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Hello.My name is Charlotte.I live in Southern
California.Family roots have been here
since 16th & before that.So its WAY over
due for me to go OUT of state/USA.

My background is cooking/baking,the arts,
gardener,preschool teacher,art teacher for
children and care giver to the elderly.
Love to go back to the old ways of my
great grandmother who had her own land
to wich she grew all her food.Helped others
in need with no ego.(Im getting a bit better
on that..lol)Thankfully..I still have some
of her favorites seeds.So I am wanting to
get back into Canada. Get back to basics..
what to me is important. And..Nature! Love
nature! My first play ground.

Im so open in learning new ways from the old
Would love to learn!

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13 Responses to “Gypsy Woman Aiming To Go-Canada”

  1. Bob R

    Hi Charlotte, The north west coast of BC is pretty good for food and reasonable land prices, My wife and i are going up, just inland from Bella Coola there as soon as we sell here,( lower BC coast), i have done a lot of research to get ready for this move, 19811@telus.net

  2. ark

    @ russ, im looking in that region right now,,,where are You located?…get back to me please…ar.k(at)live.ca

  3. vinesh1human

    if i was to come to canada can i join you?

  4. Charlotte

    Russ-Where are you at?

    RT-Im in Ventura,California.We do get some
    of the radiation.Thank you for the link as well..going to look at it in 3 minutes! :)

    RMS -Going to contact ya! Thank you.

    Zoe- Will do..going to check. :)

  5. Charlotte

    Bob(s)-Im aiming at West Coast Canada to get

    Darren-Your not being sceptical..your telling it as it is! I appreciate honesty! Took some notes from you as well.Thank you! :)

  6. Zoe

    Hi Charlotte,
    Send me an email if you are serious about coming up to Canada. We have a place near Kingston Ontario, very rural and lots of land. Totally off grid. IT’s challenging but it keeps us healthy and on our toes.
    Talk soon!

  7. RMS


    I am from Canada originally, going to move back to BC and plan to live off grid. Have many ideas, but if you are interested in contacting me @ rmsrms1@ymail.com we can talk about ideas and etc.

    I do have experience on living off-grid.


  8. RT

    The two negative options I see about living in the far north is a short planting and growing season for gardening, freezing winters, and the radiation crossing the pacific ocean and by the jet steam from Fukushima, Japan. I’ve been watching the radiation levels at the Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center (www.netc.com) website, and the radiation levels have been alarming all across the United States and Canada, especially the north and northwest.
    The Fukushima Nuclear event has become the greatest threat to all life form on this planet. What disturbs me the most is that no nations are making a move to help Japan to contain the radiation. This makes me think that possibly this is purposeful as a population reducer.
    From my Military experience, I believe the safest location to live and survive is the extreme Southern U.S. and Mexico and even further south. Stay out of Florida (Florida is a bottleneck State), and eastern Southern States.

  9. Russ

    Hi I have a cabin very nice with sat TV hot water etc. Large gardens and greenhouse. Was looking for someone to take care of the place while Im away.

  10. Russ

    I have a large cabin 40 km from town. It has everthing you could want hot shower. Satilite Tv fridge stove etc. I have extra large garden area and working on green house closest niegbor is 4 km away. Was looking for a care taker as Im gone often. Neighbors place is for sale wants $60000 also has garden. Email me if interested

  11. Darren

    Off-grid living in Canada is especially challenging. As I sit warm and cozy in my home right now in Alberta, it is -33 degrees outside. Electrical cords snap if you give them a twist and a car will not start if not plugged in for at least 1-2 hours. I have a passive solar home with R2000 insulation but would freeze to death without my wood burner and natural gas fireplace. I grew up on a farm and grew plants and animals and have a vegetable garden, chickens, horses etc. My chickens won’t lay eggs because it is too cold and dark so I have to put a light on to get them to lay. Sorry to be sceptical, but people moved to Canada because all of the good land was already occupied. I am a dreamer too and have some advice – you can create your own by embracing new technology – make a sunken greenhouse with aquaponics (you can also add chickens) and grow your own vegetables and protein and control all of the variables and increase yields organically. This can be done anywhere. I am trying it here but the thermal mass required to combat -33 all night is huge. BC or southern Ontario would be ok but you likely wouldn’t get the “heritage” experience you seek. (and land is $5000 + per acre)

  12. bob

    yah..where in canada,you know its cold up here and growing food is very short time so the seeds you have might not work out in a bad growing year up here.

  13. Bob

    Hi there……What part of Canada are you interested in going to?