[before_listing id=273 images= youtube=null] Looking for mature serious people with like minds to help built a off gird community in the hills of West Virginia.

Land lots in this are ranges from 10 to 50 acres in sizes. Depending on how many people I can get together we can help one another to get off the grid and the rat race to built a new foundation.

If jobs is still an issue you are still within 3 hours to DC.[landbuddy_listing id=273 youtube=null]

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30 Responses to “Homestead Living Community”

  1. CPB1967

    Hello ..I have recently closed my facebook account and really do not want to rejoin. I am 47 years old ,very versatile experience ,not afraid of hard work .10 year old son and my email is c.barham19@gmail.com..I am currently employed on the internet and am going to Romney West Va. to visit stepfather to look at his land & help him for a few days..I would love to hear more about your ideas and possibly meet you,,Thanks Charles PS. anyone on site is welcome to contact me.

  2. Irene and Dave

    I’ve been interested in off-grid living for a while too. How far did you guys get on this project? My husband’s family owns a mountain in WV, and we have a small part of it. They even have a spring nearby that they use for running water. Where were you guys thinking about moving to in WV?

  3. Patrick

    Welllll I’m the late comer! Anymore room?

  4. Lee-Ann

    Is this still available to speak with someone? I’m in Va. and looking for other like minded people who are currently living off grid. Look forward to hearing from you.

  5. MaryEllen Seehafer

    Cat,Vince, Cathy and Terry! This is quite late but I just found this site! My husband and I are looking for a retirement home and community, preferrably in WV or nearby VA. What is happening with all these efforts? Would love to hear about possibilities and meet up with like-minded folks. My husband is a rock guitar musician and I cook, garden, can, ferment, sew, knit, paint, you name it. Would love to hear from someone as we hope to make this move in the coming year! 333mellan@gmail.com

  6. Rachel california

    open minded and seeking a life in eco friendly, off grid, organic homestead type lifestyle. I’m a hard working, easy going, bright and caring individual, and I’m offering myself up for whatever possibilities the universe may allow through anyone with a current cause in need of another like minded individual for whatever purpose, in exchange to just be apart of it. Itsmerachel11@yahoo.com

  7. Homesteadhoney

    Hi! Is this project still underway? I’m in Delmarva, and I’m looking for local communities. otp05981@aol.com

  8. dale

    I’d like more info. can you e-mail me at dale.luneau@yahoo.com, already off grid, looking to make a move to a community, I can bring a lot to the table.

  9. jrscott10

    I am interested in this off grid community and would like to find out more detail about it. My email address is jim5sc@aol.com

  10. AdamEve

    Can you all email me your full contacts so that we could discuss the details on a different medium?

  11. Ron

    Looking to buy 2-3 acres in mountains,,

  12. Martin

    That sounds great. How much are 10-20 acres? Is there access to a river/stream? For hydro power.

  13. Jayy

    I live in Ohio ready to relocate to the mountains of West Virgnia and live off grid been searching for a couple of years now. Can someone email me with any info. I would appreciate it my address is holla9567@sbcglobal.net

  14. Jeff Magaw

    I am a 48 year old single white male. I have finally came to a point in my life where I can and desire to make a positive life change. I want this change to be physical , political, social , and most of all spiritual. What I have to offer is over 20 years of mechanical experience. I have worked for 20 years in the field of building maintenance. I presently run a small non licensed home improvement business in maryland. I have skilss in carpentry, plumbing, electrical, small engine repair, automotive repair, diesel repair, rail car repair, landscaping, and painting. My card says “can he do that? yes he can!” and for the most part there has never been a job I wasn’t able to handle. I also have work experience in produce I was a produce manager for 5 years and worked as a produce broker in philadelphia for several years. I can handle work with vendors and other contractors and have skills in brokerage and purchasing. About myself personally, I am liberal politically and christian spiritually. I have a firm christian foundation but am non judgemental and open to all spiritual directions. I believe in service and work hard to use my time for the betterment of people less furtunate. I have been looking pretty close a tennessee but am open as far as gepographic location. I have some funding and expect more finances in the near future from liquidation of properties. I consider myself intelligent and relatively well read.

  15. Rocky

    I have 2lots for sale in WV ideally located for an earth sheltered southeast facing home. Outstanding views, 120miles from DC, 100 miles from Pit. 301 722 2203 rockn@atlanticbb.net

  16. AdamEve

    SD, please contact me either thorough skype: adameve80 or at my email: a22jer@cox.net so that we could discuss the details by voice.

  17. sd

    Hello, I would like to find out more about your community. Ive been preparing and live in wv northern panhandle. I am a veteran of the army with various skills besides basics such as land navigation, marksmanship w/various weapon systems, i was in the prp program, combat lifesaver, and rapid response force. I know basic survival skills such as food and water procurement, smoke and salt curing game. Lastly i have a degree in psychology which other than possibly helping with survival stress is probably worthless in this situation. Id appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

  18. AdamEve

    Currently I have got a group together right now that can purchase a piece of land around 100 acres out right. However I need to get to know whom ever that is interested in joining so therefore we need a better communication medium to talk. Please joint my group if you are really serious and I’ll introduce to you all to the rest of the team and perhaps future neighbor.

  19. AdamEve

    You can join my Homestead Network group here:

    If you are serious please contact me first thorough there then we’ll go from there. I can also be reach through Skype: AdamEve80

  20. sunandsea

    Hi ,
    Did you find any? i’m looking for a family friendly community in my area, i’m in PA right now but willing to move.

  21. Amber

    I know I’m a year late with this post, but if anyone is still out there I’m open to contact. Younger couple (in our 30s) with not a lot of money looking to get the hell out of the desert and back home to WV and out of the “mainstream”.

    We offer hard work, tools, welding experience, machining experience, wood working experience, excellent cook, fast learners, etc.

    I’m interested in herbology / natural medicines, animal husbandry, and gardening. He’s interested in building, hunting, etc.

    Are there any communities like this out there?

  22. chris

    Young college student ready to go off the grid with the right community of people. Willing to work endless hours for land and building materials. Ready to build green homes, harvest firewood, irrigate gardens and defend the homestead. Email me if you have a spare room and you need a dedicated worker- seige6465@hotmail.com

  23. Cathy & Terry Stine

    My dream too and soon. We live in Pa and I am from Wv and she is always calling me back. Looking for an eco friendly eco built aw heck eco eco etc… Friendship with like minded fresh food home grown. We’re soon ready to buy our retirement home and we’re only changing life work not really retiring. If there is something we could we are open to suggestions.

  24. Vince Lombardi

    Hello folks,
    Just sold my eco-friendly campground near Mt. Storm , WV — http://www.abramscreek.com and am seriously thinking about “getting out of Dodge” as well and trying to live in an off-grid home of my own or in a community with others (which I like better). I have some great income ideas for rural living (solar panel installation business for hot water tanks, and farming heirloom vegitables and fruits for sale and for winter food supply as well as seed sales). I am very interested in talking to the organizer here — I know Del Ray / Rio quite well and only recenly left the Capon Bridge, WV area for Winchester. But haven’t bought into anything yet… email me with more contact info. vlombardi2003@msn.com / 703-328-1840

  25. AdamEve

    People if you want others to contact you please provide both your email and phone number.



  26. Tommy

    Hi People, I am in WV also, already have a small place that I been working on. Would love to meet some other homestead folks nearby. I am in pretty much Central area of the state. I had a major set back at the end of August this year, I lost my home and everything in it to a fire. I have the shell of the new home here, at least I am taken care of for the Winter. I also have several animals on the homestead, but its taking alot of work to get the property cleared of trees which make very nice firewood. Feel free to contact me and hopefully we can get a nice network of like minded folks here. towimer@yahoo.com

  27. Cat

    We are working in this direction also. WV is where I have been searching and have also looked in Virginia. We are looking for individual living but a shared community. Sharing labor and support rather than finances. If interested in more info just e-mail.

  28. Trevor Abrams

    send me more info on your idea! been looking into off grid living for a while and finding a good location for the right price has been a real problem!

  29. larry and sandie

    Hi, Jus read your post, Where are you at in WV? We are in Pennsboro and have just relocated from Daytona Beach Fl. and have been here for 5 mo. now. We have 28 acres on the North Bend rail trail and have been looking for some other folks to come help build a small community up here also. Do you already have land? If not give drop us an email. Maybe we can pool our resources…We already have a lot of things that we think that we will need..We sold our business and made the move and love it..We are totally Off the grid..