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Freedom from cities is what most individuals ache for as not everyone wants to be shackled to the city life where you spend hours commuting to the office and breathe the polluted air. The monotony of a 9-5 lifestyle takes a toll on people that throw them in the quagmire of lethargy and indifference. 

But leaving the nest and security of an office is difficult as you need money to make a sustainable living. Though if you are not going to be living in the wild, it will not matter. In this guide, we will help you build a career off the grid with actionable tips that you can readily incorporate and start making a living:

 Update your resume 

The first thing that you need to tackle before thinking about building a career off the grid is updating your resume. You may have to update things like the location as you will be targeting non-office based jobs. So writing your current address is not really important. 

Also, let’s say you worked a job that requires you to stay in an office. So for you, living off the grid means changing your career path. In such cases, you need to change your resume format as recruiters look for skills in a resume that are relevant to the job requirements. 

The most ideal format for such professionals is a functional format that brings forth skills relevant to the target profile. To achieve this, you need to create a separate section named “summary of skills” In this section, you will pick out the statements and expertise that are in line with the job requirements.

Target a remote job 

When you are living off the grid, your best bet is to target a remote job. A remote job can help you stay away from city life, save you time and money from not having to commute, and is easily manageable. As the required essentials for a remote job are good internet and a decent laptop, you need to make sure the availability of power does not fluctuate where you are located. Or you can invest in solar-based resources. 

Depending on your skills, here are a few remote jobs that you can target: 

  • Freelance graphic artist 
  • Web Designer
  • Software Developer programmer
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Freelance Copywriter/Editor
  • Data Entry Jobs

Non-internet jobs

If the internet and avoidable social interactions are one of the major reasons you are living off the grid. It makes little sense to stay connected to the 9-5 world via a remote job that requires you to adhere to deadlines. Hence, you should try to keep your job search localized. You may look for part-time work and use the local newspaper to search for relevant jobs. 

Further, you may also check with your neighbors to learn more about their lifestyle and how they make a living. Also, depending on your expertise and hobbies, you can leverage your skills to look for irregular jobs. For example, if you have a flair for rafting, you can work as a rafting instructor. 

Making the most out of a homestead

You can build an excellent career off a homestead. Making an income via homesteads is easier as they require little effort and you do not need to make major modifications regarding its outlook. Further, homesteads have always fascinated tourists, so you can use that for your leverage as well. 

Here are a few ways you can use your homestead to make a living: 


  • Rental cabin: You can run a bread & breakfast or a night stay motel. You can even rent your cabin to temporarily off the grid dwellers or allow hunters to use it. 
  • Selling what you grow: You may invest in growing fruits and vegetables to sell to local consumers. You can set up a stall on your land or go to the farmer’s market. 


Conduct workshops and seminars

You can make a living by sharing your skills and experiences as an off the grid dweller. For example, you can conduct workshops to share your survival knowledge.  But the idea is that you are teaching others the skills required to live off the grid. Further, most individuals from cities who are trying to live off the grid need help practicing minimalism. So, your seminars can focus on teaching them how you live without gadgets, fast fashion, etc. 


Internet jobs are the easiest to get that can help you make an instant living. Leveraging the offering of a homestead can take some time as you will be investing a lot of time and money, but the result is worth it as they will be driven out of passion. 

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