[before_listing images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/e79b906a07d73440b88d1605e5c2d5cc.jpg youtube=KbwsywZmpjU] Getting right to the points. We are a seasoned family that owns 5 acres of completely wooded property in the southern Missouri ozarks and we are in search of a few more people that want to move off grid and are very serious about it.

We have tried this before and have had to kick people off the property. We are serious and we do not have time to play games. So if you are also serious and want to learn to live off grid, want to be apart of a community of off gridders, are into organic gardening, simply living, 19th century style ways of life, etc.

It is coming into the fall here in southern Missouri and we are preparing for winter. We need all the help we can get. We offer a work to stay program. That means you can come stay on site, be apart of the community as a family BUT you have to work on site. This pays for your stay. It’s that simple.

Others have come and taken advantage of how laid back and nice I am, but they don’t last long. We have a lot of wooded property. You may come build a log cabin, pull in a log cabin, build some other sort of earth friendly home or just come stay a spell in your camper or tent, tepi-what have you.

For more information and to get set up for a visit, contact me at shikatahomestead@yahoo.com[landbuddy_listing images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/e79b906a07d73440b88d1605e5c2d5cc.jpg youtube=KbwsywZmpjU]

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24 Responses to “Shikata Homestead, looking for new community members”

  1. retsuzen


  2. retsuzen


  3. Rene

    Very interested in coming and seeing if l would fit in. Love country living and have lived off grid for several years. Definity better when living with other people.
    Give me a holler and l would take a trip up your way.
    Private email me with address .
    Looking for your response.

  4. Jhani

    Hi, I am a seasoned (20+ years) off-gridder and community dweller! I recently relocated from the west coast to be with family, but am finding that city life is impossible for me. I would like to stay in the mid-west to be close enough to family but living off-grid on land with same, or in a n off-grid, sustainable community. I am a 57 year young artist/creative person with lots of skills and abilities. I am experienced in building natural livable shelters with little to no money , gardening, cooking, food preservation, and my specialty is making things beautiful. I have no money , but I’m a hard worker with great organizational skills (prefer to work smart, not hard!), knowledgeable in many areas, and work well with others. I am friendly, intelligent, outgoing, and enthusiastic. I am not religious, but I live up to my own code of ethics which is to be honest, respectful, and work toward the good of all. I love creativity, diversity, open-mindedness, nature, animals, and people.
    If you are still looking for someone who truly cares about what you are doing, please contact me.

    • retsuzen

      Jhani, we are now known as Dogwood Hollow Homestead. I read your comment and noticed you say you have no funds? How do you plan to live with 0 dollars? We require a $100 a month fee to join us. If you are still interested, contact us at Dogwoodhollow17@gmail.com

  5. Justin

    Hello, I’m very interested in learning and helping in being more self reliant, more off grid, away from the crazy world that seems to be getting crazier by the minute. I have outdoor, hunting, fishing, carpentry, masonry, tile, skills and much more to offer. Look forward to your reply. Thank you.. Justin H

  6. Izzy

    Hey there! Im really interested in living off grid and have been raising hell trying to find a place in the woods where I can just live in a tent and hunt/forage for my food. I would be eternally grateful if you had a spot for me on your land! I willing to work and help out whenever you need it :)

  7. tams

    i would love to hear more. can you email me directly?

  8. retsuzen

    Phread/fred- Shikata Eco-Village is not a new idea. We used to operate as such, until we were turned off by those that took advantage of us and those that were not serious. SO, I am just trying again. So the plan has not changed nor the goals. Goal is to become totally self sufficient and sustainable. Sever as many ties to mainstream ways of living as possible, transcend the mundane, live a truly natural, truly free way of life that gets us back to the earth as we were meant to live and change how things are done…or watch humanity destroy itself permanently. We are supposed to be a green, natural, organic, self sufficient, sustainable, spiritual (not religious) community that understand we are the stewards of the land, not the owners…Mother Nature is waiting.

  9. retsuzen

    Corey, no one said anything about people having to have jobs in order to come live and learn from us. In fact we discourage outside work. Just because my wife chooses this way, does not mean it is my nor any other persons choice. I am self employed, I will never have to work for anyone the rest of my life. Doesn’t spoil my views, but we are not equipped to handle those that are here on Visa. Good luck!

  10. Corey

    Thats a shame buddy, well we will keep on looking. Doesnt have to be particually USA but it would be a great experiance.. Sad to hear people have taken liberties and youve had bad experiences. Don’t let it spoil your views on outsiders though brother. Its also a shame people have to have jobs/work from home to come live, work and learn with you guys.

    There must be another way.

  11. Phread

    Phread is Fred

  12. Phread

    Retsuzen, What does your community plan look like, what is your goal for Shikata ?

  13. retsuzen

    Corey, we are not a business. We can not host you on a visa. THIS we have done, with someone from England, that didn’t go over well at all. In fact we prefer those from America, only because we do not have to put up with all the mess that could and usually does come with those from other countries here just visiting. We do work. My wife works as a nurse. I am a self published author and freelance journalist at Examiner.com and have to have access to WIFI to write my columns and publish my books. So I am self sufficient in my income, my wife doesn’t care as much as I do, unfortunately. Good luck to you.

  14. Corey

    Hi Fred, forgot to write a reply on the last post, really just a change of scenery. Ireland is much like England and although it is beautiful it would be nice to experience somewhere completely different.

  15. Corey

    We would save enough to support ourselves for as long as we would need. Do you guys work from home / have jobs outside of work? is your homestead counted as a business? If so we could ‘work’ for you and stay there on a work visa.

    To be honest I could do with some advice, I’m looking to support myself without money/very little money. is this what you guys do? my work would be my currency (when my savings run out)

  16. retsuzen

    Fred. At our location we raise animals, we hunt, fish, wild forage and grow a large garden. We have been off grid for 5 years and doing well. Our water is fine, we collect rain, have access to a well, a spring, a pond and a spring fed river 2 miles from us. We haul in water and collect water. Do I feel safe in this country? NO. It is why I live off grid. I am armed and preparing, as a community, we would be stronger, safer. It is why we want to get going with a community. When things get sketchy, I will be in the woods, plain and simple. We have considered leaving the country, but know we will never be able too financially. We live with next to no money, literally. You would not believe it. Good luck to you!

  17. Fred

    Greetings Shikata Homestead, I can’t say that I am looking for a “community” to join. Although, I would like to be near “like minded people” that feel that being self-sufficient is the best way to live. Missouri is a beautiful state that I have to admit I haven’t considered. My wife and I just have this horrible feeling that the country is headed for a cliff. We would like to be off the grid and away from everything when it happens. We live in north Texas in the Dallas metro-plex with 7.5 million other people. We have been looking at Ireland, Scotland, and New Zealand for possible off the grid home sites. After this Ebola scare, we are ready to get away soon. We do not feel safe here, in your honest opinion, do you feel safe where you are? how is your water situation in your area? Do you have enough acres to hunt, have live stock, and garden? I apologize for all the questions. I am trying to gain a better understanding to see if Missouri is a viable option for my family.
    Thank you

  18. Fred

    I live in North Texas. My wife and I are considering moving to Ireland to get off the grid. If you don’t mind me asking, what is the reason you would like to come to the US to get off the grid?

  19. retsuzen

    Corey, we are in the USA. How would this work for you? You do understand you need to be self sufficient to stay here financially. We can not support you. You also are going to be tasked to provide your own living arrangements. We can help, physically, but that is all.

  20. Corey Downs

    Greetings to the Shikata Homestead!
    I really am surprised I’m the first commenter.

    My name is Corey Ross I am British, currently living in southern Ireland with my girlfriend of nearly 2 years.

    Nearly every day I dream about one day having a Homestead, a community, a family.
    working together to survive and thrive off the land and off the grid. (such teachings and ways are sadly getting lost)
    Such a simple and natural life to want, but most of the time it feels unreachable (unless I won the lottery!)

    I am so glad your looking for people. Lets get one thing straight, I will work. I will learn all you have to teach and be eternally grateful for those lessons in life and survival (for these lessons I shall pass on to my children) . I will show respect to you, your family and everything you own this I swear.

    I eagerly look forward to your reply.