[before_listing id=227 images= youtube=null] I’m a tinkerer and a frustrated good Samaratin. do you need someone to help with setting up alternative energies? I’d be happy to help. my only payment need be the education and betterment i can provide. you only need to ask.[landbuddy_listing id=227 youtube=null]

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4 Responses to “help me help you”

  1. kaisuke7

    Hi im working towards moving off grid and have a solar system that I need help setting up if you can help that would be greatly appreciated. If you’re interested email me kaisuke7@gmail.com.

  2. david

    I would like to go off grid also. The thing i have thought of is you need a reliable energy source and a way to store more than enough. Water is probably my choice of energy. Micro hydro seems the way to go. I have read of people using car batteries and buying them for cheap from wrecking yards! You have to have some testing equipment and knowledge, but when you can buy then for $10 and bleed what life they have left out of them.You cant drain them like a deep cycle so you need constant charging system like solar , water or constant wind. Refrigerator is maybe best suited off propane. Dig a cellar for food storage or even for the refridgerator so as to not use as much energy. Drying and canning food would help also. Good luck!

  3. ap

    I have recently lived in Tucson and now live in Oregon. you can create a solar cellon you own, I dont have the specific details off hand right now but you can find it on youtube. I am looking to create one of those as well as a tesla coil. Not for money but for people who are tired of paying for energy and are in need. Mainly to sustain an off grid home/area/community. I am trying to go off grid an find a like minded, peaceful, sustainable, creative community.


    About a year ago i was presented with an opportunity to move into a completely OTG home, where as we haul our own water, make and store our own power, its about 25 miles south west of Tucson, AZ. My wife, 4 children and myself have adapted quite well and really enjoy this style of living, however, there is a downside… when we got the home from its previous owners there was one battery bank(set up of 4, 6v batteries, since that time, ive had a neighbor offer me 9 8v batteries,which, in my 24v system it gives me 3 additional cells, i would have thought this to be wonderful, but, as i am raising 4 children and have little knowledge of solar(i learn more every day) i find that energy supply and demand simply cannot be met with having 4 cells. Maybe, our system at 24v dc converted to 120v ac is not efficient, maybe it should have been something else, we have 4 175w solar panels, and 4 24v dc cells, yet, the system does not maintain enough power to last. We are running the lights(usually just the front room and a bedroom) and fridge.It doesnt run for very long into the evening before i have to run my gen to re-charge my banks(not very efficient seeings how im solely dependent on “Big oil companies” gasoline to keep my house running. My fridge is set on 1 (the lowest setting) so it doesn’t run much, we stopped watching tv almost all together (maybe a movie once in a while on friday’s) but still end up short on power, I believe one of my batteries may be faulty..or more…. Here lies the issue, ive done alot of searching, hunting, pecking, scrounging etc. Batteries are EXTREMELY costly, even on ebay, people want an arm and a leg for these deep cycle batteries needed in order to store power, and with the amount of cash we spend on gasoline… living green(although great and we love it) is not very easy, because it seems to me like it costs so much more to keep going. I am curious though, i love living green and never want to live any other way, but, finances are not great at the moment, and im not overly sure how to keep this going since im unable to find batteries that we can afford and it simply costs to much and is not efficient to run the gas gen like we have been just to keep our food good throughout the evening. Sadly with a small wind turbine(which i know nothing about) and our solar powered home, the future doesnt look to bright, and I would love it if anyone can help shed some light on this issue, in the form of donations, food for thought, a helping hand in knowledge, or just some friendly advice to the hopelessly lost. Any who, thanks for reading my post, i was searching, hoping to find something on how to make my batteries work and last, and maybe help my faulty one, and i was also hoping to find a good deal somewhere on batteries and more knowledge. I seen your post(my first time to this site) and figured since you are offering help, maybe you have some good advice to lend to my ear(eyes) Thanks again, and God Bless.

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