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[before_listing id=462 images= youtube=null] I am a 41 year old male. I currently live in FL and have a run a computer store for about 15 years. I have an 80 acre parcel of land in Humboldt Co. NV, northwest of Winnemucca. I am looking for like minded people who would be interested in creating a small self sustaining community that could take care of itself independently of the rest of the world. That’s not to say let’s give it all up….but let’s come up with the right group of people, and the right plan to create this land of true freedom, peace, and harmony with Earth. My skills mainly lie in computers and electronics, but I am fit, healthy, and have over the years had a taste of a lot of different trades, so I know I can do anything. I do not have a lot of money, but with others who are willing to make the leap out of this rat-race and into a place we could turn into our own sanctuary, I’m sure we could come up with the right plan to create this place with little investment. With the right people and planning…we could even do more of these in other places.

Any and all help, advice, information, etc. is greatly appreciated. This has been a dream of mine for a long time, and it’s time to make it a reality. Please, if you are not interested in this project, at least send all the blessings and prayers that those of us who do venture off to do this create a place of peace and harmony for many years to come.

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Thank you for reading my post.

Blessings to all.[landbuddy_listing id=462 youtube=null]

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26 Responses to “HAVE 80 ACRES IN NV…”

  1. rebecca

    Hi There,

    I know this post is a few years old now. I just wondered how the project was going? If you still had the land and were looking for people to help out.

    I look forward to hearing from you

  2. Steffanie

    My husband and I have been looking for a way to reconnect back with real freedom. Our goal is self sufficiency and with like minded individuals. My husband grew up on a farm and has extensive knowledge on farming, mechanical work, electrical, and plumbing. We have 3 children who all were raised with gun safety, each knows how to shoot as well as the 4 critical rules of gun safety. I am an excellent baker and know how to grow vegetables & fruits. As a family we would like to mutually benefit others in a self sufficient off-grid community. If you are still building or wanting to expand a little of the community please let us know!

  3. chris nawara

    My wife and I are all so interested . I am a tug boat captain tired and burned out of the rat race . I have expertise in building plumbing and electrical . Please email me back with Moore info I don’t have much money to offer either but lots of other skills to offer to the community . Please get back with me at thank you and good luck

  4. John Arizona

    How is your off grid goal shaping up? I have been in construction for decades and ready to get off grid. I specialized in telecom but have built many structures and like you I am also looking for peace (assuming) loving like minded people to build a community with. I have raised my son solo since he was born and he just graduated college so now it’s time for me to build my house and would love friends as neighbors who have the same idea. God bless and all who would read this!!!

  5. kevin mcilduff

    I would love to live off-grid & only starting my research but that is my ultimate goal.

  6. Jerry

    I like your ideal I to want to live off grid I am retired us army and be camping for the last five yrs all over the us I would be interested in your ideal

  7. gb

    I am going to the Remote Wilderness, and Nevada has no water near that cheap land your buying. Been there dont that.. no resources either like trees etc .. have fun , If anyone wants to go to the wilderness email me thx and good luck `

  8. Jim and Alyssaa

    My friend and I are ready to join a group like yours. We are temporarily in the most dangerous place on earth, Hanford, WA. We have our own income and own living space(RV). We bring with us our online business. We can us extra help depending on the talent and interest there. Pictures would be wonderful. Please let us know any other pertinent information. Thanks!

  9. Britannie

    I’m only 16, and I know that this is the life that I want.

  10. Rebecca

    We are also purchasing land outside of Winnemucca to start an off grid farm. We will be moving there next spring/summer. I contacted Zameil but have not heard back, hopefully he is busy on his new land :)
    We are a family of 6, my husband, myself, and our four children. If you would like to discuss off grid life, send me a message @ Steven Becky 03 @
    Just put it all together, I separated it for search purposes.

  11. Zameil


    This is for real…..and it’s happening!!!! If you are serious about building a new off-grid life from scratch….visit the site, or contact me!


  12. Rik

    I found a perfect piece of land with more property available. For sale is 160 acres with a home, well, septic and radiant heat for the home and garage. There is literally free wood from the loggers available…..and the land has marketable timber and 60 acres of new, reopened land from an old homestead. There are bears, deer and lots of wild game available. The property can be subdivided into 40, 80 and maybe 20 acre parcels. There are also nearby lakes.

  13. crystal

    I have been working on this idea as well. I am 36 mother. I am learning to can and dry food. I have beendoing lots of research on living off the lsnd for the past two years. I have a lot of questions could u email me at

  14. valettie

    I AM INTO fuel-less power, which on a small scale is something anyone can make. There are Fuel-less engines that can be used to power generators. Also I like the idea of using free fuels, fuels that are free that engines, and generators and turbines can run on. So they produce free heating and cooling, CHP’s are an example, they can get expensive unless you use free biofuels. Many devices can run an flexible fuels. I like the systems that are rare but exist that can make any garbage and waste n make it into pure usable fuel. Add to these Fuel cell technology which is powered by 3 core elements, 1 fuel processor, 2 central fuel cell stack system, 3 power inverter.
    Also:The Hydrocell Generator – more for vehicles, although it all may look complex , it is really very simple. The Hydro Cell System provides you with “Hydrogen on Demand” so you produce hydrogen only when you need it. No storage tanks! It’s far better for the environment, and safe . Have lots of info if you want it.

  15. alexa

    So Zamiel what would one have to do to join you, as this is a dream of mine as well and i know a few like minded people who would do anything to make this real.

  16. Maedlene Connelly

    Hi, this sounds very interesting and I feel this is what I dream about too………

  17. Steve

    I, too, have been looking for a place of my own. I have several like-minded friends. I live near Sacramento, CA

  18. julea

    hello just ran across your page/site.too wild.are you there now in nevada??i am signing a land contract soon within that area of humboldt,nevada.40 hoping its a good visit someday live in michigan now.but who knows..someday i maybe be there too.hows it going??i bet u got alot of mail and questions.i plan to buy acres to give to my older kids someday.possibly.but cant wait to see it.never been there.buying from im hoping to visit with the next few months or next winter for a couple weeks.joined your letter.i wish i could see more photos of the area from what ive seen looks one around but animals like that idea.peace.cheshire

  19. breck2

    my wife and i and our 2 kids would love to be apart of that. we are so ready to get off the grid and ready for a completely new start. we dont have alot of money either. im very creative on solving problems and am a very hard worker. right now im unemployed so i have a ton of time to do whatever is needed. if that sounds like something you can use please email me thanks

  20. Andrew

    Hello,my name is andrew and i don’t have much money but believe i could be a great asset to your community if you start one.I live in the adirondack forest for a year on my own.I know how to hunt gather and just survive.I could with shelter and show the community how to live off the land without any outside help.I also have some good ideas about how the community can be ran.Living of the land by yourself can be very hard so i believe it’s a great idea for you to start up a community.Please contact me about your plans and what you have so far at you and God bless.

  21. Al

    Is there water that runs through property? Humbolt River or any tributary?

  22. Al

    I am also ready to go. I currently live in AZ, I have a small motorhome that I can stay in while we get things going. I don’t have alot of money, but I can work hard. I lived on farm before. I am a Mensa member and pride myself on being able to figure anything out. I have background in business management, sales, engineering.
    I just found article from Guy McPherson, that if we pay his way there, feed, and give him a place to stay, he will show us how to develop the type of community we are talkingabout. He is located in Tucson AZ, which is not too far. I know others who may interested. Let me know, and I am on the road!

  23. Rachel

    My girlfriend and I are ready to pack up and get started. We are located in Maine and have been planning to just build our own home on a piece of land and grow our own food. Live the good life with good people and just be happy. This sounds like a GREAT idea and we are on board %100.

  24. Ron

    please email me any and all info you have put together. Sounds like something I might be interested in…… thanks

  25. Zameil

    What I have dreamed of for years is to live in such a place that everything works in harmony together, including the people. Basically, I have 80 acres paid for and I am looking to build a core group of individuals that together will be able to meet on the land, design the community which should contain a central garden and a couple central like buildings to minimize on needs inside individual homes. We would provide our own electricity via solar, our own food, not much water to collect there, so we’ll need wells, but still make use of the recycled and little rain water for other needs. A very green, but comfortable community. We can all live a simpler life and still have room fun. I am totally open to any and all suggestions. I would love to get the right people with the right combination of skills, money, and knowledge…and of course dedication to see this through so that as many groups or families that wish to be a part of this can be…and there is already the possibility of it being filmed for documentary purposes. I am very excited, and like many other times in my life when I was led by a Higher Source…now I know is the time to start gathering the people to reach a place of peace and love, without need for money inside the community. I am offering the land. I am offering time and effort. I don’t have much money, but I do know that there are people that have money, but don’t have the rest…I am looking to bring all these things together to create a place of freedom.

    You may think after reading that last paragraph that I just said a lot of nothing, but I am telling what is in my heart, and what I know is real and can be accomplished. I am reaching out to find those others who share the same vision of a life free and fulfilling. What do we need? How much will this cost? What do we do first? Well, this is a start right here with this message. The rest of the answers will appear as needed. This is what the group is for…to answer all these questions…to make this leap, and to be free!

    I hope this helps you to understand what I am doing here. This is happening.

  26. hyen

    hi i am currently in tx. looking to build an off grid home base somewhere peaceful with a cooperative egalitarian commuinty. i would also need an organic garden for food and am willing to learn permaculture. i would pay for my own small private house built on site. I do not have expertise on how to build off grid system, so if unable to find an expert to join the community, i could contribute funds to hire an expert to teach everyone, but would want the community to aim toward self-sufficiency that does not require us to be wage slaves dependent on a monetary system. Please let me know what you are looking for in a community and the type of investment you would require.