futuro house
Real people live in these

This is a REAL HOUSE! If you know the locations of any like it, please email us (news@off-grid.net)

They are called Futuro Houses — designed by a leading Finnish architect, but no longer in production. They were manufactured around the world.

Off-Grid is delighted to assist in the mission to find remaining examples of these rare and beautiful structures. The Off-Grid team want one for an office and to live in.

Rick Pisani of Futuro House, takes up the story: In 1965 Dr. Jaakko Hildenkari asked the Finish architect Matti Suuronen to design a sky cabin. Ploykem Ltd. of Helsinki, Finland began producing the final design in March 1968. It was when the third one went on show in London in October 1968 they came up with the name Futuro. There were only 20 produced in Finland between 1968 – 1978 .

another futuro house
Here’s another

Between 1969 – 1973 manufacturing rights were sold to approximately 25 countries but production was launched in only about 10.
Futuro Corporation, later Casa2, H. Leonard Frucher pres., was founded in the US in 1969 and ran production, at least to some degree, thru 1974. They also retained the rights to Central America, The Caribbean and, Israel.
Futuro Fiberglass Homes Ltd, — Richard (Dick) Shain pres., was founded in Canada in 1970, though did not see production until 1976 and ran thru 1979.
Futuro Enterprises Ltd, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Futuro Homes (NZ) Ltd Christchurch, New Zealand and pacific region
Production figures are not known at this time. Rick is trying to find and document the remaining fleet.
For a more in depth history lesson go to DESURA, a publisher’s website, with the complete 1st chapter of the book Futuro Tomorrow’s House from Yesterday

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  1. Nick Rosen

    I have found another one. It used to be a restaurant but now it is closed down in a Parking lot in North Carolina. Here is the photo

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    Wow Lost in Space meets the Jetsons, now all I need is the car!!

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  3. odziz

    Wow Lost in Space meets the Jetsons! Found loads of links and locations, now all I need is the car:O)


    List of locations