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I have been doing research all winter long about how to conserve fuel and keep the cabin warm as the  Ol’ All Nighter woodstove really eats up the wood.

So in the name of pure laziness began my search for a way to get maximum heat for minimum work I found the rocket stove mass heater. They appear to use small amounts of wood(sticks and branches) and retain heat for long periods. These are nothing new —  the Romans used them on a very large scale to heat the floors and water in there bath houses.

On a smaller scale  they can be used to heat greenhouse benches indoor benches made from cob as the mass then radiate the heat long after the fire has gone out and best of all can be made from stuff that you can find  for free or really cheap.

Another advantage is that the combustion is so efficient that their is almost no smoke once up to temperature. I found on youtube what I think is the best way to build one of these stoves, but  if you do your own search on this subject you may find a design that will fit your needs..larry

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