[before_listing id=324 images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/f1bc4399da970d9d18ff7633a4708a48.jpg youtube=null] We, as a couple, are wanting to live back in Arizona in a self-sufficient eco-friendly structure, in a community with like-minded individuals! Our interests are cooking home-grown foods, horticulture, aquaponics, art, live music, hydroponics, gardening, weaving, bread making, cheese-making, raising chickens, survival, rainwater collection, gray water recycling, sewing, weaving, water purification, composting, and more! We are hoping to use our combined skills in any way, and assist people like us who are ready to live the dream! :)[landbuddy_listing id=324 images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/f1bc4399da970d9d18ff7633a4708a48.jpg youtube=null]

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27 Responses to “growing back to arizona”

  1. Mike

    Laurie can you email me me and my fiancee are looking to live off land in Az

  2. Krisina

    I am and would join you in Ash Fork AZ. A monthly rent, no problem. I love gardening and canning! reach me at klues72@hotmail.com if your still wanting ppl to join you laurie.

  3. aggie

    Laurie, do you have water? We are interested in joining you. farm at aggiesfarm.com

  4. laurie

    I have 10 acres in Ashfork Az. I am trying to find someone or people that r looking to relocate. I dont like being out here alone. Even a family that has a trailer of there own. My property is paid. So the rent is negotiable.

    • Johnny & Lillie

      We’re looking for property to buy but would consider sharing some land for rent.

  5. Kathy

    Hello, can somebody please explain how to go about opting out in Cochise County? Thank you.

  6. James

    I’m looking for the same thing. If anyone knows such a place let me know!? Thank you.

  7. Blake

    Much like joshua, I too am looking for an off grid sustainable community of like minded people. Preppers, hippies, patriots and over all griendly people. I can contribute 400 each month to “pitch in” for costs of food and what not. Im a likable person who is just tired of living under police and government oppression. But I do love my country very much. So if anyone has or knows of any place like that, please get in touch. Peace and love everyone

  8. Em

    I am building in Yavapai County and they have lots of rules. I think the septic is a federal government thing however so it likely will be required no matter where you go.

  9. Trish

    I have just purchased 10 acres in Cochise County Az and am planning my exodus there this year to be off grid, however I am trying to find out who has accomplished this with the planning department so I can know what I can and can not do and how to approach the issue with them. I want to use composting toilet and recycle my grey water, but my conversation with them on Friday it sounded like a septic was a must have to move forward to even do the opt out. Since some of those who posted were a few years ago perhaps you have accomplished what you set out and can help guide a newbie with some advice:) Thanks much

  10. Mike

    I have a house near Ash fork Az .Its real peaceful and quiet.However as with many places is Northern Az there are water concerns.In town we have two excellent wells .Many other small towns have far less water to depend on.If you come here you must deal with the water situation.However rainwater harvesting can easily be done also. As far as peppers they are defiantly here .I found the people here are welcoming and friendly.There are no traffic jams…

  11. joshua

    i am interested in living off grid in Arizona(cuz its warm and the energies). im pretty minimal. im looking for a minimal eco off-grid food/housing community co-op to join, or property of my own with a river, and i guess at least 4 acres so i can opt out.

  12. Bonnita Dudley

    I am in the process of down sizing, preparing for my move. I am 67 now, realize it would be impossable to go 100% off grid alone. I have skills gained over a life time, in architectural constuction, civil engineering, and primitive cultures.

    My goal is simple, I have chickens now, incress my flock size, adding duel purpose, and Meaties, a small heard of Miniture Long Horn or a cross with Miniture Hereford, and a Miniture Jersey for milk. I have been doing a lot of reading on the Miniture cattle. They are more efficient, & fatten easly on grass, easyer on the land. With 60% meat production compared to 50% with standard. Smaller bones and less fat, more marbling, giving a tasty meat. They are easyer to handle requiring less equipment. The dairy Mini Jersey give about 1-1/2 gal per day. That is the same that was milked from standard Milk cows in the 1700’s. The Miniture are 47″-36″.

    With my garden I should be able to supply my own food. Solar and wind, energy to allow me luxur’s I am accustom to. Hopefully, land with water, and a well to irrigat land for grass and drinking. I know how to weave and sew, but not how to spin wool or cotton – will learn. I can cook with ant heat. I eat almost anything that tastes good, including affol. I Looking forward to reviving preserving meats by drying, smoking, and curing, knowledge I have lost, learn by my grandmother. But should be able to regain.

    Selectively keeping good things, while rejecting what is not. Similar to natives someplace off of Australia. They chose to keep thier way of life, but they have the telephone and cell phones. Minimum electric needs, for thier phones and a radio…. At thier community centers.

    Chick of Hazard

  13. Bebdina

    Hello Cloud9! By pure synchronicity I came across this site. Have you made your way back to AZ? Your message not only reflects my personal goals, but also my near-future plans! We are on the same wavelength! I happen to own a piece of land in Northern AZ and I am currently creating and developing a self-sustainable farm that will allow me to be off-grid AND also self-sufficient. I know your post is two years old, but I hope you are still checking your messages here…. hopefully our paths will cross in the future. Write soon!

  14. wwc

    older couple in declining health dilemma. 5 acres with 9000 watts, two inverters (for 220volt) 5 generators, 2 diesel, 52 solar panels, 24 batteries. do not know how much longer will be able to maintain everything. 2600 sq ft block house, good water, 7gpm, lots of trees and bushes. 3 out buildings, one car garage, 4 bedrooms, formal dining room spacious kitchen, some walls furred out to 18 inches. My question is this too much house for those wishing to be off grid? only 2 resident neighbors in 80 sq miles. great view all round and unobstructed. easy access to interstate. blm land and natl monument land close by. located about 50 miles south of Phoenix. closest town is Stanfield.

  15. Deb

    u opt out with ru4 but you must be on 4 acres and sewage installed.

  16. Allen

    I was looking at finding some cheap property in Cochise county, Az and going off grid. I found that in this county you can apply for a permit exemption of some sort, but you still have to comply with power suply, water, and sanitation and a written recorded, ungarunteed contract with your rancher neighber to get acces to and from your property. How in the world does one build in this part of Az without all of this government BS?

  17. debbie

    I live in Cochise Co. My husband and I are preppers. We want to find a MAG here if possible. Any ideas????

  18. AZHomesteadergal

    Hello Cloud9, Hope you two make it back soon, My husband and I just bought 26 acres of undeveloped land, only $15,000 in Cochise County we really like it over there, its so quiet and peaceful,. we are signing an opt-out paper so we can live as we want, the only inspection you have to have is for the septic, then you can get a building permit and build your home as you want and with material you want, no inspections, just say you want to live off the grid and sign a opt-out paper. We can’t hardly wait to get out there and get the brush cleared off and start building our log cabin ( logs are cheaper if you go to a reservation sawmill). Or cut your own. We already have 2 horses, 2 sheep and a few chickens here on our 2 acres in Graham County to move over there after the carral’s, pen’s, and shelters are built. We are not off the grid here. But have wanted to live off the grid for along time. Our 2 kids are grown up so we have no kids at home. We hope we are able to make the big move out there by March, in the mean time we will go out with our camping van while working and building on the property. We are building an 16 X 35 1 bedroom cabin with 2 bathrooms added and a pantry.

  19. Diana

    CLOUD9 this is just the type of thing my husband and I are looking for but, the planning is in a very early stage. I share many of the same interest as you. Right now we don’t have enough saved up and we are just not sure how much needs to be saved. My husband is concerned about obtaining employment in a rural area. I hate to sound ignorant but, we are. Are you planning to work and live on the land with no outside employment? Hope thats not too personal of a question. I would like to better understand how this works. We may or may not be closer then we thought. Thank you.

  20. Midge

    Deb & Steve – I’m so sorry – I wasn’t expecting anyone to have any interest and I hadn’t been back here to check on Cori & Chris’s progress til now! Our land is just outside Elfrida, at the junction of Rucker Canyon Road and West Austin Henely Road.

  21. svurmny

    Hello, I am Near Ash Fork, in Arizona, Near the Grand Canyon, I have just bought 5 acres of Raw land to be off the grid. I am 2 miles from a small gas station, and 50 miles from a big town, mall etc. I want to dig a well first then start on a solar cabin etc. I also want another underground shelter, im thinking catastrophe escape even.. I didnt buy up North because of the bad bugs, mesqitoes, and super cold weather in the winter.. there is 5 five acres for sale behind me, and that would be ideal for anyone that would like to plan a deal together. I bought mine for 6ooo.00 so prolly get it for 6,000 also.. I have a 4×4 so it is no problem for me to get in and out of the bumpy roads in.. if it rained a car may not make it..

  22. Steve

    Where in Cochise county is the property located?

  23. deb

    i’m in cochise co where is the propert located would like to look at it.

  24. Midge

    Hi there! That was the plan for my American husband and myself! We bought ten acres in Southeast Arizona (Cochise County) a while back in preparation for our well-planned escapade (we live in the UK at present) – unfortunately, thanks to a sudden decline in my health, and a future in a wheelchair, we’ve had to do a total U-turn. I wish you both all the very best, and hope you have a successful experience! Oh, and if you hear of anyone who would like to buy the ten acres off us, please let us know!

  25. Jerry Skelton

    Hello Cori & Chris
    I am from Canada and have been looking at a place in Arizona to go off grid in Ash Fork, AZ | Yavapai County , AZ Do you no the area any information would be helpful and is it anywere close to were you are moving to.
    Thanks Jerry

  26. cloud9

    chris and i are in ohio at the moment, and are preparing in every way to make the exodus west-bound. i have lived all over the US, but the southwest is where i belong. i recently left arizona, but returning with chris, and possibly other like-minders, back west would make my 7 months in ohio worth the visit! :) living in a teeny apartment in a cold climate, chris and i make our own cheese and bread, growing and composting our own veg and herbs via small pots and hydroponics, play guitar and piano, create our own art, sew, crochet, watching incessant documentaries about survival, going green, awareness, etc (although we have NO cable!) We are both in our mid 30’s, healthy, and ready to leave our insignificant crap behind in exchange for a shovel.

    networking with others who are wanting the same thing, already are doing the same thing, and/or have any advice are greatly appreciated! our focus for land has been the northern arizona (outer flagstaff and other regions), although we are still open to specifics… so long as the property is out that way.

    i have been diligently networking for years via social networks and have contacts who have already expressed great desire to join in; although we could use more help manifesting the land… i believe if several of us got together we could start LIVING our lives in harmony, respect, and peace!

    may 2011 be the finest year yet! ~spiral out!~
    cori and chris