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Yesterday was a banner day! Got up and the day was perfect, sunny (good for the garden and solar panels!), warm but not too warm, a good breeze. Now on to the good stuff (grin!!!), I opened the package on my new clippers, I paid a little extra for this one because it had many many extra guards/guides for it, the cheaper packages had maybe 3 at the most, but this one has 10, yes, count ’em, 10, and they are color coded.

Anyhoo, I got them out, silently giggled to myself about having to find a pair of scissors to open the package, it’s amusing to have to find a cutting implement to open a package that contains a cutting implement… (guess you had to be there…), we went outside, Bob sat on an upturned milk crate, took off his shirt, had a bucket handy to catch all the hair (it will biodegrade but it takes a L O N G time), like a kid in a candy store, I picked through the colorful guards, chose the longest one (1″), and started cutting hair.

I used to be a hairdresser (11+ years in the biz), note the phrase “used to be”, I’ve been out of the biz at least as long as I was in, and when I quit, I QUIT doing hair. One of my “rules” I had when I did do hair was I would NOT do hair outside of the salon, I would work on my family for free (of course) but they HAD to come to the salon on my regular work days to get it done, that did 2 things, first it made sure I would have everything I need to do their hair (all of my implements, proper chair, shampoo bowl…) and would not get hair in my home, next it insured my days off stayed my days off, everyone else I worked with were always complaining about having to do hair on their day off, someone in their family would always call, “…could you come over and cut/perm/color my hair on your next day off?”, their choice was to do it and forget about having your day off or say no and run the risk of pissing off some family member, especially if they did this on a regular basis, where do you draw the line? So when I quit doing hair, it was easy to just say NO to doing hair “on the side”. (END SIDE STORY)

Point is, I still remember how to do hair, it just had to come back to me, and fortunately for Bob, it all came back to me. I gave him a hair cut, used scissors on the top, he likes it a bit longer on top, then took off the guard and trimmed off his beard (left the moustache). I can’t believe how good he looks, it’s been better than 6 months since he has had a haircut, his hair is curly and he hates that, when it’s short it is much more manageable, wow he looks good!

…We made a name badge for Bob that said “Hi, my name is Bob” He wore it over there…

We had an invite to go over to one of our friend’s house (the ones with all the kids) for dinner, shrimp and crab legs!!! Yummy!!!! Haven’t eaten anything like that in a long time… cooked Cajun style, boiled in a big pot outside, with potatoes and corn. Ooooweee! Before we went over there, we made a name badge for Bob that said “Hi, my name is Bob”, he wore it over there, when we pulled up and got out, half the gang was outside, everyone stared at Bob, it was so funny, he looks that different! Then we went inside, the wife was shocked, I thought she was going to ask “Who the h*ll are you?!”, I can’t wait to see the rest of the people out here when they see Bob with his new haircut… ;)

The food was cooked, then we (our friend’s wife and I) took a couple of plates of food to 2 ladies out here, one of the ladies had injured herself, the other one is just worn out tired, it was fun driving through the “neighborhood” in a mule, we up and down roads that I have never seen, some of them were scary rough, almost beyond 4 wheel drive, but we got the food delivered and got back in one piece. Before we left, everyone started eating, orders were given to the men and kids to save us some food, we were gone quite a while, when we got back, there was plenty of shrimp, but not much in the way of crab legs. Fortunately my friend is smart, before we had left, unknown to me, she put back some crab legs for us, I was real happy to see those crab legs, we ate until we nearly popped, and talk about hot, spicy hot, we ate until our lips were burning! We drank glass after glass of iced tea, of course that doesn’t help the burn, that just has to fade away…

We got home after midnight, full and happy, life is good!



Blogger Mayberry said…

Man I’m droolin’! Can you believe that I haven’t had crab or shrimp in over 6 months? And I live on the coast!

July 14, 2008 5:46 PM


Blogger The Scavenger said…

Wretha, that sounds like a great day. I cut my own hair with a beard trimmer and have for about 3 or 4 years now. Don’t have much anyway so I can’t do much harm. haha! Takes me about 2 mins. bend my head over and buzz away. I love it short, makes for easy care. It was really nice of you 2 to take the food to the others, you’re a good neighbor for sure. Chris

July 16, 2008 12:23 AM


Blogger Wretha said…

Mayberry My friend told me she has 10 more pounds of shrimp and is going to cook it up soon, and we are invited! WooHoo! It’s been over 6 months for us too, but that’s because we have been living here for that long… The Scavenger I see you are a night owl too… LOL I enjoyed taking the trip around the “neighborhood” to deliver food, it made me feel pretty good, I am learning that this is a fairly tight knit community, people do help each other here. Cutting Bob’s hair is pretty easy, now if I could just teach him how to cut mine, clippers will just not do for me. :) Wretha

July 16, 2008 12:51 AM


Blogger The Scavenger said…

Wretha, you can’t even imagine what a night owl that I am. I have a LOT of metal in my body due to surgery and at night it seems to rust. The darker it gets the more it hurts. lol But I have learned to just grin and bear it. I am up just about all night every night. I sleep some of the day when the baby takes a nap but that’s about it. Most of my online time is spent late at night. I do pretty good until I sit down and then I can’t seem to get back up. Don’t mean to whine, just letting you know that I am here for those late nite posts. Chris

July 16, 2008 9:15 PM


Blogger Wretha said…

scavenger That’s a bummer, sorry you are in pain, that is no fun :( But I’m glad you choose to visit (and comment on) my site during your late night sessions, I’m honored! :) Wretha

July 16, 2008 10:52 PM


Blogger Michael said…

I’ve been visiting your site and really enjoy you sharing your story! Now that I’m addicted … where did you go? LOL … hope you post something neat again soon, and more pictures pls – the pictures are the best!!

July 21, 2008 5:16 PM


Blogger Wretha said…

Michael Thanks, (Blush!), I appreciate you reading my blog, and taking the time to comment. Pictures may be tough, I just turned off my cell phone, and that (for now) was the only way I could take pix, perhaps sometime in the future I will be able to locate my digital camera, if you could see where it might be, you would understand (grin). Anyhoo, the reason I haven’t posted much is because nearly all of my internet time lately has been spent working on my test blogs, tweaking and playing. I promise I will endeavor to post more messages :) oh, I am looking at your blogs now. Wretha

July 21, 2008 7:19 PM

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