[before_listing images= youtube=null] Hi. I have land near HILO HAWAII. I’m looking to share in building a small community of like minded individuals. Gardening, hunting and living with the land as much as possible. I do not live here full time as of yet. My plan is to move here full time within the next 9 months. Most of the land is jungel with trails. we are close to the beach the fishing is great and so is the surfing. There is no electricity or running water. I will be Building water tank and some sort of shower and small cabin. I’m in my 40′s still strong and capable with skills. I would like to hear from people with good character. I am a Christian. Let me know some of your ideas about contributing to this kind of lifestyle how you would contribute to a self sustaining community living off the grid?
keithystad@gmail.com[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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12 Responses to “HAWAII OFF GRID FARM”

  1. Aaron

    This place still up?I would love to join.I’ll pawn everything I own just to have enough money to fly there.I’m American,23,and have some knowledge in gardening (my grandad taught me a bit when I was a kid).Not religious.

  2. Edward Hughes

    Hello, I`m extremely interested in living off grid, I`m a Carpenter by trade but have many other skill sets, electric, plumbing, framing, footings, concret form work, fencing, gardening, mechanic, was raise on a small farm growing up, many more, free thinker with problem solving skills as well.
    I`ve been a single dad for twelve years both of my boys are almost done with college, (in June 2017)
    I`m 47 retired union bridge builder in good health, no spring chicken but i feel i could bring a lot to this kine of community.
    I don`t get on computers very often, so if you are interested I can be reached at 253 229 2512, Edward Hughes
    Thank you for your time.

  3. Paula

    It’s July 2016 and I’m interested in how its going and if you are still looking for additional people. I have my teaching degree and I’m a Christian and a very hard worker. Thank you. :)

  4. Adam olsen

    My name is adam olsen I’m a carpenter by trade hunter/fisherman/gatherer by heart and free time. I’m 24 years old and plenty able to work I am a Christian also. Living off the grid to me is important not just for the environment sake but I feel as if our society may crumble within my lifetime. I would rather be comfortable living without all the common amenities that humans as a race have come to depend on. Water food and shelter is all we need and as a community that’s completely achievable

  5. hunter dixon

    My name is hunter in my early 20s skilled hunter and fisherman and carpenter grew up providing for my family off the land and has been my dream for a long while to move off the grid with likeminded good people

  6. Jillian

    I am interested and a couple of friends of mine looking for the same like opportunity.we are all Christian and looking for like minded people also.all in our late 20s.

  7. Jules

    Hello. I am 33 and my husband is 43. We are Christians and have a two year old son whom we want to home school. We currently live in California but my husband lived in Hawaii for eight years and he has been wanting to go back. He lived off grid there before and helped get the water catchments, sewage, electricity, and houses built so he has some experience with this. We currently have an aquaponic garden and an indoor hydroponic greenhouse. We have some rabbits and chickens and would like to become more self sufficient. We are tired of the struggle and being stuck in economic slavery. We both work (opposite shifts so one of us is always with our son). We are very hard workers but lack the finances necessary to purchase land and make the move to off grid living. We are tired of being stuck in this cycle and have been praying for doors to open. I just found this site today. Please let me know if you think there would be room for us in your community. We probably wouldn’t be able to afford a move until May of 2015 ( tax return) but this is what we want…

  8. Lee-Ann

    I could help with all aspects of the vegetable gardening and I’m not afraid of hard work. My background is in insect control. I consider myself more spiritual. I practice yoga and meditation. It would be early 2015 before I could help with building the community.

  9. manix

    shame i would be on this and very helpful engineer no passport i live in the uk , will not get passport because of the rfid chip etc …… anyone own a boat ;)

  10. Matthew Blakeslee

    Hello sir, I am 24 years old, I currently live in omaha ne, I am currently employed. My father is selling the house and moving in with his wife. I have to move out by early 2015.

    I can help with all areas of construction work, i own basic hand tools, I have experience river and lake fishing, little hunting experience but Im willing to learn any new skills.

  11. keith

    Yes u can call

  12. Ros

    Still looking for a person(s)? Have any more information on this? I was raised in and still live in Ohio. Religion somewhere between Christian/Rasta/Native American beliefs. :-p Looking for a way out, and hard work.