No septic, no well, no electric grid besides the two panels I use, and no buildings/houses.

I live in a travel trailer down an unforgiving dirt(sometimes mud) road. The land is surrounded by stubby juniper trees. I’m about 40 minutes from town.

I’ve been out here for three years. I’d always dreamed of becoming a hermit in the woods. Most of the romance of this life has gone, but I still want this life more than a life in town.

This post is me putting out feelers. I haven’t decided if I want to commit to inviting someone to live on the land with me.

During the winters it gets into the single digits or less. In summer, it can get above 100F. The soil is, as far as I can tell, pretty much useless for farming. The road will break your vehicle if it’s not up to the 4×4 task. I never drive when it’s muddy because getting stuck is a pain, but I know that a lot of my neighbors do the drive no matter the weather.

As for neighbors, there aren’t many. Everyone is spread out around here.

I’m 29 now and thinking about my future, whether I should leave to go somewhere more populated. I want to make a family of my own. I’m a woman. I’m not a social butterfly and I like my privacy, which makes it hard to meet people. I work from home as a writer, but lately writer’s block has meant a drop in my income. Anyone coming out here would need to understand this isn’t a permanent situation and that they’ll need to pay rent(not much).

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I have 80 acres, not in my name but it is family land. You would need to understand that fires around here are serious business so no burning trash when it’s dry and windy(gets really windy out here). Same goes for wood stoves. You’d need to comply with fire restrictions.

I know a lot of people desire this kind of life but never get the push to actually do it. Money or leaving family/friends can make it hard. I’m okay with helping someone who’s never done this before.

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14 Responses to “Have plenty of land, tired of being alone”

  1. Rob

    Hi,I’m a 33 y.o canadian guy always wanted to leave pressures of society and go off grid,would love to just chat if you’re willing.

  2. Christopher

    I would like more information. Please e-mail me when you have time. Thank you,.

  3. Nicky

    Have space at reasonable price for off grid living

  4. Adam Martinez

    I’ve been wanting and is a goal of mine in near future to completely go off grid. I have tons of questions and would love to speak to you about off the grid living. Look forward to hearing from you

  5. Baillie Bengheshir

    I am thunking of going totally off grid. I am female as well with a large skill set. I am 40+ have a trail..well an rv. Where are you located?

  6. Gerhard Enslin

    Good day.I am a 55-year-old white male and at present a building maintenance manager. I am tired of city life and would love to live off the grid and in the wild and off the land as to say. I AM MULTI-SKILLED IN PLUMBING, CARPENTRY, MECHANICS, PAINTING, ELECTRICS and have intensive training in survival skills. I grew up on a farm and have a lot of knowledge of farming. If I may I would love to join you and maybe start living on my own away from the city. My cell number is 084 292 8702

  7. Michael Hughes


    My name is Michael Hughes, I’m a U.S. Army combat veteran and I’m your guy. Where is this located?

    call or text anytime: 407-852-8749

  8. tara BROADUS

    you can hit me up anytime to talk i really wanted to go off gid

  9. michelle38

    Hi, where are you located?

  10. Drilltrash

    May be interested, What state?

  11. Greg Cumbers


    Where are you based?

  12. Michael Vaughn

    I want to escape from the world and find myself