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Hello.My name is Charlotte.I live in Southern
California.Family roots have been here
since 16th & before that.So its WAY over
due for me to go OUT of state/USA.

My background is cooking/baking,the arts,
gardener,preschool teacher,art teacher for
children and care giver to the elderly.
Love to go back to the old ways of my
great grandmother who had her own land
to wich she grew all her food.Helped others
in need with no ego.(Im getting a bit better
on that..lol)Thankfully..I still have some
of her favorites seeds.So I am wanting to
get back into Canada. Get back to basics..
what to me is important. And..Nature! Love
nature! My first play ground.

Im so open in learning new ways from the old
Would love to learn!

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