We are a small family (husband, wife and 2yr old son) living in an extremely remote part of N. CA. Our homestead consist of 250 acres that is grandfathered into a National forest. For anywhere between 4-6 months out of the year we get completely snowed in and cut off from the rest of the world (unless we snow shoe out: a 12 mile off-trail hike starting at 2,500 feet and ending at 5000 ft). We’ve been living this way for many years and have a lot of experience/know-how to share with folks wanting to get first hand experience of living not only off-grid, but remotely. In addition to the impressive book collection of all things off-grid, we can teach about setting up a hydroelectric system, solar system, alternative building (cob, straw bale), falling trees, milling trees and then building with that lumber, livestock husbandry (goats, livestock gaurdian dogs, geese, ducks, chickens, etc etc), canning/preserving food, gardening, the list goes on and on.

We generally host folks for a month or so (and usually only one person/couple at a time), but we are open to longer term as well. We are very much interested in folk who are looking to build simple (but sturdy!) structures from scratch this particular summer. Please email me the time duration you’re interested in visiting and what your main objectives are and I will get back to you with more details about who we are and our specific set up.




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6 Responses to “Go Off-Grid And Then Some!”

  1. TONY PA

    Im interested
    Family of 4 looking for a debt free life, willing to buy land or other options
    do you have more information about or pictures of the area?
    we are from Texas

  2. RococoRemarks

    im 20 years old and very interested in going off grid, i don’t have much experience and it seems like you have a lot to offer a young person with a dream, I’m willing to work extremely hard and i have a passion for learning new things, I’m looking to visit a homestead for a little while to really get a better idea of what it is to live off grid if thats something you would be interested in please get back to me soon thanks you :)

  3. Justin Wissing

    I have a wife and a three yr old son and were interested in going off grid to live were very resourceful and hard working can you get in touch with me asap

  4. melissa

    Hi Alana and Family
    I have been thinking about living off the Grid for sometime – I am just done with the crazy high cost of living (Bay Area, Ca) I have a passion for Nature and feel a calling to get back with her! But have no idea where to start. Please send me an e-mail with information on how and when you would be able to host myself. Looking forward to hearing from you

  5. Aaron

    Hello my name is Aaron I am 28 and have lived in the country close to a small town in Manitoba. I can’t get enough of the outdoors I take a passion in hunting and gathering I have a knowledge for some areas for gathering, but a skilled hunter and can trap as well fish grow an amazing garden so much more looking to just get out some were peaceful with a few people for good company and help. Love to hear back from you either if your interested in taking me in thank you for your time.

  6. linda lucero

    I would like to know where you located and any more infor you can send me thank you