[before_listing images= youtube=null] Hi. I operate a small lumber and forestry ranch in Mora County, New Mexico (right near Coyote Creek State Park). The ranch is totally off-grid, with propane refrigerator and flash water heater. ONly a wood stove (jotel) heats the 1575 sq ft house. I built all buildings by hand. Main house, garage, power house (where batteries, inverter and electronics are housed), and a cool tree house on five trees about 12 feet off the ground (our meditation hut). We catch all water from the roofs and have a nice garden at 8500 feet elevation. Septic system is normal, with grey water catchment “powering” the toilets. Been here for more than ten years so the house is needing some minor maintaining now, but all works beautifully. It’s great living at high elevation…good for the body and mind, and the physical work is rewarding and healthy.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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14 Responses to “High Mountain Living Off Grid”

  1. JamesN

    If there is still space in area, please shoot me an Email. I do have skill sets in farming, gardening, hunting, DIY, and using clay. I hope to hear from you and thank you.

  2. Peaceful Diligence


    I spent a year volunteering on Organic gardens to study sustainable living models. I went to Texas and traveled from east to west for that year and saw many different models, including communal living, since that is my eventual goal. I learned and saw a lot. I realized that it is not only possible but quite feasible. That lifestyle provides the quality of life I am seeking.

    I have seen how I can enjoy what I do, every day, and have a simple life that I can be happy in. I look forward to finding my place and being welcomed into that peaceful existence. This has excited me about the next chapter in my interesting life, which has led me to drafting this email to see if we may want to work together to make our futures as enjoyable and productive as we can.


  3. c blackstone

    I would like to know more about what you are proposing. Needed help on the farm or more families for self sufficient community.

  4. Kelly

    I agree Dennis this isn’t something you want to take lightly, it’s very important to know what you are getting not only yourself but also family involved in. It would be very few Americans that could coexist together. I believe it would take a community to do this effectively but would expect to own my own land in close proximity to other land owners.

  5. vanceaa1977

    Looking to go off the grid.Please get back to us @
    Vance & Alicia

  6. candice diegel

    Hi me and my little family ( husband and daughter ) having been looking and want to go off grid we don’t have Land of our own but we have been looking and my husband has many skills and is a very hard worker we both have knowledge in agriculture / growing and alternative medicine and herbs, and he currently does construction work, laying floor, painting and can build and install just about anything and does a bit of electrical and plumbing as well as a great mechanic too… and we can both cook too! I was hoping to get in contact and get more info my email is at gabbalinamarisol88@gmail.com. hope to hear back from you soon

  7. PNeher

    Hey all. Glad to see interest in this way of life and the area. It is truly SPECTACULAR right now, with aspens and oaks turning golden yellows and bright reds. Some leaves have already blown off at our elevation, but the crisp air, with a hint of moisture, the billowing clouds, and the deep blue skies all remind me of why I’ve been living here. Today’s hike up the mountain was glorious!
    The place is up for sale… have to. But so far noone has really shown great interest. Mostly vacationers go by this area. We really need adventurous, mechanically inclined, and alternative-living types to check it out – make an investment in their future. More at offgridhomeforsale.info but it does not tell the whole story. If the prop does not sell, we will be establishing a community where off-gridders can realize their dreams – I think/hope. More soon…

  8. Erik

    I am also interested in your offer but would like to hear the details on it. If you can please email me at elcabrera10@gmail.com it’d be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  9. Ren

    My spouse and I are interested and would like to have more details on what you expect from others joining you off grid. Let’s know what your vision is and see if we can be a part of realizing it. Email: reynold.t.french@gmail.com

  10. aniceplantparadise

    Hi I’m interested in this great opportunity. Please let me know by emailing me at
    aniceplantparadise @ gmail.com
    I have extensive agriculture knowledge. See my blog for info on my worldview

  11. Aiyana n Chris

    We have been looking at communities such as yours. We are interested in this kind of opportunity. If you can contact us via email we would like to learn more about your community and how it works.

  12. PNeher

    com’on up and visit! Winters are great, though not much snow these past few years. Only about 4 feet for the whole winter last. “Normal” is between 8 to 16 feet. So, didn’t get in my skiing this last winter. I hear it’s gonna be wetter this winter. We’ll see. Anyway, our place is high on a mtn top, so we get lots of sun. Solar heated with big windows, and of course solar electric power. Generally, we have enough food for a month if we get snowed in, but with my small plow, I have no trouble keeping up with the snow — at least these past two years. Keeping warm is no prob w the wood stove and 138 acres of forest. Some of it is 4 sale right now. Drop me a personal note to find out more. Bestest!

  13. Eric

    I currently live in Texas, but would love to come your way. Can you describe the challenges of living in the cold. I’ve been to Mora, but only in the summer. Would appreciate your input. Thanks.

  14. Dennis

    So, what is it you are proposing in respect to inviting others to join you?

    How many acres do you have and would any of that acreage be available for purchase, so a person could build there own cabin on their own piece of land?

    Or, are you proposing that people join you to live in your house, in ore of a community living arrangement, and help with the house repairs you mentioned?

    Personally, I am looking for a few wooded acres that I can purchase and build my own cabin on.

    Just thought I would respond to your message to see what you are proposing?

    Thank you,