[before_listing images= youtube=null] Our place is in a remote secluded and beautiful valley in Aragon, Spain. Near to the Catalonian border. There is nature all around. So far we have seen Deer, wild Boar many tracks. Lots of huge golden eagles overhead also great trials for walking and hiking.

We have just recently finished (mostly) renovating the old stone Casa into a fully functioning little house. A place which we also use during the day as a communal place for eating, washing and socializing.
It is completely off grid, we have our own water/power/internet and sewage solutions.
We are looking for some long term members to create a small community which is as self-sufficient as possible. Anyone who wishes to join us in this way should be able to support themselves whilst we get the community resources together and become more developed and are able to share our produce with each other. In exchange we will provide you with an area of land where you will be able to build your own eco-friendly living space.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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47 Responses to “Off Grid start up community”

  1. Kenny Foster

    I am trying to start a Off grid living community this Spring. I just bought 25 acres In northern Maine and think it would be great. Lots of wildlife, Fishing, Great place to farm, fish, ect. Anyone know where I find people to help build it.

  2. Marsha

    I’m a 36 Caribbean woman with a Son and have been looking around for something like this for awhile. I’m in Childcare and a hard worker and willing to learn.

    Please can you get in touch with information. Thankyou

  3. George106

    Hello Craig, I saw you guys on workaway which i’m not registered on. I love your discription of what you’ve created and are creating and would love to come out and assist/volunteer and learn as much as I can from you guys. If you have a moment is it possible to chat by email? georgebartlett at hotmail dot com

    Thank you:)

  4. Raf

    Hi, My wife and I also want to live off the gird; completely sefl-sufficent. We are cosidering starting our own commuinty (somewhere) or joining an existing community. Therefor we would like to ‘visit’ your community if possible. We can do some volunteer work for a couple of weeks – is this possible ?

    My wife is a Brazillian photographer and I’m a Belgian electrical engineer.
    can you get in contact with me: rafvanherle@gmail.com

  5. PascalAhlering

    my name is Pascal and i would love to be able to build houses, collect materials, share experience and help each other.
    Im tired of the capitalistic civilization that is affecting our lives everyday. I wish to go back to the roots and start gaining experience in off grid living. I dont have much experience, only as a rock climbing trainer and passionate nature enthusiast, but i am willing to learn by doing and thats why i would like to join you guys !
    Please contact me: pascal.ahlering@gmx.de
    Lets realize an off grid community !

  6. BarefootDancer

    Hi, I forgot to leave my contact info before.

    text/whatsapp +60125997687
    email kirt_unit24@hotmail.co.uk

    Kind regards

  7. Anthony F beaumont

    Hello, Craig, I am very interested in your project. I have been living in Spain for the last 12 years and enjoy the outdoor life. Although I have a rented apartment, I spend more time living in my van. I have little money but I’m a fully trained plumber with over forty years experience in solar hot water systems and sewage management. I also have experience in building wooden houses. I am very interested in your project and would be grateful if you could send me more information. Thank you for your time.

  8. Pea

    Hi there, I would really like to know the progress of this project, it resonates with me and I would like to know more about it. Please contact me at elaine7owen@gmail.com. Look forward to it. Pea

  9. Kirsty

    Hello dear, My husband and I are looking to move to Spain in 2017. I am English (35) My husband is Malaysian (30)
    I am taking my Permaculture Design Course in November. I am a dance teacher/performer, musician, fitness/nutritionist. and certified English language teacher. My husband is also a musician/drummer and we have 2 cats and a dog. We are both passionate about sustainable living and would love to know more about your community.

  10. Nigel

    Hi Craig,

    I’m really interested in your project would like some more info if possible,

    Many Thanks


  11. Mariah & Alex

    My husband and I are interested; I am 24 and he is 29. contact: rayahfromhawaii@gmail.com or mpk.alrashid@hotmail.com

  12. Ken

    How do I go about joining? Could someone please contact me as to how about going about this?
    Thank you

  13. Ryan Saucedo

    Hello, I just turned 20 years old. I am a spiritual being and just dont have a connection with “western culture, meeting societies standards” I went to community college for welding so im certified. I am willing to learn more trades. I have been eating organic plant based foods close to a year now, I am looking forward to starting my own vegetation and I am willing to help your community and hopefully be apart of your communty, I am a hard worker and a forward thinker, creative and will be a good asset to the community. I would love to step out of my comfort zone and start my journey right so my kids can gro uo with a diferent perspective and definition on life.. please contact me top_sport1@yahoo.com (: …… I live in el paso, texas willing to go anywhere where theres forest and liberty, namaste (:

  14. Ryan Saucedo

    Hello, I just turned 20 years old. I am a spiritual being and just dont have a connection with “western culture, meeting societies standards” I went to community college for welding so im certified. I am willing to learn more trades. I have been eating organic plant based foods close to a year now, I am looking forward to starting my own vegetation and I am willing to help your community and hopefully be apart of your communty, I am a hard worker and a forward thinker, creative and will be a good asset to the community. I would love to step out of my comfort zone and start my journey right so my kids can gro uo with a diferent perspective and definition on life please contact me! (: …… I live in el paso, texas willing to go anywhere where theres forest and liberty, namaste (:

  15. Max M

    Hi, my name is Max (25) and I am also contemplating living off grid, and using barter instead of money. How do I start? Its a scary thought going against the grain but I also want to be the change that I want to see in the world.

  16. Colin J

    Hi there! My name is Colin, I’m 19 years old and I am currently in college for architecture to become a sustainable building designer. I study survival skills, homesteading skills, upcycling projects, preparedness skills and techniques etc, and I was wondering if anyone knew of an area in North Carolina, hopefully near Raleigh, Wilmington or High Point, and wanted a green thumb with a dream of self – sufficiency and a few helpful skills. Contact me at colinjamesdaugherty@gmail.com thank you!

  17. kvir

    interested in Spain, and building new style of life

  18. Dylan

    Hi my name is Dylan I am 20 and looking to get off the grid. I would be a great addition to your community if you are still looking. I am a hard worker and want to join your community. I have money and a small amount of supplies. I am an ordained minister in the Church of God and am willing to do whatever you need me to. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Many Thanks,

  19. Samuel

    Hi my name is Sam, I’m 24. I’m a hard worker and very comfortable outdoors. I see there’s a lot of people interested so I don’t know if you’re still looking but this seems like a good chance for what I seek. Send me some info, let me know if you’re still looking. Please. And thank you.

  20. Neil

    I’m Neil I’m a 19 year old male without the necessary means for international travel. I’m from Kansas and as of today I have no band, no job, and no desire to remain here where the only guaranteed things I have to look forward too is not being able to support myself financially and getting out of shape from not working like I was. I can’t get to Spain but if anybody has anything in or around Kansas similar to this I’m willing to travel on foot in search of something new.

  21. V

    Craig, I would love to learn more. Please email me at your earliest convenience.


  22. Jess

    Hello!! My name is Jessica, I’m 23 years old, from Florida & looking to go off the grid! Im also wanting to learn how to garden and be able to provide ACTUAL fresh, pesticide and hormone free fruits and vegetables for everyone. Please contact me, I learn & adapt very quickly to new things and new environments. & I would love to live in a place with other like minded people off the grid. Thank you again for taking the time to read this:)

  23. Zach

    Very interested, as well as my lady and dog. Very hard working and willing to do just about whatever it takes. Need to escape this system. Pleaseeee contact me.



  25. Matt

    Hi Craig, Please Contact.
    for I am very interested.

  26. Lauren Bentley

    Craig- Contact me as soon as you can!
    This is exactly what I have been looking for. You are so inspiring.
    This is my dream!

  27. David McGee

    I am developing a 20 acre farm in the rain forest of Costa Rica. We have year around water and enough farm land to feed 100 families or more. Lots will be between 20 and 40 thousand. Owner financing.

  28. Edmundo Monarque Jr

    Hello. My name is Edmundo Monarque Jr. I am a father of 3 amazing kids and I am happily married to my best friend. We live in the united states were it is getting harder and harder for us to get by. We currently receive food assistance due to the hardships surrounding getting a job for me. My wife has way better luck getting a job than I do. I have grown tired of this systematic life of struggle and hard work only to see a more lazy but financially set person achieve more on less work. I grew up moving around and spent ten plus years in the country. Only me and my dog surviving on anything we caught for two years. Now me and my family struggle to get by dealing with crooked landlords and a failed system that protects them. We are currently about to go through and eviction because our slumlord doesn’t want to fix anything we asked him to and I fear we will soon be homeless. I do not wish to continue the life of struggle in the ways the system wishes us to live. I was in school for welding and personal training as well as my wife, trainer not welder.Me and my wife have experience in gardening and I can gather anything needed for anyone who needs. I am a fast learner as well as my wife and we both wish better for our children. I feel this life in the states is driving me to lash out against those who step on my family everyday but keep it together only for the sake of my kids growing up with there father. I never had my dad around and I saw what a negative reaction that can impose on a child. I have always wanted to just move out into the country and live in peace but now my family is whats holding me back. The fear we may not make it. I feel my chances are better if we do leave this place of spiraling debt and control.The hardest thing for me to leave behind would be my books and access to glasses if I need new ones. What I look forward to leaving behind is crooked slumlords, dependence on a flawed system that caters to the wealthy, and a society that believes we should be taken care of. The world is due for a change and the states has become an unsafe place to live. Every day I fear the enslavement of my family and should not have to live in fear or doubt that all the hard work will go unnoticed.

  29. mark

    Hi Craig, please contact, Regards, Mark

  30. Bret

    My name is Bret I am entertaining this idea of moving off the grid if you could please send me some more information I would be grateful.

  31. Krystyna

    Hey everyone! I am looking at property right now in North Carolina and I’m looking for like minded people to head off grid with me! I just created a facebook page and it is: https://www.facebook.com/pages/North-Carolina-Off-Grid-Green-Micro-Society/489360841197618 My entire “idea” is listed in the about me section. If you’re still looking to go off grid and just not too keen doing it all by yourself, please hit me up. Lets chat and see what we can do! Krystyna~

  32. Kekofman

    Hi Craig,

    can you send me more info to kekofman@yahoo.com.ar ?


  33. nevets

    please email at steve@reseolve.com

  34. lancshotpot

    Hi my name is Daniel from England, and I am very interested in living off grid. I have been looking at as many properties as possible in the aragon region, around the maella and caspe as well! I have a lot of construction, electrical and crafty type knowledge. Very much into aquaculture, hydrophonics, permaculture etc… I am a bit of a techy but I am looking to make a move to northern spain to live a more sustainable and one with nature. I am willing to landshare or possibly buy my own parcel of land to construct my own home, possibly an earthship type design. Please get in touch, wilson.danny@gmail.com

  35. steve

    looking to leave my online marketing work and pharmacy and live more in touch with people and nature and start a new life in Spain hard worker friendly caring spiritual person please get in contact thanks

  36. Jacqueline Anderson

    BTW from UK, so no probs moving to Spain.

  37. Jacqueline Anderson

    I have seen that there is a lot of cheap land around that area. Would you be interested in people buying their own land near you and then becoming part of a supportive community with yourselves?

  38. vinesh1human

    say yes and i’ll start packing, no im not even gonna pack i’ll just start the travel

  39. Brandon T. Luster

    Hello, my name is Brandon. I have been wanting to go off the grid for as long as I can remember. I currently live in Ohio in the United States. Recently I have been really looking to go off grid, so much as I think one day I will just leave to find a place. In the states its hard there isn’t much off grid thanks to the government and I am unable to purchase a suitable amount of land that is off grid. I would love more then anything to just be able to pack what little I would bring and start my off the gird life. Any info, suggestions, facts, hits or anyone with a way and place to be off grid, lets get in contact. The earth needs people to start giving back and since it’s taking so long to do that with technology, I figure we should go back to the way it should be just natural living.

  40. Greg Canicio

    By the way we will be in spain around april 2014 looking for land or a community like yours!

  41. Greg Canicio

    Hello, we’re looking for land now to start a similar type of community somewhere in the world. The idea was to be close to new york city but it seems like the laws there hinder any “off grid” living. Spain has always been on my mind.
    I grew up in the french catalunia right near perpignan. Spain has always been in my life, Barcelona is like a second home to me and the cold winters in new york make me want to move somewhere warmer.

    What we’re looking to do is create a self sustainable community where spaces would be available for people to make their own living space and having space for making and teaching art, alternative sustainable cheap ways to live.
    I will email you my details and you can also find us here:


  42. Jason

    Please email me more information at jason.a.molnar@gmail.com

  43. Jason


    My name is Jason :) I am a 23 year old free spirit hailing from Southern Ontario. I can speak advanced English, fairly fluently in Hungarian, and I have a basic grasp of French, Spanish and other Latin languages. I am Hungarian by descent but I truly believe that all living things are connected by the very environment that surrounds us. Having grown up immersed in the lush wildlife of Canada, I have cultivated a deep love and respect for nature. It has ever been my dream to put the city-life behind me and live a life of peace and sustainable symbiosis within our environment.

    My employment for the past five years has been at a large community hospital, serving as an Emergency Unit Clerk. While my skill-set doesn’t include advanced medical training, I do possess basic life support training and a broad ability to manage a high volume of tasks in a demanding and stressful environment. I have basic knowledge of medical diagnoses and treatments. My communication skills are of particular use, as I have a deep affinity for artistic and creative expression – I love connecting with people of all diversities through language, art, music and nature :) my job has helped me to hone this through communication with a very large number of people.

    Being raised by European parents had more advantages than simply bilingualism. They also instilled within me a strong work ethic. My father was raised on a farm and from a very young age fell in love with the earth. Beginning with my own childhood he worked passionately to instill this same love in me. We always had a vegetable garden and he taught me how to grow potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, corn, how to tend seasonal fruits and remove pests. He taught me to cherish the land and that, if tended with care, it would provide all we needed and more. My father was also a handyman, having built almost every house he’s ever lived in. I have helped my father with such projects such as painting, wallpapering, basic construction of walls, steps, dry walling, bricklaying, rustic shelter building. While my experience in these physical aspects is relatively minor, I believe my resourcefulness and deep learned knowledge of survival would be of great asset to your community. I am a very quick learner, and an even harder worker.

    Lastly, I am a peace loving person. My desire to join an off-grid community has nothing to do with escaping society, and everything to do with building a positive future for myself and those around me. I believe that hate and greed are the cause of so much of this world’s hurt. My aim is to live completely devoid of these vices. I aspire to live a life of love, peace and simplicity.

    In Sincerest Regards,

    P.S. Lauren, I was really inspired by your message. Never give up and never stop smiling! The good life is out there waiting for you :)

  44. Oliver

    Hi im 18 year old male I am also thinking about living off the grid I have been reading/learning survival skills and about growing your own food email me Sewell_94@Hotmail.co.uk

  45. Brittney Yates

    First off Laren I think you are amazing! I have wanted this life style for around 3 years now. I think we are trying to be controlled way to much. Also I think it is very important for our children to grow-up being self-efficient :) I am a recently single mom of 4. I want to LEARN so many things and I want the same for my children. I am Hard working. Love being positive and out going. Smiles is what I would strive to give someone :) I have been into Organic food for about 2 years now. I slow and getting away from anything pre made…from scratch even ketchup or dressings… I am learning. I am into fitness love staying motivated. I am also reading on natural remedies, cleaning products and day day supplies like soap.

  46. Lauren

    Hi Craig!

    I’m a 23yr old artist/art teacher/administrator for a community center currently living in the Canadian Maritimes. I am SO interested in joining you!! I’ve been working on my own landshare project set for Ecuador this time next year, but having trouble finding solid partners to buy land with. I’m a very open and positive girl with an old soul! I have great contacts being friends who have built earthships and an electrician willing to do free solar setup. I myself am a hard worker, smart thinker, artist and designer(I feel creativity and beauty bring a lot to the table as far as enjoyable community life) and have experience teaching/caring for children, if there is/are plans for a school or center. I also have a deep knowledge of food and nutrition and practice fermenting and other means of food preservation and am a fantastic cook. I love animals. I knit, and am handy with building. I’m proactive and great at promoting and fundraising. I have had issues with my health lately, and know that finding a happy and healthy sustainable community would give me the opportunity to heal from chemical sensitivities and autoimmune issues from modern north american life. I have a lot to offer and want to help others create and sustain a healthy way of life, and get the opportunity to heal myself. Cheers !!!

  47. Darlene

    I am a 46 year old single female and with a 17 year old daughter. We have been dreaming of living off the grid in another country for the past few years. We love animals, are avid gardeners we are VERY hard workers. I recently graduated from University of Washington and have been working with non profits for almost 20 years (legal aid). My daughter had been attending a prestigious private school (on scholarship) and recently decided to leave the school to be home schooled for her last year. We have grown weary of the materialistic world and constant barrage of consumerism and the like. We love our pets and want to raise farm animals. I do have some money saved. Could you tell me more about your community?