as a family. This is a one way deal.. off grid and not coming back. We are willing to relocate to Georgia,Arkansas, Alabama or any other south eastern forested area. Children are welcome as well as elders.
If you are interested in talking about forming an off grid community then lets talk and get it done!
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10 Responses to “Husband and Wife In Search of Off Grid Community”

  1. lynn

    We are looking for an off grid community, who needs able, willing and easy to get along with individuals. I myself have lived off grid before, so I know what to expect. I have friends and family, who are tired of the rat race and the dangerous society which we now live in, we know how to hunt, fish, grow gardens, we will be homeschooling children, canning, some of us are crafty and can make things to sell at local fairs and such, others are skilled in various jobs. We hope to find like-mined individuals, who need a family, and not just a community and one who will have there back, if need be.

  2. Josh

    i just ran across your site. I’m so greatfull to see others with the same idea as myself. I’m a 30 yo artist living Callifornia. With each and every passing day I grow intense dislike for todays society. With so many amenities we have grown complacent and lost the connection to our world. I truly believe that we as a race are standing at a very pivital crossroad. Life as we now know it will soon be gone. I am extremely interested in talking with others whom feel as I do and are ready to take perminant steps to better our lives and our relationship with not only those around us but our world as a whole.

    I am an artist, I paint and sculp and pretty much any other form of art but in reallity it is my survival, hunting, fishing and farming skills that are most important. I grew up on a farm and it is those very special skills taht I have to offer my fellow man in a very trying future that we shall all face very soon.

  3. Josh

    If anyone would like to contact me please email me at arringtonj36@yahoo.com i am looking for a group of people with similar ideals to begin anew. Our world has become so very ugly and it cannot last. We are going to fall as a whole. We cannot continue to destroy our home as we have done. Our global conciousness has become tainted and we are becoming a race of beings disconnected from everything around us. i am looking to bind myself to people dedicated to living the life we were ment to live. People who understand the true meaning of love thy neighbor.

  4. Andrew

    Anyone in WV still starting an “off the grid” community? I love the scenery in Wv, I am so sick of how “modern” life is going. I am interested please contact me.

  5. james

    Hello I am a 28 year old strong male. Looking to go off grid. Iv been trying to let go and go off grid for years. I have put down my life and steped outside my box and would love for someone to take a chance on me.

  6. alrod57

    Anyone looking to live off grid can join us on our acreage in the mountains of west virginia usa we are currently living on the property rebuilding an 80 year old cabin and excavating for the detached timber frame earthbag kitchen w/ wood fired oven. contact us at. a50panhead@aol.com

  7. alrod57

    hi we are located in west virginia on 28 acres in the mountains off grid and are looking for landbuddies contact @ a50panhead@aol.com Al

  8. shelby fletcher

    Hello my name is shelby I am a young 18 year old with a stong build for farming and taking care of animals and is looking for a place to take my wife and start a family without the problems of bills and money stress. I am interested in helping u in anyway,… keep me posted at nightfox28@hotmail.com

  9. Patrick

    The entire SouthEastern United States is now TOXIC, and will stay that way for some time. I suggest that you consider relocating to somewhere North or West of Arkansas. … FWIW, I’m with you, but anywhere SE of Nevada is more than a days drive from ME, so I think that I’m outside of your Eden. … Good hunting!

  10. Gary Gelormino

    My name is Gary and I can be contacted via phone; 216-447-0081