Me and my wife are going off grid soon and want people to come with us we haven’t bought the land yet so we can’t say where it will be but we are looking for people to come live on the land with us. We are looking for at least 1 farmer 1 butcher and 1 wood worker and 1 electrician. Aside from that if you have livestock to contribute like pigs cows or goat we welcome you too. If you have neither it doesnt matter its a learning experience for all who come. We dont want money from anyone we just want to create a self sustainable community on the land and any extra stuff the community makes can be sold to improve the community. If interested please contact me so we can start to get to know each other. My email is my name is William thank you.

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24 Responses to “Going off grid – who’s coming”

  1. Tamtam

    Has anyone heard anything.?.is there maybe a place and time that we like minds can come together and make this happen?

  2. Jeanette Schein

    For Sale!!!

    Off grid home in northern Idaho panhandle

    Serious off grid living at it’s best. Very nice rustic 3 bedroom, office, 1 bathroom, 1420 sq ft two (2) story home with southern balcony, on 10 acres. Seclusion and views, shop, storage, carport, all powered by 18 solar panels, 8 batteries, magnum inverter, miller (legend 301g) propane generator/welder backup. Wood shed, wood room and root cellar. A 1000 gallon irrigation water tank gravity feeds water to the garden plots, orchard area, 2 green houses and 10 covered grow boxes. 100 ft +- year round Cocolalla creek runs through the property. Potable drinking water is from a shared well and a ram pump in the year round creek. Also a seasonal pond and creek is on the property. The home is heated by a large wood burning stove and propane wall heater. Cooking on a propane stove/oven or wood burning stove, 40 gallon propane hot water heater serviced by a 250 gallon propane tank. A gate and fence is around the house for the dog and to keep the deer and moose out. A additional 24′ x 56′ four (4) bedroom 2 bath double wide is on the property, including a 15’x15′ underground retreat.

    The home has southern exposure and is accessible by a Forest service road and is less than a mile from the county road. 4 bar cell phone coverage. The property is located 35 miles north of Coeur d’ Alene and 13 miles south of Sandpoint and only 75 miles to Canada. $200,000

  3. Elizabeth Morse

    I am looking for such a community. How ever I think this kind of community would benefit the most from being in southern areas that have 4 seasons, not in a state where we would have to fight 6 month unbearable winters. Since you do not know where yet, this is complicated. Contact me anyway. Willing to work extremely hard long days to earn my own keep. Anything from farming to helping with all other things needed to make this happen and then to help sustain the community as a whole.

    • harryharryharry

      What Country is everyone on this forum from?

      I am currently from Australia but there is no fruit trees in the wild i dont think its so dry and arid , Hawaii seems so plentiful in the fruit treee department… gusy my name is harry

      • chow

        Australia is a paradise for fruit tree and yes there is multiple fruit trees native and wild

        start by learning your native wild food.


    • Leon and Debbie

      Hi Elizabeth, would like to talk. We are in Northeast Ga. We have a well established old homestead. Garden, milk goats, chickens etc etc.

      • shawnna

        leon and debbie, if things didnt go through with Elizabeth or if you woodnt mind having another set of hard working hands im your girl, can we chat?

  4. ashley

    hii. my name is ashley in 20. ive had a hard time committing to a 9-5 job because thats just not the life for me, im a flighty spirit. I feel the need to be self sufficient and sustainability off grid is just what i lust for. I love to garden, appreciate the beauty of nature in the wilderness, and i am super crafty to say the least :)

  5. Travis and Cass Wohler

    Married in our early 40’s. He is ex-military and I am a former RN. Very skilled, anxious to contribute and hard working..very interested..please contact us as soon as you can..thank you..

    • Jessica Byrnes

      I have a 100% off-grid property in SW Colorado – 80 acres plus primitive house, and looking for someone very reliable to take care of it. Let me know if you are still looking. Jessica B

  6. LaLa aka Kristin

    Hey Y’all…
    I’ve been Traveling the U.S. for over 2 years now, stopping at Off-Grid Farms… Before I left Society I researched for a year… Learning so much on the way now I am ready to share what i know… I have Mega Skills!!!
    An Artist
    And a Pretty Damn Good Cook…
    I love to cook for the masses…
    I live in my Rv “Roma”, she’s a work in progress.
    I have an Amazing Dog Azures too, he’s fixed & great with animals & humans…
    I’m in Tennessee visiting my kids (grown) & grandson… Where is this happening?
    I’m Ready…

    • shawnna

      La-La aka Kirstin, you sound fun….everything you said is what im working towards. working towards getting rv at this time, diffiently ready for some grid, hardwork, satisfied living. just wanted to say good luck on your ventures.

  7. Satish Tewari

    I am Satish from India. I too have done basic military training during graduation. I Finish my MBA from India a long time back. I am good with computers, and almost manange everythin on my own as I am single. I have always wanted to live off the grid. I feel like this opportunity is an amazing one. I am 31 years old, and a quick learner. I have a zest for life and eager to learn. I am physically fit and mentally motivated. I am sure I can provide my own assistance in some way as I already have an educated back ground. Somethings we just learn on the fly by doing them. Please do consider me as a candidate for your off the grid community. It will be a valuable experiece for me to learn something amazing. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

  8. Jo

    Where at? Im looking. Depends on where it is. Looking for like minded ppl. Hard to find now adays

  9. Joshua Keck

    New to this site. Where are you located?

  10. chowan

    Hi William Ill send you a email but I may have an opportunity for you

  11. shawnna

    how exciting when i came across this page this morning an even more excited, when i read what you had to say…. how i dream to go off the grid, the hard work an the an satisfaction at the end of the day, from living a life off grid…..only we have something in common an i am also in need of a partner who has a vision as i do of how i want to live out my days. that is the ONLY way it could work, same goals, passion an drive to live this way of life. working together. what part of the country are you in, have you settled? hope to hear from you. ive been seeing off the grid floating cabins, whole gardens an everything, thought that wood be a awesome option to look into. have a wonderful day.

  12. Brodies Myles

    I’m ready

  13. phill84

    Hi my name is Phill
    I am 33 years old and i have always drempt about living off grid.
    I am an experienced welder, sheet metal worker and tool maker
    I would love the opportunity to chat with you and hopefully join your community
    I hope you archived your dream and recieve my message
    I look forward to hearing from you

    • Jessica Byrnes

      I am contacting a few off-grid enthusiasts as I am looking for a very dependable person to take care of my
      property in SW Colorado. If you are still looking, you may want to email me