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Albany NY designer, Manoocher Zarif is piloting a device that converts vibrations found in urban traffic into electricity.

The industrial design graduate came across the idea while he was experimenting with a Piezo device that converts pressure and movement into electricity, lighting up an LED lamp. He is in line for a JAmes Dyson award for his idea.

The 23 year old, who works at a billboard company, says his design turns urban excess man-made energy into power, for lighting, billboards, signs and acts as an off-grid source of electricity for urban areas.

While Manoocher has created a model, the harvester is at concept stage only. See it here:

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2 Responses to “Harvesting Excess Man Made Energy”

  1. joe adams

    Have an idea but it seems so simple,surprised no one has thought of it…But then I am 70 now with a grade 8 education,so what would I know…

  2. james adams

    Great invention,hope it can go large scale coz it wuld help “mother earth” immensely in conserving energy.