[before_listing id=316 images= youtube=null] I am a newly married 21 year old English major at University of South Florida. My wife and I have been discussing going “off the grid” for a little while now. We’re already tired of the rat race and want to get more in tuned with each other and the natural world around us. We’re also looking for a change of scenery (maybe further north as in OH, WV, KY, VA, TN, NC, SC). I think I have just about everything figured out, but I may have missed some major points. The plan (in albeit far less detail) is to buy a property in one of the afore mentioned areas between 7 and 20 acres (a wide range but there are subclassifications as to what size of various types of properties would be ideal), build a house (likely concrete block construction) with some help from a few friends, hire an electrician, self plumb, install solar panels and rain collection system complete with a tested water filtration system, and grow massive quantities of food. Meat will be mostly fish and chicken along with the occasional four-legged red meat critter. We have a budget of $115k for this. Not necessarily the money, but the budget. I estimate $35k for the property, $35k for the house (800 sq ft 1bd 1 ba), 8k for interior finishings, 12k for solar panels (2400 kwh/year), 3k for rain system, 7k for various hunting, fishing, and gardening equipment, and 15k for cushion. Am I right? Am I close? Am I wrong? I welcome any constructive criticism and any “devil’s advocates” as well as any leads or connections to how I would go about starting the whole process. Or if you happen to have 115k lying around, that would be great too.[landbuddy_listing id=316 youtube=null]

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7 Responses to “Hoping to go off the grid in the near future”

  1. solarpete

    why waste all that cash flow just got solar where u live I did have a 5.04 kwh array in the city of St Pete have city water and sewage but pay no electricity have ideas for using rain water to flush toilet and it works did it for 3 years grow much of my fruits and veggies few know I don’t pay fr power and have made my home even if it is old green U all want to live off grid but u will find u work every day for the day u die trying to live free from bills why not just do it where u live now

  2. Daryl Keith Owen

    If you have that much. Why not buy a piece of land somewhere where land is very cheap, obtain Lodial-Title or a Land Patent so that you never have to pay any taxes, and purchase a Land-Ship. You wound come in at under budget if you do it right. There are Solar/Battery systems for sale at well less than 7k and also Electro-Static Generators, Black-boxes which grab energy out of the thin air and Water-powered power generators as well as whole house Solar Power Generators from Solutions From Science mysolarbackup.com for half of what you were guesstimating. There are also windmills for less made from old prop planes and such. There are also special systems which convert natural gas into electricity without combustion.
    The land-ship is like a Pre-fab home for off-gridders and yet look nothing like the boring pre-fab homes dotting the country but are made with the solar panels on the roof and compost toilets and many other excusively off-grid features ready to go. It would be better to use the left-over money to hire some gardeners to plant a huge garden so you would have a harvest ready to go once you get the house in. If you check out the Small Farms Journal they tell how to design a small set-up for keeping your own livestock and such. Organic beef is very expensive. Another consideration is – Alaska is the only State left in the Country which still has Homesteading. They will give you 1000 acres if you are going to improve it.
    I hope this helps.

  3. robert

    i too want to move off the grid i live in jacksonville would to find others to start a community i cant do all the work myself would to be in north east or centural fl contact me if intrested bobpline2@yahoo.com
    thanks robert

  4. Tony

    Hello I live in S. Fl – a single parent of two – I have never wanted to be on the grid – Here is my thing I barely make enough to provide, meaning there is zero in saving and credit score is about the same. My friends laugh at me cause my favorite saying is “I am trying to find a way to live without the use of money” lol – I am looking for suggestions –

  5. Eric

    Larry, hello. I am in Saint Petersburg, FL and looking to get out and off the grid. If you have space available or are looking for others, please let me know. E-mail me with details at hathaway81@hotmail.com

  6. Alrod53

    Hello, We are off of the grid in WV, Recently transplanted from Daytona Fl. We have been here for eight months now building our off grid homestead on twenty eight acres of mountains we have room for you guys here if it is surely what you want. 21 seems very young to want to give up all of the things that 21 year olds want to do in life. I know that when I was 21 I just wanted to party.. Living off the grid is not a party it involves a lot of work in exchange for the lifestyle. You directly get what you put into it. While hunting and gathering sounds fun once you have to do it it becomes a chore and the novelty will wear off quickly when you have to do it to survive..Just somethig to think about..Larry

  7. refuge2012

    IMHO…you may be over thinking this. It doesn’t have to be that expensive or complicated…and this is from someone who has been off the grid for several years, doing it all ourselves. Unless you feel a need to have a dishwasher and hairdryers and the like, solar power doesn’t have to cost you even $1000. We use satellite internet, a wireless router and 2 laptops all day long, and still have power to watch DVDs on our laptops at night. We have built a nice, 16 X 40 “stick-built” (wood) house for around $9000, complete with saltillo tile in the kitchen. The price of land will depend on where you want to be, but we have 40 acres in stunning New Mexico for less than you plan to spend on 12. We’d be happy to share some more of our experience with you…email us directly at refuge2012@yahoo.com

    Shayna & Dan