Hello East Coast,

  I currently live in NYC and I’d like to go off the grid like most of you. However I’m sure most of you have something that is holding you back or feel as if something is hold you back. So I came up with this idea that might break us from this way of thinking and really get the ball moving on our life adventure of living free and off the land. This idea can be used all over the country of course.

So here is it.

If you live any where near me or any surrounding state it would be great if we can set up a camping trip and we all meet up half way from our homes. We can carpool if your in the area or along the way to the destination, take trains, buses w.e. We can find a primitive camp ground and camp out for a weekend or even a week. This way we can meet each other, share skills, ideas, plan out our move and just have a good time. I think this is a great idea because it might motivate us greatly, we build connections and a community all at the same time while sharing and building skills in the great out doors. So many pros ! What do you guys think ?      

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