[before_listing images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/fb717d7bb2e45c0326b435b08f18d903.jpg youtube=null] GOAL: GET A GROUP to combine 7k to 10k each to purchase a sizable plot of land to form a small community.

There are many essays identifying the flaws of American Society but this one is mine. Do not expect to read an impeccably written rant by yours truly. It will most likely be viewed as mediocre craftsmanship. However, the content is invaluable to many who share the same disdain for the modern life of the commoner.

Are you tired of working under someone or some company that limits your freedom to an unacceptable amount? Are you tired of working just to get by? Are you tired of being lonely due to the structure of society? Have you become disenchanted with the consumerist lifestyle? Do you think our current financial and life support system is becoming more unstable each year?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then joining an eco village may be the answer to your woes.

The embarrassing confession

I have never physically visited an eco village, granted I have done hours of research and thinking on the topic. I plan to visit some of these communal areas very soon.

Back to the main topic

To be frank, I’m fucking tired of mainstream society. My plan right now is to work until I have enough money to buy land with 3 other like minded people. Once our collective homestead is established we would branch out into an eco village with more people. This eco village would be very similar to many others in terms of founding principles (respect, mindfulness, etc.)

How it would be different from some of the others

Social structure- 4 of the founding leaders would divide into sub villages and have “more” of a voice than the newer members, like a democracy of sorts

IT WOULD BE HIPPY FRIENDLY. It would be friendly to hippy ideas and lifestyle choices. You must contact me personally to get more information on this. However, let’s just say choosing to build the eco village in draconian states such as Texas is out of the question.

Parents- Having children would be discouraged. Overpopulation is a huge issue. Having more than 2 children would be instant expulsion from the community. Sorry folks, 7 billion people is too many for our little blue orb to handle. And for the love of Christ don’t try to justify having a kid by claiming he’s going to be carbon positive or somehow save the world. However, up to 2 biological children per couple would be tolerated.

Pets would be allowed- 2 dogs or cats per couple would be allowed, provided that they are well behaved.

Health care- Health care would IDEALY be provided to all members. This is a goal to reach for.

Temporary leave- If a member wishes to leave for several years to earn money they can. However, their dwelling may be used by others during that time.

Education- The eco village would serve as an educational hub for those interested in sustainability.

Finances- Financial income for everyone would IDEALY be provided to each member through the eco village business ventures. (Plant nursery, tours, permie designing, classes, woodcarving, yoga, retreats, hosting festivals)

Work- Members are expected to help to grow their own food or do other essential functions for 20 hours a week.


Social support
Food security
Possible income
Very very low cost housing
“escaping” the rat race

To be continued…..[landbuddy_listing images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/fb717d7bb2e45c0326b435b08f18d903.jpg youtube=null]

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10 Responses to “Hippy friendly off grid team collaboration”

  1. James

    Please contact me let me if there is any space available .

  2. alrod57

    I don’t think it will work.
    For one I have 30 acres in WV and have been on this site looking for land buddy’s for years now.
    People come and go. Once people get a taste of the work it takes to live off grid they decide it’s not for them..
    Anyway hippies are not the same as the hippies back in the day, I lived it and still am.
    I find that in general a poor work ethic has developed and many are only worried about themselves.

  3. Malcolm

    Free-spirited open minded person here Very interested please contact at mpthee1st@gmail.com

  4. parallexmike

    The U.S. government is not very friendly to off-girders, they always seem to let you get established then raise your property tax so high that you can’t afford it then they take it from you. But I’ve been doing a lot of research on places that have little to no property tax and all, but for some reason they all end up being in places that are extremely hot or extremely cold. So I started looking at places like Tok Alaska “one of the places with no property tax at all” but the winters are extreme. Another good idea was nova Scotia, weather’s not too bad very close to the ocean so you have good fishing, and definitely good hunting, I guess all you need now is a greenhouse. And mostly I love it because the property tax for only about four or five hundred dollars a year. The plan: instead of buying a giant house for $200,000 or much much more put about 50,000 into an immediate annuity which should give you $250 a month or so “which you probably won’t need if you’re going to be living off the land” build one of those little off the grid Amish style cabins which should be a little over $15,000, purchase a nice chunk of land in nova Scotia for about 100,000 for about 18 acres near the water. Which should leave you $30,000 to fix up the plays really nice. I found some beautiful lots up there for sale
    Okay now all I have to do is find a big bag of tax-free money lol

  5. Regena

    What about upstate NY? like the Adirondacks?
    its beautiful; chilly; remote; and I am sure there is land there that would be reasonable.
    And if we call it a “religious commune” like Mother Nature’s Church-there are tax exemptions though I don’t remember all the details.
    PeAcE only~insist upon it~

  6. aniceplantparadise

    josh- you just did.
    joe-definitely not west v.
    and whats so good about PA?

  7. joe

    would you consider PA for a site? or west virginia

  8. Josh

    How can I find a lifestyle like this?

  9. aniceplantparadise

    Hello, I suppose you are right in some of your suggestions. However, I am a hippy and would get along with people that atleast tolerate that lifestyle. Yes america sucks. Where would you suggest?

  10. Anjo

    Hi, (I don’t think you left a name).

    Firstly, I’d just like to suggest that you don’t really get into the details about what is tolerable and what isn’t within an off-the-grid community when there isn’t even the initial framework set-up, and when there are not any core members involved yet.

    There are a lot of like-minded people on this site (and others) for sure, but I just don’t think it would be a good idea to limit that assimilation down further when those people already seem quite uncommon. Do know what I mean?

    Anyways, I personally would be very interested in doing pretty well the same thing. . .
    – Get a core group put together,
    – Get enough resources and money put together to buy a plot of land
    – Create an elaborate ‘game-plan’ for the land
    – Expand into something of an actual community
    – … Ect.

    But of course – First thing is first, and that’s getting like-minded people together, my friend! So if you have some way of contacting others, I’ll get back to you and we can discuss this further! You should consider leaving America though, that is a god-awful place, on or off the grid…

    Take care,