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[before_listing images= youtube=null] 1st let me say im so glad ive run across this website, such a cool idea, an perhaps it will lead to an awesome new experience… ALSO I may have a lot to offer someone(more than just showing up with me, myself an I an a “work for food” type of deal, not that I have any issue with that at all, im not downing it in anyway)

BUT IF YOU HAVE AN offgrid location set up already or have the land and WANT to set one up..or want someone to set it up for you in exchange for a plot, please read to the end.

me in a nutshell….28yr old wht male healthy, mature, responsible, independent, free market loving libertarian with desire to be self sufficient and free from depending upon gov or others.

for example; i want to know that if the power goes out, or im hungry, its bc I havent done my solar/wind generator or garden correctly…. not that ive got to wait for the utility company to get me back up an going..or wait till the shelves have food again….

i grew up on a small hobby farm an moved away when i turned 18, an have had a very high pace exciting successful career, living in the city an whereing a suit an tie everyday..im financially stable… However, ive had my “quarter life crisis ” lol an have this desire to live a much slower simple life (but still have internet an a hot shower lol.) im a bit of prepper homesteader an business man all rolled into one..

words that DO NOT describe me are; lazy, militant, alcoholic, complainer, druggie, ignorant, drama, disrespectful…..

i believe our founding fathers were smart beyond their years an set up an excellenct foundation for a successful country that the world had never seen, an over the last 100yrs we have disrespected their wisdom.. an so too many peopl just dont care or think history has any importance. They don’t care about their own freedom or liberties either.

some INTEREST of MINE (an some i may not know alot about, but i have a passion to learn an become knowledgeable about, would be ; farming, ranching, welding, greenhouse/aquaponics, gardening/canning, orchards, solar & wind power, off grid businesses, carpentry, electrical, general all around mechanic work, honey bees,trapping, chickens, rabbits cattle pigs goats, butchering, preserving meat, also draft horses an equipment. also have an intrest in gold mining as well, incase someone is reading this that goldmines..


the past couple of yrs i have been renting a house with about 90 acres an have cows,chickens, goats, 2 pigs, an just got some rabbits…but unfortunately my landlord has lost his job out of state an has given me notice that his family is going to have to move back here to their house… :(! so i have to find somewhere to go..(ofcourse this happens just after ive got the majority of the place all cleaned up an fenced about the way I want it)

Ideally id like to find a place to buy, but the idea of joining a “group or community” really intrigues me. i think it could be a wonderful experience.(however it could be a horrible experience too ha) also I hate having to part with a good chunk of $ for land.

i think I would be a MAJOR asset to a small family farm/homestead or community ..i have things that would probably be beneficial an might save YOU alot of money…i dont want to just “survive” i want to thrive..just to list a few of the items; 4×4 tractor with loader an bunch of equipment, trucks, trailers,(flatbed an livestock) atvs, backhoe, welders, tons of tools an air compressors, nice chainsaws, SOLAR PANELS an a HUGE battery bank. freezers,canning equipment, (still NEW in box, haven’t had a chance to use it yet)generators,farm animals, fencing supplies,enclosed stoarage trailers, an much more….i have plenty of food for my self an some to share(if the place isn’t already up an producing food) if I need to bring a camper for me to live in, I can do that too..

Ofcourse id have no issue doing work for a place to stay an good home cooked meals… or even in some situations maybe a way to Acquire land for myself..

SOOOO ANYONE, if my post has sparked your interest, let me know. my email is clmsfb@yahoo.com ive tried to put a lot of info about me out there so you can have an idea what kind of guy I am, an if u think we might be a good match..(lol I feel like im typing a profile for online dating), if you email me, PLEASE, send me a pretty detailed email,similar to what ive wrote here, so I can get a feel about your place an who you are…im serious about finding a situation that benefits both of us..i don’t want to waste anyones time nor my own…

the PERFECT PLACE (an of course I don’t expect to find a place that is 100% perfect, ill settle for 99% …joking..) but id like to find a place that’s fairly good size, with WATER, (ponds streams, wells) prefer a mix of open area AND trees…not just one or the other…i like the southeast bc of warm growing season, plus water normally isn’t an issue…but im not totally opposed to the idea of the middle of no where either…im ok with someone that is 25-85yrs old..(if your 95 an reading this than more power to you an definetly email me bc im sure i have a lot to learn from you!)

random tidbits about me, I love books an have recently been rapidly expanding my library, an my favorite hobby I guess would be snow skiing..kid goats have got to be the funniest animals ever.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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