I am looking for other already off the grid or looking to go off the grid. Serious people looking to make a serious change in their lifestyle.

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6 Responses to “Headed Off Grid”

  1. tazman

    I am living on 55 acres in Bradford county pa. I am looking to get a community of capable and willing individuals interested in off grid/ sustanable living started on the path towards achieving the goals of self reliance and dependence. My girlfriend and I are still young, capable and motivated, waiting to bring our children into a world of love and community. I also have friends that are planning to begin our adventure of simple living as soon as the summer of 2015. My email address is tazmaniacs86@gmail.com feel free to look me up on facebook as well, jerry ballard

  2. michael

    been saving $$ to go off grid here also.plan to find a place this spring. more hopeful of pa than ny state. am considering adding ppl n making it a community. who is also ready to get out of ny?? interested ppl email me. bradfordsbest3@stny.rr.com

  3. Cornfed

    Hey guys, my girl and I are also attempting to get situated off grid or at least get our camper wheels rolling that way. Two years now full time camping, was a good way to start the transition and now looking to take another step. Making contacts in suitable locations has been realy slow going. We have all the basic life suport to get started, camper , truck, hunting gear, tools, water tanks, water pump, generator , money and monthly income, its all there except the land and others to share the lifestyle with. Open to any feedback. Cheers, Tom & Marrilynn tg2lynch@yahoo.com

  4. MIKE

    looking to get off the grid, we are getting prepared with food, water, supplies, etc. We are 3 people, maybe 4, self sustained. Looking for land or someone with land who wants to become ready for what-ever may be coming our way. email above.

  5. Valentin

    Im from New York as well, I cant seem to log in =/

  6. Cabinman

    I know this is old post but I am also in New York a couple hours to the north of you. I’d enjoy learning about your plans and share our experiences. Built an off-grid cabin with about 70% salvaged/gleaned materials.

    Let me know if you are still out there and interested.

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