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I don’t normally write (here) about political topics, I may stray into the subject from time to time but generally tend to leave that alone, especially hot topic buttons… until now. If you have eyes and ears, you have to know about the firearm issues going on here in the USA. With the latest tragedy that happened, I don’t have to name it, I’m sure you know which one I’m talking about, there have been some real questions surfacing about this tragedy and what really happened there, but more importantly, I want to talk about the firestorm of controversy that it has been ignited.

I will say right off the bat, I am a conservative Christian with slight libertarian leanings, I believe in the Constitution of the United States, including the 1st and 2nd Amendments, unfortunately that seems to put me into a special category with the powers that be, even though I have not broken any laws, nor do I promote breaking laws, I do however expect those in charge to abide by the Constitution.

I grew up around firearms, there were many military and law enforcement personnel as well as hunters in my family, firearms were no big deal, BUT we were taught as kids to respect firearms and always assume they are loaded, they were not playthings or toys to mess around with. That’s not to say there were firearms all over the place, they were properly put away, locked away, but available if needed.

I also respect other peoples’ opinions about firearms, if you don’t like them or don’t want them, then you have every right not to possess, buy or own one, but no one has the right to prevent law abiding citizens from buying, owning or possessing firearms, period. I’m not for or against owning a firearm, that is an individual decision, but I am for the right of the law abiding citizens to be able to buy, own and possess firearms without government intrusion.

So what made me decide to write about this today is this little picture I found online:

My first reaction is “no way is this going to happen!” Upon further investigation, this ends up being more subtle and complicated than it first appears (in the picture). I looked it up and found this:

You can read the entire file here:

While it’s not as hardcore as the image, it does open the door to some potentially serious abuses, so what does the doctor do with such information? Are they going to call the local police with the info or will there be a clearing house for reporting this information? What happens if your doctor happens to be anti-gun and believes no one should be able to own them? What if your family was like mine, responsible firearms owners AND you have children? Should your doctor be able to turn this information over to the authorities just because you came in with a sore throat?

I don’t know where all of this is going, I just hope cooler heads prevail, my opinions are that there are already many firearm laws on the books, it is against the law to shoot someone (except in self defense), it is against the law for a convicted felon or the mentally ill to own, buy or possess a firearm. There are many gun free zones in place now, these are precisely the places where criminals and mentally ill are going to go to shoot people, they pick the places where they are least likely to encounter someone else who is armed and would try to prevent them from killing as many people as possible. You never hear of some crazed killer going to a gun range, gun show or police department to commit their heinous acts.

With this latest tragedy that has happened, I suspect more information will come to light to answer the many questions that all of us have, my point here is don’t punish the millions of law abiding gun owners because of the actions of one person. None of the laws being thought up and none of the executive orders being created would have stopped what just happened, more laws and restrictions are not the answer, at best it is a placebo for the people and at worst it is an attempt to disarm law abiding citizens, we all know that criminals are not following the law in the first place, what makes anyone believe they will suddenly grow a conscience and turn in any illegal firearms they possess?

I have heard of cases where schools have probed children about whether or not their parents had firearms in the home, I put this into the same category, it’s none of their business, neither the school or your doctor should have the right to ask your children what you have at home, at the very least they should talk to the adults/parents, not ask the children.

My answer to this is you don’t have to answer any questions about this subject to your doctor or school staff and in light of this new development, NEVER leave your kids alone with a doctor or other medical staff. You can also instruct your kids not to discuss what is inside of their home, their answer to any kind of question like that can be “You can ask my parents about that.“, that goes for anyone who is a medical person, school staff, daycare staff, ANYONE who would ask your children about private things like firearms, medicine, gold and other precious metals, jewelry, money, food storage and anything else you wouldn’t want the world to know you LEGALLY have in your home…

What does this have to do with living off grid? Plenty, there is the hunting aspect, being able to put food on your table, and there is the self defense aspect, being able to protect yourself, your family and your property from criminals. Do I wish there was less gun violence in the world? Of course I do, just the same way I wish there were no drunk drivers in the world, but no one is calling for a ban or limit on vehicles.

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