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So we have been posting on this site for a few years now and still haven’t found anyone interested that actually wants to work towards building a community. So far I’ve built a small cabin from used pallet wood. put an addition on our cabin. built a small carryout restaurant. demolished two houses on another property we acquired close to our homestead.

So once again we are looking for some people to help with the next projects. The plan is to build  a large scale aquaponic greenhouse. We want to grow rainbow trout and freshwater prawns in tanks and veggies in grow beds.

We are located in West Virginia and the county has no building codes for housing and as a matter of fact no commercial zoning, that is how we managed to put in a restaurant on our property. 100% legal.

I have a half acre parcel to sell if someone is interested in not living on our property. it has a solid block foundation that can be built on and has city water,sewer and gas already on it. 

The cabin on our property is small 8’x12′ unfinished inside but could be made livable fairly easy.

What we are looking for is help building the greenhouse and maybe someone that can bake and help cook at the restaurant a few hours a day with pay. Ideally we would like a couple since we only have the one cabin as of now. you can look us @ for the restaurant.

My hopes are fading as far as outside help goes but here we go again. LOL  


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10 Responses to “Howdy, Anybody Interested in getting into Off Grid business community.”

  1. Chris

    What’s the possibility of showing up with an rv or 5th wheel to provide my own housing needs? Very interested.

  2. shawnna

    Although iam only one person, i will work an be an asset to the community as if i were 2, what a wonderful thing it would be to be apart of something so awesome, my Husband past away a few years ago…..but if he was still here we wood be living a life off grid, homesteading, enjoying life. i have not yet found anyone who shares my appeciation of a life off grid, an the hard work that goes along with the life, although i have not been looking, i believe in the right time right moment , the person will come….or right persons for that matter. maybe this is that moment?? have a wonderful day.

    • larry

      Hello Shawnna, Thank you for your interest. I have our phone number posted on another reply just call after 6pm eastern time on monday tues, and wednesday. Thursday,Friday and Saturday im at the resetaurant 8a -630pm 304 659 2155.. Ill tell you about us and our goals.

  3. John jacques

    Hard working smart and would be happy to talk about living n building with u guys posses many skills living off the grid in arizona now as speak born in ny n ready to take another look a the East again

    • larry

      Hey John, Lets Chat our phone number is listed above? below? on one of my replies..Larry

  4. Kate

    My partner and I are very interested. Please could you contact me so we can find out some more details

    Many thanks

    • Alrod53

      hi Kate, we have a lot of irons in the fire, with many projects started buy none quite finished and want to start mor. Please give us a call and I”ll fill you in 304 659 2181…larry

    • Alrod53

      Hey Kate, I sent you guys an email. let me know if you got it or not.

  5. richard

    We are HIGHLY interested in helping build an off grid community. Please email us at sbaire

  6. Mike n Juno

    Very interested…email me please. I have 20 years experience as an electrician and can cook.



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