[before_listing images= youtube=null] Round River Community seeks serious persons or families to help us build a community of neighbors on our remote land on the second largest river in Alaska.
Come help us build your/our wilderness community, and you could earn a fifty year renewable lease on a piece of your own wild land for one dollar a year, plus free lumber and free use of the tools you’d need to build your own cabin.
We are located fifty nine miles upriver from a remote village in interior Alaska.
Please see our website at https://www.roundrivercommunity.org
You can contact us via that website.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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13 Responses to “Homesteading in the Alaska wilderness”

  1. Jonathan prince

    I’m very interested in this community but I’m unable to use the link? Has anyone got a way to contact them. Thanks

  2. Homebummingit

    I’m flying into Anchorage next week, call me or email me.

  3. Wolfmaskell

    Ive lived off the grid since 2009. I’m an marine with a medical discharge I’m an excellent Hunter, and Angler. I know how to garden, I know how to can food and preserve without electricity. I’m a fine woodworker like Furniture and cabinets and also a contractor that builds houses. I’m an avid shooter so I make my own bullets, and adequate with a bow. I know how to run a chainsaw and split wood by hand. I also own several saws and axes for building log cabins that I know how to use. If you have ever read the Foxfire books that’s pretty much me. I’m adequate in so many diverse subjects such as converting generators, four wheelers, cars, trucks, well mostly anything that runs off of gasoline to run off of water. And also repair anything mechanical. And my ingenuity has yet to let me down. The only thing that I can’t seem to figure out is is money my heart and willingness to help others is always bigger than my wallet. I’ve been trying to find a place to live in Alaska yet my finances have not allowed me to find land and move there yet.

  4. john

    does anybody know how to get in touch with this community I tried their link and it doesn’t works

  5. victoria

    where did you get an email address – could you please send it to me.

  6. mason gordon

    i would love to come join your community in about 2-3 months i will be hiking up there from ga so it will be around a total of 7-9 months but i will for sure join and may i receive pictures of current community and please respond with subject off grid community
    thank you
    -mason gordon

  7. jarad davis

    my name is jarad
    im preparing to move to anchorage and im hoping to find an off grid homesteading community to potentially join
    im 26,former fire fighter , currently working as a telecomm engineer in upstate new york
    i can provide more info and answer any questions via email jaraddavis91@gmail.com

  8. Donald Black

    I would be very interested. I would like to hear more about it!

  9. Peter

    Hi i would like to know more about this

  10. Dannie Prater

    If you are still looking for people to help build your community, i would like to speak with you . in short myself, and my wife are looking to make a life away from all the noise to raise our three children in.

  11. james bailey

    hello i am interested in working a piece of land and conributing to the community i have lots of knowledge in outdoor survival and living plus im a fair hand at carpentery working with wood i beleive i have much to offer your community in return i wish a small piece of land and fellowship with like minded individuals thankyou for any response

  12. Thomas Bathauer

    I replied via your website. I am very interested, please email me back soon.

  13. James Kuntz

    I sent an email to you. Hoping to hear from you soon :)