[before_listing id=353 images= youtube=null] My family and I are interested in an off-the-grid lifestyle as a future goal to attain. We are avid organic gardeners, and enjoy an active, suburban lifestyle. [landbuddy_listing id=353 youtube=null]

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3 Responses to “Help and information”

  1. Dovely

    Did you ever find your place? I was checking the posts to find others in NC. I’m located 26 miles north of Greensboro. I have a 1/2 acre urban farm with goats, chickens, ducks, bunnies and a 30′ x 32′ greenhouse. It’s amazing how much one can produce on a half acre.

  2. Kay Follis

    Have you started this community? My family and I are very interested. 817.566.4606

  3. Desiree

    We are in NW Arkansas, are you interested in this area?

    My husband and I are small business owners. In addition to running small business, I am a professional artist and my husband is a stone mason. We have 4 young children between ages 6 mnths and 8yrs.

    We would like to start a small community of OFF grid monolithic domes. If you are not familiar with Monolithic construction, See more info at https://www.monolithic.com
    We want this community to be classy, clean and have a natural suburban atmosphere with the elements of country living. Self-sustainable, gardens, animals, community park etc.

    We’d like the community to be debt free as much as possible- in other words, we don’t want the banks to own the homes LOL. We want the PEOPLE to own their homes. Luckily, Monolithic homes are cheaper to build, more energy efficient and very cheap to insure. They are virtually indestructible by earthquake, fire, and tornado. And they are attractive.

    We prefer Christian based beliefs in the community- and we welcome all denominations and non-denominational Christian values. Honesty is a MUST. We encourage families, welcome the elderly and invite professionalism.

    We are conservative and support the Constitution! We’d love to be surrounded by other American patriots who also share our passion for liberty and respect for life. We’d love to nurture a community that is like family- where we look out for each other, especially in times of disaster and hardship. A place where we are not afraid to let our children play outside!

    NW Arkansas, preferably Benton County- or northern Washington county. Arkansas is the “Natural State” and we are surrounded by the beauty of the Ozark hills/mountains and many lakes and natural resources rich with history.

    Would like to start this community within the next year or two.
    We own property in Rogers and Bella Vista, but would sell both to buy a larger acreage to develop with other people who share like-minded goals.