[before_listing id=316 images= youtube=null] I am a newly married 21 year old English major at University of South Florida. My wife and I have been discussing going “off the grid” for a little while now. We’re already tired of the rat race and want to get more in tuned with each other and the natural world around us. We’re also looking for a change of scenery (maybe further north as in OH, WV, KY, VA, TN, NC, SC). I think I have just about everything figured out, but I may have missed some major points. The plan (in albeit far less detail) is to buy a property in one of the afore mentioned areas between 7 and 20 acres (a wide range but there are subclassifications as to what size of various types of properties would be ideal), build a house (likely concrete block construction) with some help from a few friends, hire an electrician, self plumb, install solar panels and rain collection system complete with a tested water filtration system, and grow massive quantities of food. Meat will be mostly fish and chicken along with the occasional four-legged red meat critter. We have a budget of $115k for this. Not necessarily the money, but the budget. I estimate $35k for the property, $35k for the house (800 sq ft 1bd 1 ba), 8k for interior finishings, 12k for solar panels (2400 kwh/year), 3k for rain system, 7k for various hunting, fishing, and gardening equipment, and 15k for cushion. Am I right? Am I close? Am I wrong? I welcome any constructive criticism and any “devil’s advocates” as well as any leads or connections to how I would go about starting the whole process. Or if you happen to have 115k lying around, that would be great too.[landbuddy_listing id=316 youtube=null]

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