We are currently looking for an energetic young couple 21-30 to help build a Gothic arch greenhouse to grow fish and veggies in, Aquaculture. Some experience in carpentry would be helpful but not necessary.

We are totally off the grid here at the cabin as is the guest cabin.

If things work out over the long haul  you will be given the whole 30  acre parcel and be expected to pay it forward as we are considering a non for profit business teaching aquaculture and sustainable living as a way for people to stay away from GMOs.

if something like this interests you lets talk and see if we can find a fit.

we only want one couple as the guest cabin is small. We can also provide stipend if one would care to take a food service position one day per week.no drunks/ Couples only, no children please. 

Email us @ Endlessenigmafrm@aol.com

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