I live alone on an 18th century French farm comprising a main house on 3-levels and 5 two-storey barns, set in over 27-acres of undulating valley woodland and gardens. The house is set 600m above sea level, with stunning views of the midi-Pyrenees that stretch for 130km!

The property sits at the heart of an ambitious renovations project open to volunteers, and offers a rewarding off-grid experience with a difference, centred around its transformation into a working house, creative retreat and public park.

There are no less than 3 natural water sources on-site and planning consent to renovate and extend the property. At the moment there is a main electricity supply.

I have a pet sheep, rooster, cat and god that live in and around the house. They are all human-friendly/domesticated. I would like to acquire more animals in the near future as pets, a food supply and as a means of educating young volunteers.

There is also an orchard with 8 varieties of apple, walnuts, pears, dates, plums and peaches. In 2015 I created a food brand (“27Acres”) to support the production, promotion and sales of organic food produce made by volunteers. 

In the long-term, I would like to transform one of the larger barns into a multi-purpose venue so that we can host all kinds of corporate and private events, which will help raise money to fund future restoration work and arts projects.

Also on the property is a cave (wine cellar), workshop, and antiques showroom – another initiative that offers volunteers the chance to make or restore furniture to help raise money to fund on-site works.


I’m single, 38, very creative, a free-spirit in all senses of the word, fun-loving, generous and very open minded. I gave up life in London for obvious reasons; preferring instead the open space, tranquility, natural wildlife and privacy of life in the country.


People who share my passion and ambition to make this project a success and give others the chance to experience off-grid living in the south of France. You don’t have to be a professional crafts-person, but a creative flair and a lot of energy is important. Volunteers are welcome to build their own cabins; either by using the materials on-site or by purchasing professionally made eco-kits. All volunteers will be expected to help with the ongoing maintenance of the grounds and will be invited to host workshops or other initiatives – benefitting from free use of the outbuildings (subject to availability).


You will have the opportunity to create your own space within the grounds, which you can use whenever you visit. If you decide you’d like to make this a home-from-home, a standard CRB check (or equivalent) will be required as well as an informal meeting to allow all parties to meet, mingle and asses whether it is right for them. A lease will then be drawn up for a maximum of 5 years, which may be renewed after each term. The value of each lease will be calculated on case-by-case basis.


Please visit www.MaisondArtProjects.work

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6 Responses to “Help Transform this 27-Acre farm Complex into a Unique Retreat”

  1. gregorb

    hi im interested if you could email me and we can have a chat gregbraniff1987@outlook.com

  2. Bridget Hukki

    I am interested in learning more, please add me to your mailing list….I am an artist, baker and have some building and design skills.

  3. sherie Cordaz

    Please add me to your mailing list. I am interested to talk with you further about your projects.

  4. Terri

    Me and my partner )age 30 and 34) and two kids aged 5 and 9 are looking to live off grid and do the jobs that need to be done to live self sufficiently.
    We would like to build our own log cabin.
    One thing I will admit though, we are polite but quiet people. Not especially outgoing I’m afraid. But always pleasant.

  5. Jonathan Sherratt

    Living in the system is not working out for me, I’m at the end of the line.
    No matter where I turn there are so many barriers that make achieving goals so far fetched…. this is our life and our world, why should any ‘government be able to prevent us from achieving our full potential! I am eager to break free from society in general and would really appreciate the opportunity to live responsibly.
    A little about me… well I’m 23 from north Wales (Anglesey) I completed school 2011 and left sixth form to join the merchant navy as an engineer, after a year or so on the course I realized it wasn’t for me. Since then I have been working in local restaurants as a chef and recently a bakery until I was made redundant a month ago.
    I have been planning my escape for a couple of years now planning on taking adverse possession of an abandoned property which used to be a lodge house to an old estate which owns most of the land on Anglesey.
    Although I love the property I realize that It would now as of 2013 legislation I would be breaking the law if I was to endeavour.
    To be frank, all I really want is to have a place that I can call home that doesn’t have the added affect of hair loss and bleeding finger tips!
    I’m not a free loader, I enjoy making thing and making/building things, I think I could be a valuable contributor in such a situation.
    All I want is an option, otherwise i’m not sure what’s the point.

    Please Call or text me if you would prefer on:
    01248208704 or
    Thank you