[before_listing id=323 images= youtube=null] We are considering sharing our 30 acre off grid homestead.It would start as a temporary [a year or two] type arrangement,such as a lease. We are more about passing on our knowledge of a simple, organic,sustainable lifestyle than about having been off grid for the last five years.
This is not a free ride as some type of financial lay out will be required. When and how much is open for negotiation,barter may be considered. We are hoping to achieve more sense of community with like minded people.
We would share our knowledge about the things we do here which include gardening,canning, preserving,dehydrating,root cellars,butchering,curing meat,making sausage,making fire wood,wood stove cooking,maple syrup,wild rice,bee keeping,bread baking,wool and fiber prep from shearing to weaving,herbal remedies,fence building,cows,goats,llahmas,horses,rabbits,pigs,chickens,fruit trees,grape vines,wine making,manure,composting,and how to make do or do with out while living off grid and enjoying a simple meaningful life.
You will need some outside source of income. Be aware that this is a rural area and most jobs are low paying and require a 15-50 mile commute.Look at job listings on craigslist for northern Wisconsin or Wausau Wi for a picture of what’s here for employment
So,……. If you are interested, tell us a little about yourself. I’ll warn every one up front, we were saddled with a family of moochers once and are not planning on repeating that. We will need a background check if you are picked. Right now we will consider all applicants, but a couple or family is our preference. We are not concerned about race or creed or any of the things on that list but we do feel you need to be in reasonable physical condition,and be financial healthy. We would like to know about your likes and dislikes,your interest,hobbies,experiences, spiritualality,and education.
We are recovering catholic pagans who went to the school of hard knocks. This is a real offer for real people who plan to actually DO something.
If you are whimpy or whiny, please, do not apply.
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15 Responses to “Homesteaders Seek Homesteaders”

  1. tazi

    We have been looking to live a sustainable life off the grid but find it is difficult and costly doing the work yourself, also finding out the info you need to do it yourself is no small task. We live in Arpin, WI not far from you, we bought a modest home that we are fixing up but yearn for more land to dig our heels into. We have 3 children two of which graduate this yr, the third is in 7th grade. If you are still looking we would love to come and visit to see if we would fit into your lifestyle and if our personalities would fit. Feel free to contact us at our e-mail. Thank you for the consideration.

  2. gigi

    nurse practitioner looking to live off the grid and work. I imagine people need healthcare up there?

  3. Elias Paul

    We are looking to live off the grid in Northern Wisconsin. Willing to work hard. Send the info.

  4. koots55

    I would love to visit your land and help out with any projects you have going on. I am on a bicycle tour right now trying to visit as many homesteads as I can. I will be in your neck of the woods in a couple months. Shoot me an email and I can give you more info on what I am doing. koots55@gmail.com

  5. Wiscranger

    My fiance and I are looking forward to living off the grid. I am 43 years old she is 46. I have retired from the military after serving for over 23 years. I have been researching off grid living for over a year now. Finances are steady….enough to cover my needs and pay the bills with a retirement pension. She is very good at food prep work ie canning,venison she grew up knowing the woods and very good at crocheting clothes, blankets etc. Feel free to email me for more details at peaseta@yahoo.com

  6. Amy

    My husband is retired army Rf engineer and I am by trade an executive pastry chef. I grew up on a farm and love the organic life. We have a 3 yr son. We are financially stable. Would love more information as we are looking forward to this lifestyle. We want more for our son.

  7. Gypsy E.

    I live in Rib Lake myself…I grew up 3 miles from where you have your “location”….

  8. Naturetrail

    Hello. We are a family of 5. The children include two boys 14 and 12 and a 2 year old girl. We have been living on a community/sustainable type farm in southern wisconsin for about a year now but has proven to be much different than previously portrayed. I have had much experience in various landscaping and farm life having had some horse ranching experience as well. Rather recently I worked as a Manager for a Retail Property Management Company for over 10 years. The property I handled consisted of over 100 different stores where I managed the care of the buildings, tenants, and land, among many other things. The money was good, but soon faded as did my connection with myself and family. With us being a very close family unit this was difficult. To make a really long story short, we left it all and had made the decision to move out to where we are now. I have since constructed our house and numerous other things such as water encatchment and soon hope to finish my solar power system. Although we have no regrets on any decisions we have made, we are interested in exploring other possible options. I feel we would be a great asset to your dreams and hope they are similar to ours. Please contact me via email so we can discuss further. There is only so much information I feel comfortable posting. Thank you for any consideration. Oh, and my wife is a GREAT cook and our two boys are a great help too.

  9. Robert Bauter

    Interested in learning more currently in mosinee and practicing skills to go off grid. I work in wausau.

  10. Natasha

    I was just curious if you are still looking for someone to homestead with? This is a dream of mine. I do have a home and some land in Manitowoc County, but getting started by myself is difficult, especially when I feel I have to explain everything to everyone! I am not wimpy or whiney, have an excellent work ethic, and manage money well. I do have a 7 year old daughter though, I do not know if that would be a problem. I am curious as to how much money you would be looking for. I guess I am just curious in general :) Unsure if this is what might be right for either of us. Would you consider a tour of your farm? Thanks!

  11. ll26

    Hi tightwad,
    We live in northern illinois and have been thinking about doing something like this. Please email me if you are still interested.

  12. tightwad

    Thanks for the nice comment. We are not looking for a huge financial input, just enough to keep out the leaches. Sometimes it just gets old trying to explain why we live this way. Kindred spirits would lighten the load a lot.

  13. john cleaver

    Great listing! I live in southern Iowa and have a very small homestead myself. I can and could many of the things you mentioned, I am also quite frugal. However, I doubt if I entertain enough financial rescources that you would need. I wish you the best of luck, I believe you are on the right track.



  14. tightwad

    Sorry you are so far away. We hope to find someone to move here by late April or May.

  15. CousinLinda

    What a great idea! My husband and I would apply, but we live two Great Lakes away from you. (In Ontario.)