Hi, I’m Jordan. I’m a 33 year old male who has spent most of his life fishing or hunting in some area or another. I grew up in Hawaii, have lived in Oregon, spent about 6-7 wonderful years in Montana and now live in Idaho. I’ve got some survival knowledge, basic construction and carpentry and building knowledge, and some of my own funds. I’m also a good cook, hard worker, have a strong back, and like seeing things get done. I take pride in making something with my own hands and finishing a job all the way through. I grew up in foster care and I’ve always felt like something was missing, or like I’ve been searching for something. I’ve felt at most peace when I’ve been in the mountains and forests, away from all the noise and the rush and the lack of taking pleasure in just being able to be. Being able to think or not think if you don’t feel like it is a valuable commodity. I had a family and I don’t have one anymore. I don’t like talking about it much, it’s just another reason why I want to get away from everything. I don’t much care if it’s a small community or a large one, so long as people get along, work together, and actually care about each other and their well beings. I don’t much care what part of the country it’s in so long as there is mountains and trees and maybe even some water if I’m lucky enough. I don’t judge people, don’t care if you’re straight, gay, man, woman, what color you are, who you worship or don’t worship or what you believe in. Character is what matters to me, not who you were in the past, but who you are now and who you’re striving to be. I want to be a part of something, or at the very least gain knowledge enough to go my own way while helping the people around me. I consider myself a Christian, but my beliefs are my own and I don’t push them on anyone else. Nor do I disregard others beliefs. I feel like we’re all connected one way or another. I don’t do drugs, or marijuana, but I’ll have a drink every now and then, but it’s not a necessity for me. I don’t care if someone else around me partake in marijuana or other naturals but I absolutely don’t want to be around people who do anything harder. It’s not a grudge against people who do, it’s just not something I’d like to be around. I’m open and willing to learn new skills. I don’t really know what else to say, I just joined today and I guess this is kind of a hopeful plea to help me on my journey for peace of mind and fulfillment of self. If I sound like someone who would be a good candidate for a community you have or one you’d like to build, feel free to email me please at jbnewman1985@gmail.com

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2 Responses to “Give me the mountains and the forest, please”

  1. Zoe

    Grew up off grid have to get back to it. My teenagers need it my puppies. Do

  2. Alana

    We’re not a community, just a small family (husband, wife and two little boys)….living completely (and remotely) off-grid in N. CA surrounded by national forest as far as the eye can see. We’ve been hosting folks through wwoofusa.org for the last 8 years. If you’d like to know more then email me back. Best of luck on your adventures! drawsoutsidethelines@yahoo.com