[before_listing images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/243f78e0c47cf5e3050c11b212160a97.jpg youtube=null] I, along with a few others, will soon be starting an off-grid community that utilizes solar energy, organic crop farming, and other self sufficient practices to sustain the community as a whole. Cooperation will be one of the many positive attributes, as well as part of a moral code, on which the community will be based and founded upon. To find out more please send your inquiries to tbcivilian@yahoo.ca

Please note that this off-grid community will be established in Canada, Ontario. To those living outside of Canada: Please check with immigration Canada to see what you will need if you choose to cross the border into Canada and what you will need to do and/or have in order to reside within Canada for a long duration or to seek permanent residence. [landbuddy_listing images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/243f78e0c47cf5e3050c11b212160a97.jpg youtube=null]

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23 Responses to “Going Off-Grid in Canada”

  1. tristin

    I am looking for a way out desperately. This get worse and worse. Prices go up, money value goes down. I work 40 hours a week, at 15 dollars an hour and I can’t afford to live. I’m a survival instructor, and a big wilderness enthusiast. I just want to live as free from money as possible. My real wonder is how many people who commented actually attempted to make the move? I’m ready right now. I just don’t make enough money to save up for my own land. I don’t make enough to cover my bills. I owned my truck outright, and I pay an average rent for my area, I don’t pay for internet, I don’t smoke or do drugs, and eating out is a luxury I get maybe once a month if I’m lucky. And that ends up being Tim Horton’s or McDonalds. I’m so sick of this life style. I’m a hard worker and I want more with my life, then struggling every day all day. I mean I have to work up the energy just to get out of bed in the morning, and incredible focused, so I don’t just drive off the road and kill myself, because I feel so trapped and desperate to get away. I’m at the point where I just want to go squat on a mountain way away from everything, and hope nobody asks me to move. if you want to go, then come with me. im 21 years old, and i allready feel my life is over. i need to try and start it again. i have the skills, and i have the drive. if i dont know it, ill learn it. i wolnt lie and tell you im a master and try and fake my way through.

  2. Claudia

    We have a 42 acre off grid property that we have just purchased. It is located near the Kawartha lakes area in Ontario Canada. It is located north of Peterborough and just south of Bancroft Ontario. We are possibly looking to open it up to other individuals or families who would be interested in off grid communal living. We are holding approx 5 weekend events with workshops, dancing and drumming around a communal fire throughout the summer months as well. If this is something you may be interested in please feel free to email me at cvlunallena@hotmail.com

  3. Trevor

    I am in newbrunswick . Im a hard worker and will do anything to go off the grid. I am leaving soon for hiking . would love to work with you to do an off the grid thing .

  4. Jenn

    I want off the grid. Attempted it years ago but got divorced. Been flipping a city home for capital to return to that independent lifestyle but this time,.prefer, with a close community. Many hands make light work…

    I bring heritage livestock knowledge, strength and veggie prepping plus how-to house knowledge.

    One mom, two kids 8&13.
    Sick of schools that drug and gov that forbids them climbing a tree.

    Want out! Can pay and pitch in.

  5. Maria Grace

    I would like to know more. Please give me more information. Thank you.


    my wife and i need to make a serious life change. i would like some info on going off grid living off the land in Canada. i love wooded areas and we love cold and snow .

  7. tbcivilian@yahoo.ca

    Hi everyone, sorry for the late reply! I almost gave up on starting an off-grid community because so many people would change their minds at the last moment and then the remaining ones would leave and seek other already established communities elsewhere. However, I am back now and more determined than ever to start an off-grid community with others who wish to experience an off-grid lifestyle even if it is for a short time. If interested please email me at tbcivilian@yahoo.ca

  8. wolverine

    I would like to move to Canada oneday and live off grid get back to simple life.I work in nyc all I see is towers cars homeless people ect.there is no stars trees.I feel trap like animal in a cage I will give it all my stuff.I just like to settle down and be left alone

  9. perception8

    You all have the right idea about going off grid and being self-sufficient for food. It is more important than you can imagine. Unfortunately I think your plan to go to Northern Ontario might be more challenging than you think. They have long, cold winters in Ontario making it difficult to grow crops and care for animals. My wife and I are preparing to organize an off-grid community here in BC where the winters are short and mild. We will be applying the principles of Permaculture to our land, and hope to join about 10 families building this community. It is important that there is no mortgage on the land so we will need to collect enough funds to pay for land, basic equipment, animals (chickens, goats, maybe sheep and horses too), fruit and nut trees, back up supply of food for first year, and land moulding costs. Rough guesstimate for now is approx. $30k per family plus you provide your own place to live (i.e. trailer, modular home, etc.) and eventually we hope to build community buildings and possibly cabins to move into later. We hope to have a website up with details sometime in September/October. Everything will be professionally and legally done with contracts. In order to avoid property taxes we will be incorporating a Not-for-Profit corporation. No one will require a ‘job’, but everyone is expected to volunteer in this community to help it function and grow. The land size will be somewhere between 80 to 160 acres. We plan on offering this opportunity to 10 families/couples, but may open it up to more. So if interested, check back to this website over the next couple of months or email me at canadian889@hotmail.com.

  10. John

    Another thing does anyone know the cost to do something like this?

  11. John

    I to would love to take my family off grid in Canada to fish and build thing that are used to live, I am a trained carpenter and builder by trade so would be very handy to have around..

  12. Thomas

    I am looking to get off the grid. I am a tradesman with equipment and tools. I am capable of milling from logs and building just about anything. I have farming knowledge. Looking for a spot with like minded people. please contact me at: thomassmithforlife@gmail.com

  13. Howdy

    My wife and I are in our mid twenties (We’ve been together for 6 years). We love nature and animals – knowing how to live off the land.

    We feel so constricted and suffocated in the city. When we look to the sunset we want to see the scenery, not commercial buildings. When we look to the stars, we want to actually see stars.

    The negativity and harassment spewed from people in our workplaces is not tolerable for us.

  14. jon

    -update- “cityslave1” The people that I was planning with to start an off-grid community with have withdrawn from the project and that would include their share of the funds to buy the land. The main reason being is that they found a community that better fits their needs. So, not sure what I’m going to do now. However, if anyone is still interested in starting an off-grid community you can contact me at b00ji_1@hotmail.com

  15. Bman

    I do too. This system is not for me. It’s great to know that I am not alone.

  16. Groove

    Would love to live off the grid. Like farming, gardening, working with my hands. I was wondering though does off the grid also mean inaccessible to others or just a self-sustained community?

  17. Tired of fighting

    Is this community still on the go? I’m a civil servant, in Canada, and tired of the tyranny; I cannot tolerate any more injustice.. Need to leave before I forget why I’m here. Please email!

  18. not a "person" just a Man

    Ready and willing to leave the slave system and get back to a simple life.


  19. vicki

    Like the others, we all have our reasons for wanting to live off the grid. I would like more information on this. I keep bugging my husband to sell our home we built 9 years ago and rebuild but off the grid!

  20. Frederick Thunder Wolf

    Like the two above, I am looking to live off grid in a caring, moral community.

  21. TasKat

    Im 23..lost and fed up with the way the world is..tired of the dayly grind that only serves to put more money in the pockets of the ritch. I want to do something that has MEANING before im to old and to tired to even try,I look around and see how our socity is failing, there is no communitys in this city,no copainenship no working for a grater good..i want to do something that has meening and be part of something with other like minded people, please feel free to email me at (drakusTH@gmail.com) i want to be part of something more.

  22. Nulla

    I too am looking to get off grid. To live as an alive person connected to nature.

  23. CrashTO

    i am currently south east of that location :D
    parry sound, ontario
    i am looking to get off grid (and get off assistance) and live better
    feel free to message me (alaskaofto@gmail.com)