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woman-living-in-carA DISABLED mother of five has been living in a car for more than a year after being told she is not vulnerable enough to be housed by the council.

Sarah Wakeman said she has to endure freezing cold and constant fear while staying in an old Volkswagen Golf.

She is surviving on £70 a week in disability living allowance.

Her council in Spelthorne, Surrey, said the 41-year-old meets criteria for housing but she is not a priority, despite having lived in the vehicle since June 2012.

The former mental health worker, who suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome (ME) and has a debilitating muscle condition, is forced to sleep at roadsides and in a church car park. ‘It’s degrading to have to find somewhere to clean your teeth, go to the toilet and ask if you can have a cup of hot water to put your coffee in,’ she said.

‘I’m not classified as being on the street as I have a car. They say I’m not a priority, even for temporary accommodation.’ Spelthorne council said: ‘Generally, single adults who are homeless and without significant health problems would not be provided with emergency accommodation.’

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