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Are you part of a group of people planning to move to living off the grid?  Or part of an existing off-grid group looking for more members?  Or perhaps you know of  a group or community that is making the move off the grid?

We need to make contact with groups that fit this description, in the United States, Britain and elsewhere –  and may be able to offer resources and/or land – please contact

Please send us videos or still photos, showing yourself and your group, as well as a written description of your philosophy and plans.

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4 Responses to “Group of friends looking to go off the grid”

  1. Hobwing

    Hey desert moons, were you looking for more people to join your community? I am 20 years old and from Boston Massachusetts. I have had many jobs in my life. Dog grooming, fast food, sales, shipping, deli, office networking, and others, but I seem to find my happy place with nature. Money seems to be more controlling to people around here and I don’t very much like it. I would like to get out and expierence the free world. Any tips or suggestions?

  2. aaronblue

    Sounds peaceful

  3. twodesertmoons


  4. twodesertmoons

    Live from an off-grid community for years. Slab City. Niland, CA. Next to Salvation Mountain. I have 9 solar panels, 5 batteries, 800watt inverter, LCD flat panel TV, two movie cameras, two security cameras. Rooster and egg laying hens. two dogs. TOTALLY OFF-GRID.
    There is Saturday night at The Range with great live bands. Etc. etc.! Free Wi-Fi!! Free coffee in the morning watching the sun come up cozy next to a fire on a winter day in the middle of the cold winter desert.