I bought 25 acres in Northern Maine and Looking for a few people to help me build, clear and farm. I have always wanted to live off grid and myself and my 8 year old son are looking for help.

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3 Responses to “Going Off grid in Spring”

  1. countryoutlaw

    Hey Michael. You can message me at fbwarrent@yahoo.com. and we can chat. can also text if its easier just message me. And I have 23 acres in Cyr Maine. Pond and stream on back side of land. lots of wood needs to be cleared so we can use it to make cabin, farming spot, and leave a lot for hunting so we can stock up on Meats and stuff. This has always been my goal to move off grid and I’m looking for a couple people to help. whether it’s for a day a week a month or a year help is hard to find. And dinthezone, I know what you mean about escaping it is hard but if you turn it into a summer vacation for a few weeks it could be a learning tool for your son. My son will join me when school gets out but I want to get stuff started because Maine winters suck. so I’m going in the spring and I can use as much help as possible if I knew where to look for outdoors people that like this kind of thing I’d look there if you yall know a site or anything that would help. and yall can email me and such at same email above to chat etc. even just having people to talk to also helps as I live in the city and everyone my age is into drugs, bar scene etc I ain’t I’m a single full-time Dad.

  2. Michael76

    wanting to go off grid as well,dont have lot of fiat currency ,but am good for labor.love to have more details.email is strawhat76@yahoo.com

  3. dinthezone

    Wish you were closer. My 17 yr old son wants to farm. Self sustaining, organic, and mostly off grid. But I’m not ready to move just yet. Another year of prep here to get house and finance in order before escape is possible.
    Post against in half year or so and maybe we’ll chat?