[before_listing images= youtube=null] Hey guys!! My name’s Lacey, I live with my boyfriend in a small apartment behind someone’s house. I think it’s a little less that 500 sq ft… we live with 6 cats (4 inside 2 outside) and for the past few months I’ve been really into going off the grid.
I REALLY want to stay in Florida, I’m in Ocala now (which is north central Fl) gardening zone 8b/9a I think, and I’d like to move a little more south into the 9b area… that all depends on where I find land though. I just don’t want to go more north.
The reason I want to stay in Fl is because I will be able to grow.. basically all fruit trees and tropical fruits too. I’m currently growing a veg garden now to see how it does, half of which i transplanted from pots to the ground to see how they do in the sandy soil here… again just testing ;)

Anyway…… my dream is to buy one acre of cleared (or mostly cleared land) build a.. 250 or 300 sq foot cob house with just the help of friends and family, have a small chicken coop, one or two mini/dwarf goats for milk, and grow my own vegetables and fruit.. probably planting the fruit trees around the house for a little shade? Have a little solar power, a composting toilet (which Florida actually encourages!) Dig my own well if possible.. but another option would be rainwater collecting I guess, we get around 50 inches of rain a year, would that be enough to live on? I don’t know a lot about rain water harvesting..

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WELL I’m nowhere near ready yet, considering i have no money saved up, for this and am kind of living paycheck to paycheck and *cough* may have just quit my job *cough*… but is it possible to find an acre of agriculture zoned land for 5k or less? I don’t want to spend more than i can afford and 5 or 6 thousand seems like something my boyfriend and I could save up fairly fast. I don’t want to buy land w/ owner financing or get a loan just to make monthly payments, you know? Living off grid is to live free not make monthly payments on your land :/
I found a *few* pieces of land for that price and size in Fl on craigslist but they were a little questionable.. lol.
Would the best bet be to maybe look at the larger pieces of land for sale and say “hey would you consider selling just one acre to me?” do people ever go for that? I really don’t need more than one acre I think. I have no idea… Any advice is appreciated :)[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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