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[before_listing images= youtube=null] Looking for a small group to go off the grid. Contact me if you would like to join and to see if we hold the same interest. If you are tire of living by the systems watch dog and working hard then end up with nothing to show for it, lets talk. will be heading out in the Spring of 2013[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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28 Responses to “Heading out”

  1. mitchell VanHoose

    Very interested! I live pretty close to the area not very knowledgeable but a fast learner and a very hard worker! let me know if i could do anything to help

  2. Inthiscage

    @Hunter Get a hold of me, and let me know how things are going. Tyler.mail_box@yahoo.com. I’m in MN.

  3. Copman137

    We are in the process of closing on 30 ac in west tn. It has a well and pond and a 1400sq cabin. Looking to find other to go otg with us. Email us at timothy.lewis.1972@gmail.com

    Tell us about yourself what you are looking for and what you have to offer.

  4. Ed Taylor

    Hunter, I am of the same mind set. Please contact me taylorets@aol.com. My name is Ed and I have a lot of skills and much to offer. Very interested in joining you!

  5. James Svinareff

    very interested..please some one contact me..shmirnoff84@yahoo.com

  6. deltagbear

    Hunter… Email me deltagbear@gmail.com

  7. UnhookedLiving

    Good networking opp: 10,000 plus alternative folks of all kinds will converge in north central WA in two weeks. This faire has been going for 35+ yrs. See more at Simple Unhooked Living fb or search for Okanogan Family Faire for info.

  8. tsprague

    I’m looking to go completely off the grid.

  9. hunter

    I live in central michigan i bought 15ac and am working on buying 20ac more. want to start a community anyone interested Iam just tired of all the bull time to change i have built a place and am almost done .Trying to beat the snow I am looking for people that want to work together as a group and not only farm but to be ready if something goes wrong in the world i want to be able to protect are familys .I have a wife and 5 children and look forward to hear from you thanks

  10. Travis

    I am very interested in hearing more. I do not have any land, but I am very able bodied, and would love to contribute to a like minded group. Please let me know more details, as I am very excited even talking about going off-grid. It has been a dream of mine for the last few years.

  11. lloki1967

    interested, please contact me at jadekrieman@hotmail.com
    or facebook “operation stonehedge”

  12. jade

    same thought as the rest of you. contact me, let’s talk.

  13. sjchandyman

    looking to get out have tools, knowledge, truck, some money and get monthly income, HVAC license, trained in elect, plumbing , troubleshooting etc, contact me at stevec4966@yahoo.com

  14. Thomas

    sorry all this site has been giving me problems. Thos intrested an E-mail me at drgrim2139@yahoo Pluss been working long shifts 6/12s :( will answer all questions thrird tim trying to get this through

  15. Larry

    Hello everyone, We are currently off the grid in WV and looking for couples to live and work on our 30 acres. So far we have 2 cabins built and looking to have the one that we are not using occupied before winter this year..Interested parties email us @ EndlessEnigmafrm@aol.com

  16. sylvan1

    I have 20 acres in mid TN with woods and year round wet spring. Moving there in two weeks to live off-grid. Will trade land for work, RV or cash. I am moreinfo at soon dot com. Thanks.

  17. Shelley

    Intrested in more informaion Spring of 2013 is great for me. Would love some informattion please contact.

  18. Willow

    Living off the grid has been a dream of mine for the past few years, it’s the only plan/direction I have. I’m very interested in finding like-minded people who can work together to make this happen. Where is your land located? Exactly what type of lifestyle do you have in mind? Eager to know more details =)

  19. ryan

    hello there i would love to join you on this new life trip and live off the grid away from the eyes of the world and the just pure evil that we have to face in are day to day lives please get back to me

  20. Jeannine

    I too am looking to go off the grid. Very interested in your idea & would like to hear more from you about it. I am tired of being tied to the mainstream and this has been a dream for me for many many years.

  21. michael

    hi i am looking for a place in the country,preferably near sayre,pa.
    also am lookin for like -minded ppl to join in. em bradfordsbest3@stny.rr.com

  22. Cherie

    Very interested in living in an off the grid community where high intelligence , freedom, friendship, and cooperation is the way of life. Seeking communities already in progress or any like minded people. Let’s talk!

  23. Rob

    Looking to purchase 23 acres north of columbus ohio on delware county border. Mostly wooded for hunting. Want to start bugout location, garden and building with solar panels. Willing to share land with like minded people. Split taxes $1400 a year.

  24. LWAtkinson

    Please email me to talk about our plans and see what we can do together

  25. Thomas

    Yes be heading out in the Spring to give us good weather for a good part of the year to build and all. have 11 acers and the back yard is also a national park.

  26. larry

    I am also looking for like minded smart preppers to go mobile OTG-currently living and working in huntsville al but not sure if i can hold out until Spring 2013. lets talk and see what our common interest are. thank you for your time and interest.

  27. robin Wu

    Hi, DRGRIM

    we can help you on with turnkey solution, please contact me if interested.

    +86 138-1699-7188