[before_listing images= youtube=null] Hello all! Like the idea of being free? not knowing where you will sleep tonight or even if you will?

I myself, an 29yr old male from Hardenberg, for some reason cant cope with the pressures that are being forced upon me by govnerment, taxoffices, banks and the society in general.

While my entire family is making peace with the fact they are treated like cattle by their employers, so they can earn money to spend 3 weeks a year feeling that they are alive, i cant help but being the outcast, not having a television, not spending all week working just to get so drunk on saturday so i can forget about the agony and stuffing myself with fabricated manipulated sick foods from big franchise corporations that get to sponsor the olympics even though their mission is to get rich by making you sick and keeping you thick…

For years i have had to fight off the feeling that i don’t fit in simply to try and fit in…

I am officially done with that and so i am planning a departure from this way of living.

I would like to just pack a bag and leave, leaving man made trails to find my own truth and to seek peace.

Loving the outdoors and only bound by the mileage i can walk, im soaking up any useful information i can get on this subject so hopefully i can sooner rather then later, zip my bag shut leave.

I would like to get in touch with people who share my thoughts or some of them at least so we can exchange knowledge and gain friendships and motivation.
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11 Responses to “HIKING THE FREE WORLD!”

  1. Leo

    Hey there,

    4 years are gone since you posted it. How are you going? Are you now off grid? Did you hiked the free world?

    You took the words right out my mouth. I understand you completely with your problems :)

    How did you earn the money?

    I hope you’re fine

    Good luck


  2. Dan

    Hey leon.
    Ive been wanting to get out of this controlled system for a long time now and have realized the best way would be to escape to the wilderness, I would much rather like to do it with others who share the same way of thinking.
    I’d like you to message me to see how things are going for you and maybe to discuss more.
    I also wouldnt mind other people messaging me to discuss this concept. danbooth1992@mail.com

  3. Sara

    Hello Leon

    I know excatly how you feel, and i will be leaving too very soon. You are very welcome to write an email sarabodilludvigsen@gmail.com
    and then perhaps we could join eachother.

    Peace, Sara.

  4. Catharina Gerritsen

    Hoi Leon!

    Ik zie nergens je e-mail staan, maar zou graag met je in contact komen. Mijn mail adres is catharinagerritsen@gmail.com
    Hoop van je te horen!


  5. nature111

    hey leon 100% how I feel inside right now

    let me know if you got any advice
    I will be happy to try it !

    my email lovenature333@gmail.com

  6. Einner

    Hi Leon,

    I understand how you feel about the state of the people around you.

    I’ve recently been thinking about gathering as many interested people as possible, hopefully hundreds; and literally start walking until we decided to stop and start the process of living together properly again.
    I think I’d also like to join you on your walk but I can’t shake the idea that there is a burden on me to try and make a difference to the society positively if I can..
    Seeing as its probably naive to try changing something while you are inside it :) I figure a very public and respectful farewell to this society. Maybe it will attract others to think like we do.

    Anyway! if any of you want to discuss see if we can actually time some farewells together :) please get in touch, nick


  7. Infamous Life

    I was thinking of writing a post, but then I came across yours. I would love to join you in your journey. I’m also tired of talking about it and training for it its time I leave and spread my wings. My E-mail is Marcelinharland@gmail.com

  8. joannagw

    I am with you Leon – joanna.whitney@gmx.com

  9. WJ

    Hi Leon,
    I know exactly what you are talking about! I’m searching for a way to get out myself and my first thought was to find a group of people and just start walking. I would love to hear more from you and maybe eventually join you.
    You can email me at Wessel@Jonkman.org

  10. RJ

    Hi Leon,
    Send me an email if you want, i know what you are going through! perhaps i can give some advise or help you on your way. let me know.
    groetjes RJ

  11. Cornfed

    Totaly agree with ya, had the same thoughts for years. All the power to ya breaking free from the madness. It will take some time to smooth out, but balls to the wall man, jump in with both feet and do pack a hunting rifle and enough amo . There was a time where all a man needed was his horse and gun… Now-a-days people are helpless without their dam cell phones..lol